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Wanted to post this to help anyone else struggling with this awful infection:

I had about 30-40 sores in my genital area and was able to achieve clear skin in 1 week. No medicine, no dermatology appointments, just some reading online to get some background information on the infection. If you have less sores, or in a more accessible area, this method only gets easier with an even higher likelihood of success. Other forums or doctors will tell you not to pop them because if people try to do it without understanding the gravity of the situation or the need for meticulous control of what touches what, they can make it worse. 

What You Need:

-Some toilet paper (really hoping you all have this anyway)

-a bottle of 70-90% isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol (~$2)

-metal tweezers with a sharp flat tip(~$3-5), like one for plucking eyebrows or something

-neosporin, triple antibiotic, or any other ointment that would be used for minor wound treatment

-any flashlight or phone light


-In my early 20s, male

-Studying medicine so pretty well informed on how all of this works (i.e. transmission, why a physician would warn you of certain things to do/not do, etc.)

-Probably got the initial infection in my genital area through sexual contact, first noticed 1-2 pimple-like bumps right above my penis around June. My guess is that they spread when I shaved, because I went right over them and didn't think anything of it because I used get a decent amount of acne in occasionally random spots like on my leg or shoulder. 

-Weeks later, now July, they began sprouting up all over the area...all over the pubic region, down around my gooch, scrotum and penis shaft - I had about 30 in total. I went to my internist, who took one look and immediately wrote down "mulloscum contagiosum" and told me that I should go to a dermatologist that he recommended.

-Because a dermatologist's methods for removing the infection is technically considered a procedure, they will charge $100s in multiple sessions if your infection is as bad as mine was. Plus, the less severe your infection is, the easier my method is for proper execution and successful results. My treatment was a modified at-home form of the curette treatment, some also freeze them off or prescribe medicine. 


1. Know there will be some blood. Not really pain, because the sores aren't innervated and so not sensitive, but blood. 


3. You MUST treat EVERY visible infection sore as described below as you notice them. I spent about 2 hours (keep in mind I had 30+) the first day, then about 30 minutes a day for two days after that going through and methodically treating each sore. Since the third day, however, and now for about 1 month, haven't seen a single one. I waited to post this to make sure they wouldn't return, and I still comb over the area every couple days with a flashlight to ensure no new ones are coming. 

Step 1. Sterilize area where sores are by dipping toilet paper in alcohol and rubbing around the entire area.

Step 2. Take a lighter to the end of the tweezers, then dip in alcohol. 

Step 3. Squeeze the tweezers together around the white tipped sore below the level of the white tip (same as you would a pimple to ensure squeezing out all the contents). While squeezing harder than you think you should, pull up. If done correctly, you will see the white/yellow colored pill-shaped waxy core that contains the infectious agent and maybe some blood on the tweezers. Wipe this on a sheet of toilet paper. 

Step 4. Dip the tweezers in alcohol, set aside

Step 5. Wipe the sore you just squeezed with toilet paper to remove any blood, then dab wound with alcohol, there might be some burning but that's good! It means you went deep and with almost 100% removed all of the sore and maybe even some skin. 

Step 6. Using a Q-tip or your finger, dab some neosporin or substitute and cover the wound

Step 7. Repeat Step 2-6 until every visible sore has been treated. I found that using a flashlight to look over the area helped to reveal some of the smaller ones, because they have a waxy, shiny finish to them that reflects in the light. Don't stop until you can't find any more. 

Step 8. Repeat this process of examining the area for several days or until you feel comfortable to ensure no new ones are coming in and were missed the first day. You can also feel free to retreat every wound with neosporin every day although this might be overkill. 

Other helpful suggestions:

In the days after you begin doing this, I would wash your bath towel every day. Do not touch the area. Wash your hands frequently, change articles of clothing that touch the area twice a day. No sexual activity. 

I know at first glance this looks like a lot but when you consider that it's one week of serious care max for a bad case like mine, in exchange for treating the infection swiftly and not having to spend serious money, wait months for the infection to pass on its own or even get worse, or play a guessing game with some of the BS home remedies like dieting or putting erosive chemicals on the skin that people promise worked for them and took months, this one week treatment plan is a very rewarding and efficient way to get rid of mulloscum. Remember that it's not the end of the world if you have it! I was incredibly stressed about the prospect of waiting months for this infection to pass until I decided to try and treat it aggressively, and it paid off!

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