Molluscum is ruining my life, I need help

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I'm at my wits end and lowest point so far in my 7 months of living with MC. I am a 23 year old female and I contracted it from protected sex. It started on my genitals but just a few. I confused them with razor burn and just moisturized the area. It wasn't until I had a few bumps on my inner thighs too that I really began to worry. I went to the doctor because I thought I had herpes or an STD. The doctor nearly immediately told me it was MC and that it wasn't a big deal. She guessed I had had it for a month or two as that was the last time I'd had sex and when I first noticed "razor burn". She said they would go away in time. I was worried but she calmed me. She didn't even warn me not to have sex or talk about how contagious it is. I broke down and went home for the weekend. My mom ordered tea tree oil and Zymaderm at the recommendation of my doctor. I began putting it on and for the most part they did start to scab and fade. I'd been taking care of it but it seemed like it was clearing up. I was wrong. In that time I started shaving again and stupidly used the same razor on my legs as my underarms and privates. I also was moisturizing a lot, spreading the MC all over my arms and legs. I have small legions of probably 10 or less on my upper arm and butt. I have what look like several new ones coming in on my chest, forearms, and sprinkled on my thighs and legs. I feel covered and disgusting, they're all over me. They're not huge bumps but it's awful. I have been trying ACV, tea tree oil, and bandaging them up. Some of my skin is raw and red from a reaction to a latex waterproof bandage, does anyone know how to soothe this? I just don't know what to do. I'm going to the doctor Friday with my mom but when I scheduled the appointment today a nurse later called and said my doctor said that it "will go away on it' own" dismissively but agreed the to see me. I ordered something called Boiron Thuja Occidentalis that is by mouth 3 times a day. I also ordered Terrasil MC treatment cream. I'm going to try them and hope for the best but everything just seems to be getting worse. Advice? Kind words? Anything please

Also. When they are very red and you can see the white core, what should you do to it? Keep treating it? Bandage it up? Poke it? I want to have my mom poke it or have a derm freeze or cut them when they're white like that. I worry about spreading the MC when popping them. Is there a safe way? I've read people did this and it worked.

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    I know this post is two months old so you might not see this but salycilic acid WILL get rid of them. I'm a 24 year old girl and I had molluscum on my arms and legs..they looked horrible! I had so many and I had them for about 8 months and all through summer too so I pretty much just wore long sleeves and pants in 90 degree weather. I tried everything acv, tea tree oil, waiting. Literally none of it did anything..I came across a post that said salycilic acid works. I went on eBay and bought a 20% salycilic acid solution for like 9 dollars and put it on morning and molluscum went away in 4 days I'm not even kidding. Like almost immdediatly gone. I was so happy because I literally thought I was gonna be stuck with this stuff for years...if you want pictures of my before and after just let me know it really is amazing. I just want everyone who's had to go through this to know what works because it's honestly so detrimental to your self esteem. I felt ugly for 8 months of my life and I don't want other people to go through that

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      Can you send me pictures of your recovery? 

      Just last week I noticed bumps in my genitals so I went to my gynecologist to get it checked out. She told me it was molluscum and prescribed me some imiquimod cream. 

      But then a couple days ago I noticed it popping up on my stomach area. Now it's all over my body- my stomach, back, legs, arms, my chin, forehead. 

      This all happened within a span of just A WEEK. I just made an appointment to see a dermatologist because it's spreading so rapidly for me. Kind of freaking out sad

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    I have much experience with my daughter. 

    It is very effective to use a syringe needle to gently cut open the bumps and then remove the waxy core (you can find videos on youtube of the procedure -) - just make sure to use lots of ethanol to disinfect the area afterwards.

    If you don’t like the pain and stinging sensation then use a nonprescription creme. On my daughter I used an Emla creme (don’t know what it is called in other countries but it contains 25 mg lidocain + 25 mg prilocain). The Emla creme is applied under foil (use the one you have in the kitchen) for 1-2 hours – doing this means that you will not feel anything! My 8 year old daughter didn’t feel a thing :-)

    I you make sure not to expose the area to sun (use sun screen) there will not be any scars.

    I know how much you worry about this but it will go away using the above method. If you don’t like the above you can go to a dermatologist to get them frozen - they will look terrible after the treatment but this will fade away - som of the redness can take ½ year to dissapear completely.

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    To soothe irritated skin, I'd use coconut oil. As far as the molluscum... My 5 yr old has had them about a year, but just started treating around June. Tried ACV which irritated skin causing eczema flare-up. Tried clear nail polish... after weeks had no change. Finally ordered conzerol ointment and soap. Started noticing improvement quickly. Also try starting on an oral probiotic to boost your immune system. This has also helped clear them up on my son. I'd definitely research the probiotics... as some have more "cultures" as do others. And epsom salt baths a couple times a week. This all is definitely working for my son as the MC is almost gone!

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    This st nearly drove me fg insane a few years ago. I had it for a year I think. So fg traumatizing, dude. Here is what I did:

    First of all, find a doctor that listens to you. Do what it takes. I had so many enraging experiences with doctors who told me it will just go away. Everyone is different. It's supposed to go away on it's own, but some people's immune systems don't fight it and I am so angry that they tell people this because I was seriously so mentally f****d from this situation.

    Anways, once I found a doctor that understood the severity of the situation, I would go in and have them burnt off. It didn't work unless they were aggressive about it, it has to get to the root or whatever. Yes it's possible to "pop" them yourself, you have to dig out the root/inside st and make sure its all out but the st inside is the MOST contagious so honestly I don't recommend that you do any of that yourself if you are this sensitive to it. Go get them burnt/frozen off by a dermatologist, and go back every 2 weeks to get checked and get any new ones. Keep going back. Even when you think it's done, go back and make them look at you until you feel better. The disease or whatever it is thrives in moist environments, so make sure that you towel off when you shower- but PAT yourself with the towel, and seriously I know it fg sucks but be paranoid about rubbing the towel on yourself when you're wet. Do not reuse towels. Do not re-wear dirty clothes. Change blankets often - and cover all the spots with bandaids- keeping it dry. This is why I don't find creams effective- you're keeping the area moist. Burn those b**s and keep things clean and covered!! I had so many band aids on me it was awful and I was so stressed and paranoid all the time but it did eventually go away. Sending you so much love and hugs. I was dealing with this on my 21st birthday and every time I had a crush I just convinced myself I didn't like them because I knew I couldn't be physical with anyone. Hugs girl I know what you're going through. Take my advice and anyone elses with a grain of salt- different things work for different people. You will find what works for you, be vigilant and dont give up ❤️

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      Its torture! Going on almost 2 years and it has literally taken over my life. Feel helpless!!! Tried all of the above and it keeps spreading, even my scalp!!! Hair is falling out and I'm seeing small bald spots. FML!!!!!

      My heart goes out to anyone experiencing this demon child!!

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    if no one found a way to get rid if MC, there is a cure, youll need hydrogiene proxide, apple cider vinegar, a needle and some bandages. ( i had MC in the pubic area and did this and got rid of it in a week) on each lesion there is a white ball the core , with the needle (make sure u disenffected it before) poke a hole on top and take the white ball core out of the bump, after you do that put sum apple cider vinegar on it and than a bandage on top. after that disenfect your needle and continue on the rest of the bumps. in a day or 2 they all will scab over and disappear in a week without scarring. make sure to wear gloves as well and be very hygenic and clean during the process as its very contagous

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