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Molluscum Contagiosum

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  • mayrapertossi 1


    ​my ten year old daughter developed this pink blister with white dots inside after a mosquito bite that she kept scratching making it bleed again when it was almost healing. Doctor says is a moluscum. Do you agree? Is in the upper side of right hand

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  • sarah73659 2

    Molloscum Contagiosum Nightmare

    Although I didn't know it until a couple months ago, I've been living with MC for almost 5 months now. It first appeared on my bottom, I thought they were just zits. Me and my doctor think I picked it up from a toilet seat, as I'm only sexually active with my boyfriend, and he doesn't have it. I

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  • Bcbc 1

    Mucosum Contageosum and oral sex

    Hi, I (female) was diagnosed with mucousum contageosum around my vagina a couple months ago. Most of the blisters I still have not gone away. I will see my boyfriend in another month and am worried he could get it on his face when he performs oral sex. I most likely did not get it from him, as I don'

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  • deb55676 2

    What we did and it worked!

    Years ago my grandkids developed this. We brought them to the doctor and because of their ages he was hesitent to burn them off with chemicals or whatever they used. I kept researching about it and found a story of a woman that had a small daughter with the same thing. She took her to swim in the

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  • huma27140 1

    MC week before wedding

    Hi, I have discovered I have MC, 1 week before wedding. Have around 80 on one hand and 49 on other. Spread to feet and knees. Doctors said to wait for immune reaction to kick in, they froze some to start this process but nothing yet Any home remedies or advice how to limit? I'm a 27 year old

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  • ml66uk 6
  • angela45046 1

    Molluscum Contagiosum

    I need some guidance.  My 8 year old daughter has Molluscum Contagiosum.  The district nurse and school determined that she can not attend school due an outbreak on her neck, under her chin and a bump on her face.  It would be physically impossible to bandage the effected areas which would be

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  • james18279 1

    Is this Molloscum?

    Hello all, This small bump appeared in my pubic region about 3-4 days ago, at first I just assumed it was an ingrown hair as I trim with small scissors and cut some hairs really short/completely down Pictures:  (

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  • Iris76 1

    2yr old face is covered in MC!! HELP!

    Thank God I found this forum!! I've had NO answers from doctors here in Texas 🙁 & my baby's face is getting more & more of these things on it. She had one on the end of her eyebrow that almost look like a pimple and I guess when I was at work it popped & now it's red and infected looking. From

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  • kevin10557 1
  • jessie 80545 2

    New diagnosis

    So I am a nursing instructor who had no idea about MC. I have it and it is spreading as we speak, it is so itchy and I am afraid of getting it on my face, you see I still teach.I don't know much about it and am not dealing well with it. I deal with patients all the time but when you become one

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  • Guest M

    Molluscum Contagiosum

    Is horrible!! my 4yr old got it. I am breaking my head thinking where she got it. Started with 2 little dots that she complaint where itching and a month later she has them all over her arm and half stomach. The pediatrician recommended IMIQUIMOD but that burned her skin so bad even though I

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  • jake91595 1

    Any idea?

    I was diagnosed with this around a month ago by a doctor, hitting me physically and mentally but i can manage. All i need to know is someone who has been through this am i doing the right thing by using duct tape, wart remover, tea tree? I cover every single day and it takes me around 10 minutes, i

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  • me84702 1

    Moluscum, unknown source, fighting it hard!

    i was recently diagnosed with MC. The part that has freaked me out is not knowing where or how I got it. I'm in a long term relationship and she has no signs (was tested after I was diagnosed )   I've not messed around at all.   The dr did not seem to concerned about it to be honest, meanwhile Iwas

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  • orkun49329 2
  • n27460 2

    Molluscum incubation, where did it come from!?

    Hello, Sorry for the long message but the background is important, please read. I am 28 years old living and working abroad in Europe. Since September I've been traveling to many different cities, staying in hostels, hotels, AirBNB's and living/sharing 2 different apartments with people I don't

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  • jay67986 2

    MC recurring over 6 months please help

    Hi there So I'm a male at 33 years of age. I've had this disgusting virus for 6 months now and im really stuck and don`t know what to do next and could really use any ones help or support who has or is going through the same problem To get a few things straight , Im active ,healthy and eat very

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  • liz112 1

    My Cure for Mollescum Contagiosum

    Hi, I have a 7 years old daughter who had been suffering with Mollescum Contagiosum for 18 months. Over that time I have searched the net trying to find a cure but to no avail. (I did try the Apple Cider Vinegar) HOWEVER, I contracted the virus on my toe and thought I would try and use Fucidin H

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  • kristina16907 2

    Gone are the moluscum!!! 3 weeks of 2x day Homeopathic Wart Remover

    My 5 year old was diagnosed in August. It got ugly fast, in her armpit and on chest/abdomen. I tried apple cider vinegar but got turned off by the continuous sour smell. I did nothing and trusted the 6-9 month time wait time for it to clear on its own. In November it looked horrible! My sister in

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  • john2705 2

    MC cure time lapse

    Hi, I have gotten MC about 1 week ago (or I have noticed the bumps since then) I have read several remedies in this forum and I have used the apple vinegar by nights and coconut oil by day. So far some of them have started healing with the AV but it's just the 2nd day on it. I have also pop some in

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  • peter46486 1

    Cured Mollescum without needles

    Both my boys got Mollescum when they were around 6 years old.  They quickly got around 100 spots each.  The dermatologist told me that he could ether freeze them off leaving scars or burn them off with acid leaving scars or I could wait for them to go away in maybe 5 years.  I was let's say

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  • cush54211 2

    need help!!!5 years suffering

    i had mc in middle school and was too afraid to tell my family. Later on after i graduated high school, I finally went to see a doctor on my own and figure its mc. I did some result and notices many mentioning the acv method. I'm a bit confuse on how it works. Am I suppose to popped/poke my mc and

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  • tracy02496 1

    worried mum

    I have a 3 yr old who has unfortunately has the blasted virus, been too the doctor and he suggested to get HYDROGEN PEROXIDE OINTMENT or CRYSTADERM. Please is there something else i can use on him.

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  • eric 83020 1

    Molluscum treatment

    Hey Guy's So recently i was treated for molluscum and the dermatoligist surgically removed the small lesions by a laser. And recently ive seen a small lesion growing on my penile shaft. what can the reason be for this?

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  • allen72356 1

    Here was my solution to Molluscum, hope it helps

    I'm a 22 year old guy and a while ago, I was diagnosed with MC and for a reason that I never truly understood, it depressed me beyond reason. I felt dirty, unattractive and afraid. What scared me even more is that when I went to see my Dr, he told me that there was nothing we could do unless wait

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  • tyrone24131 1

    How to get rid of molluscum contagiosum?

    Hi everyone, So I had sex with a girl who had molluscum contagiosum on her legs about two months ago (I know I'm the biggest idiot ever) so I knew I was gonna get it. Last Friday, I noticed a spot on my leg that looked exactly like Molluscum so I immediately covered it with about five band aids

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  • Mayt 2

    Help Please 15 year old

    Hi! I'm 15 years old and i have Molluscum Contagiosum. I recently just noticed this about two months ago. I think i've had it longer and i just never thought it was a big deal so i never said anything. I'm not sure how i even got this virus because i have never been sexualy active or shared towels

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  • bojana71594 1

    I'm depressed... molluscum :( Please help

    First , sorry for my English. I am from Serbia. Female 26 years ... I have this virus for almost two years . I'm desperate. I do not want to go out of the house. I feel dirty. I've tried almost everything I found on the Internet. I want to die. At any time, I have at least 5 of Sometimes I

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  • clare74288 2

    Help 2.5yr old has molluscm. How can we beat this?

    Hi my daughter has had molluscm for approaching a year now. I tried one cream for 5 mths to no avail. I've been using another cream for the past 3 weeks as it's started to spread quickly so feeling desperate thought id try a different recommendation. Both creams are so expensive. I'm hesitant to

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  • Savvy 1
  • Guest M

    getting rid of my molluscum contagiosum

    hi all, i am a 19 year old male in the who has had molluscum contagiosum for a couple of years. i have not sought treatment because like many of you, doctors had told me that they would go away (not to mention they didnt even tell me what the bumps were or that they were contagious)

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  • Guest M

    How I got rid of Molluscum Contagiosum

    My 7yr old daughter suffered terribly with this condition for several months, The doctor said there was nothing they could do for her and I could expect it to run its course and disappear within 2yrs. I did lots of research and found treatments on the market were quite expensive. I was in dispair.

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  • maggie29631 2

    2 yr old has Molluscum, and it won't go away! Please Help!!

    My 2yr old son has had molluscum for almost 3 months now and it just keeps getting worse! I feel like I've tried everything, but it either doesn't work or hurts when applied. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm getting desperate at this point and it's obviously not just "going away on its own"

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  • Guest M

    My son has molluscum on his face please help

    PLEASE 6 year old son developed molluscum about 6 months ago. We noticed some bumps on his diagnosed by a Dr as molluscum. His chin is now compleatly covered in these spots,he also has them under his chin,neck and in his eyebrows. He is so self concious of them and it

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  • dedra19749 1

    My 2 yr old daughter has been suffering from molluskum!!

    My daughter Arionna is just w yrs old with molluskum the doc told me that itll just rin its course but its so irritating and she says it hurts its making me sad seeing her face like this if anyone knows of anything that can help treat molluskum please share plz !!!

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