How I cured my BV

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Okay so I never really struggled with the health of my area down there before the last few years. I have been with the same partner for 3 years and realized I contracted Bacterial Vaginosis from them. I realized immediately that things just felt dirty and then came the odor. Well I struggled with getting rid of it for about 2 years.. They thought it was yeast infections and then realized it was BV but kept prescribing gels and pills. It would come back after a month or two of using the prescriptions. 

I figured out my own way to kill it off you have to be patient though. It really depends on how long you've had the issue. So you'll need to purchase some Boric acid powder (sounds scary), a natural moisturizing oil (Jojoba is good), hydrogen peroxide, and some yeast infection cream from the drugstore. I mixed boric acid with some jojoba oil just so it was a nice paste consistency, and then would apply it inside once a day. Don't get discouraged if it comes back.. Just do it for another week if so. If you feel like you're getting irritated down there you can switch it up and douche with peroxide (which works well too). Since you're killing off a lot of the bacteria I recommend you have yeast cream handy just in case you get itchy. But it worked for me. I would do the boric acid treatments a couple times a week or whenever I felt like things were getting fishy down there. You have to be consistent though the first week do it every night, otherwise you'll just get the overgrowth of the bad bacteria again, it really helps restore everything. It worked for me just be patient!

i posted this because I know it's super depressing and hard on your self esteem. 

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    Hi girls, I too used to suffer from BV it was disgusting and the worst. I wanted to share what has worked for me. I know how stressful and frustrating this can be. I wanted to take the time to share how it got rid of it and hopefully maybe it can help someone else. I had been with the same man for 4 years when we broke up I had sexual relations with someone else. Multiple sex partners is not the only cause of bv but I'm guessing that's where I got it from. Disgusting I know, I regret it so much (the sex with this other dude wasn't even good) I ended up getting back with my boyfriend and a couple weeks later he told me I smelt very different and not in a good way. I felt horrible I had no idea at the time what this was, I was so scared. After going to the doctor multiple times and really looking into it I became more educated and informed about this infection. Do not douche. I know the first instinct is to clean and flush this s**t out but it will not help. I never did that but its highly recommended not to do so. Those by mouth antibiotics they give you at the doctors will not work. Well they will for about a week but chances are it will come back. (mine did 4 times) What worked for me was metrondizole gel (I think that's how its spelt). rather than take a pill by mouth its a gel you insert into your vagina. I feel like this worked best because its directly put where the problem is. The only downfall about the gel is after a day or two it makes your discharge clumpy. Do not try and take it out or panic that's normal and what happens. Fortunately, my boyfriend was understanding for the most part he knows I'm a clean person and how desperately I wanted to find a cure for this. If you have a partner during this just be patient talk to them and educate them as well so they are not scared. So the metrodonzile gel is literally put up your vagina like a tampon its best to do it at night. (when you get it it has the instructions). It is not sold over the counter just mention it to your doctor. Another good trick I used was hydrogen peroxide. I would soak a tampon in the hydrogen peroxide add some drops of tea tree oil and then insert it inside of me and keep it there for a little This alone will make you feel more fresh so its a start. Also STAY AWAY FROM SWEETS AND JUNK FOOD. If you are suffering from bv eating bad will not help whatsoever. Try and eat as clean as you can (fruits and veggies LOTS OF WATER AND TEA). Try and take a probiotic everyday as well as helpful vitamins. The ones I take cider vinegar (the liquid smells way too bad for my too drink so it in capsule form is much better and easier. Fenugreek a couple of those a day. Garlic pills, believe it or not this will help. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. I know you're like holy s**t this is a wanna get rid of this once and for all or what? All of this can be found at Walgreens Kroger or CVS. I went to the store one day bought anything.and everything I thought would help spent over 150 bucks but I didn't care because I was desperate. Another big key. Try and eat yogurt once a day, a good brand is chobani it has lot of live cultures its what you need. Change all your body washes and cleansing wipes to the brand SUMMERS EVE, not only does all their stuff smell great but its PH balanced. trust me change it. Try not to touch around you vagina unless you know your hands are clean. Same with the guy/girl your dating. Have them wash their hands before you have sex or mess around no its not annoying it takes 20 seconds to wash your hands. Coconut oil is also your friend, the already liquidy kind. Not only does it work as a great natural lubricant but it actually helps with bv. Try and drink green tea it flushes out your system, and always always always lots of water. If your not a big fan of water I drink my water with cucumber and lemon it tastes yummy and cleanses your body.

    You have to be consistent

    I try and take all those vitamins daily.

    Be cautious and careful around your vagina area like I said don't touch it with dirty hands

    Don't wear too tight of thongs or underwear let your vagina breath.

    You ladies can ask me anything I will try and check up on this in case anyone responds with a question.

    Good luck ladies I hope this helped.

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    I have had BV and yeast infections off and on ever since October 2016. I have been to over 4 doctors, my primary OBGYN, emergency rooms and several Med post all from 3 different states. I have taken the pills and have used several different gels. Every day since October 2016 i have had to wear a panty liner, if not the smell would be terrifying. It is very frustrating. I have had several mental breakdowns. Before October 2016, I’ve only gotten a UTI twice. Im glad I ran across this discussion. I’m going to try the peroxide first since I have some here at home. I pray this is cured soon. Thank you 
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    I struggled with bv every time my spouse "finished" inside. Each time, I used metronidazole for a week or 2 and it worked but it also killed the good bacteria in there, which caused more problems! I tried inserting plain unflavored, lowfat yogurt for the past 2 days and no symptoms AT ALL since the first try! This is a god sent cure!

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      Hi Reese,

      Do you use a ramp in with it? Or...

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    I cured my BV!!! I am so relieved. I was dealing with symptoms for almost 4 months! Here is what I did. Absolutely NO SEX until your cured! First douche with 60ml of hydrogen peroxide and water mix, half and half once every evening. Take RePHresh probiotic ( this is the only one that worked), vitamin C and Folic Acid every night before bed. By day 5 the irritation and itching was gone and I have been symptom free ever since! The odor was gone after doing the Hydrogen peroxide the 1st time for me. Trust me when I say I have done tons of research. This is what worked for me. Good luck and stay positive ladies. I also work out 3-5 times a week. After work out make sure to shower off! 

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    Yep it's been almost three years and I am BV free by using probiotics for 6 months straight.

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    I have had recurrent yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and UtI's for over 20 years. Im so over it. I have sone a ton of research and found the hydrogen peroxide/distilled water douche solution and on most occassions it would work, although the infection woukd still break through. I have been on a weekly dose of diflucan for the last eight months for my yeast infections...and my DR. chastised me for doing the douches. Yesterday i finally had an appointment with a specialist. She told me that was ridiculous and to continue with the douches either hydrogen peroxide or vineger...doesnt matter what kind..limit my sugar and carbs and alcohol, and work on my stress which she suspects is a huge part of the overgrowth of the candida in my body. IT is causing so many other health problems for me!! So on top of that i bought Raw sauerkraut which is a natural probiotic. One 16 oz container is worth 8 bottles of regular probiotics, plus im drinking a glas of water with a tsp of apple cider vineger in the morning and at night. Im trying my damndest to rid this of my body because im just tired of feeling like crap all the time. not to mention the embarrasment and expenses that are assiciated with these issues!! And before anyone asks, i was a nurse. I'm annoyingly clean. wash hands, clean and pee before and after, and all the other safe practices!! So i will try nd keep you all informed on my journey. There isnt a month that goes by that i dont have something. like i said, i am on a weekly diflucan and i still had a yeast infection at the dr yesterday!!!

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    so I'm not sure if my problem is bv or not the test that they do that shows up automatically said bv but they did a culture and it came back indeterminate for bv with high atopobium vaginate clue cells at a 2 and no other clue cells. all other tests were negative. I was on two rounds of the oral metronidazole and one round of the metronidazole gel. I also took diflucan to avoid a yeast infection. now I am pretty dry but there is small white tissue stuff where I am dry. when I can get past the dryness there is some white discharge. it does not smell. i have tried several things. I've gone through a bottle of boric acid. i take probiotics. I thought maybe it was an overgrowth of lactobacillus so i tried baking soda which seemed to help at first but then cause a discharge that smelled like amonia. peroxide seemed to help for a couple of days but then it seemed to be right where I I'm actually trying a combination of using boric acid at night and the peroxide douch 12 hours later. not sure about this yet. any thoughts?

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