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Hi Everyone, 

Let me start off by saying what a crazy journey. I don’t think I have ever been so puzzled by a condition in my whole life. I had reoccurring bv and thrush for the past two years. I am not 100% certain that I have cured my condition but I think I have come close. I will start from the beginning where I went on a 6 month course of Accutane (a very very powerful drug to treat acne) of course I was over the moon when my acne went away and I was free from that horrible condition, but much to my delight I then developed something that I would easily consider to be much worse. Of course when you take any antibiotics you run the risk of developing a yeast infection (Also known as thrush). As this condition also runs in my family it has been a hard one to fight off. About 3 months into my Accutane treatment I started noticing strange symptoms, after doing a bit of research I did a little self diagnostic and figured it was BV. Of course I went to the doctor though to get appropriate diagnostics… and yes I was correct BV it was. So I started my first round of antibiotics to treat the BV this did absolutely nothing besides leave a foul metallic taste in my mouth. So back again I was to get another treatment I can't remember exactly what this was called but it was the cream and the stick inserts for the vagina. That was temporary relief but I think due to the fact that I was still on the acne medication it didn’t have the full effect. At the time I was very uneducated about the whole topic and I didn’t quiet understand the fact that the condition was reoccurring. I am not trying to put down the medical system or doctors but they definitely do not understand enough about this condition. I would like to share everything I have learnt in the last two years so people can make sense of the condition and figure out what works best for them. Each woman will react differently to different treatments. Personally it took me a long time to figure out exactly how to treat what I have. 

After stopping the ACNE medication I presumed I would be BV and thrush free unfortunately that was not the case…What Accutane did to me was mess up the inner balance and my PH was completely out. So everything got thrown out. After already suffering from thrush when I was younger i think the antibiotics brought everything back. 

 far from it. So here is everything that I know and have learned to help all you sufferers out. 

Traditional medicine - prescribed by doctors. Works for a little bit, only temporary relief. 

Coconut oil - was told to do this by a Nathurapth she said to pour the oil into little ice cube trays and insert them as a tampon type thing. Never tried this but I did play around with coconut oil and was quiet good relief. obviously doesn't do enough though. 

Apple cider vinegar - I would bath in this once or twice a day. Very good antibacterial properties. Almost instant relief but yet again not a cure.

Boric acid - Very good!! got these compounded in a pharmacy as I am in Australia and do not have access to these products. Inserted once a day for 14 days. BV went away for about 2-3 weeks but yet again came back. I do find these really handy though if I feel an infection coming on I will insert one and during the night I can feel the infection going away. 

Hydrogen peroxide - This is great to use for instant relief. You can use this as a douche or I went to the chemist and bought an oral syringe type thing obviously without the needle to insert this into the vagina. I prefer doing this over douching I don’t know if it made a difference. I still developed a thrush infection from this treatment though. 

Probiotics - what a god sent. There is nothing better honestly !! If you have either BV or thrush get yourself down to a chemist or local health food store and get a good probiotic. I take 2 a day at night and I generally insert one every 2 -3 weeks depending on how I am feeling with the infection and what state I am in. 

Folic acid - This is also a god sent ! Instant relief, not a cure on it’s own like others claim but it definitely does a good job at maintaing good health. 

change of diet - didn’t see much of a difference when i changed my diet to be honest. I think a high water intake is always good though to flush out toxins. 

I tired countless other home remedies that people had posted but nothing really did much for me. I eventually went back to the doctor to get another swob test too see what would show up. The results actually came back negative for BV but positive for Thrush. The whole time I was focusing so much thinking that I had bv that I forget to properly treat the thrush infection. So with my script off to the pharmacy I went. Got a tablet to take and some cream to apply. Next day I felt instant relief! it seemed that I needed something strong in medicine form to kick out the candida. Sound silly that I didn't do that before hand but I was so set on treating the bacterial infection that I paid no proper attention to the candida (thrush). I have seen a major different in my body since I took the tablet for candida. of course its reoccurring as is BV but fingers crossed it gave it the kick it needed. I still don’t feel or smell (i know gross) 100% bv free but I think I’m close. I still take a high dosage of probiotics a day which i think i will now continue to do for the rest of my life. I also take a high dosage of folic acid. These two combined are pretty awesome! I also insert a probiotic when I feel yucky down there to maintain good flora. It’s all about bringing back the good flora so inserting a probiotic every so often is absolutely the best! no harm at all. I drink a ton of water and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although being young means I like to have a few drinks which can also throw out my balance. Boric acid is another thing I do when i feel the infection coming on, works great. But only very temporary relief. Anyway this is my crazy story two years later I feel like I may have overcome the issue and I feel like i am extremely knowledgeable in this subject. I really wanted to write this to share with women all over the world suffering. You are not alone!! Honestly you probably are sitting at your computer screen freaking over this condition, it is treatable and you can manage it. Follow some of the things I have said and you will find relief one way or another. We are all different and our bodies will react different. Something that didnt work for me could easily work for you. please don’t give up ladies. We will fight and get to the bottom of it. I came to the conclusion at the end that I had a reoccurring bv and yeast infection, i think not treating the yeast infection made the BV even worse and kept it coming back. Anyway thats my story, if you are still reading you deserve a medal!! 


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    Thank you for sharing... This makes me feel so much better. I had BV and Thrush 4 months ago. I have been fighting it everyday. I was so depressed. But now I am getting better each month. I found this kind of problem needs time to get back to normal.

    I also bath in sea salt water twice a day and I found it's quite soothing. Not sure it does anything. Some ladies claim that cured their BV.

    I was concentrating on my Thrush since I thought my BV was treated after antibotic after the first month. But the burning sensation has never disappeared. Earlier this month, the specialist said i had BV, not thrush. So I was on antibiotic again. Now I feel so much better. Fingers crossed they won't come back again very soon.

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    Omg It seems like someone would of come up with a cure by now. But anyway i have the same exact thing. if you throw a bad sinus infection in the loop with the thrush and the bv. if you treat one you get the other. what i have found out is that onions for some unknow reason work for the white stuff on the tongue. takes it right away. But other than that i do use the probiotics in pills and i buy probiotic juices. And i have just found somthing called a pre-biotic insert. Its suppose to inhance the probiotic. But yeah i think the trick is to bring back the natural floura. My doctor told me not to douche at all.And i dont know exactly when it started but i do know that the flagyl or whatever that medication its not a cure. And thanks for getting back with me so soon mel31173
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    Hi, Mel. I wanted to start off by saying I am 14 years old. I don't know what's going on downstairs, but I'm quite annoyed by it. I want to be fresh and clean but every month I get this white stuff in my underwear that smells horrible. I want it gone! I don't know weather it's BV, Yeast Infection, ect... I've never had sex! I don't know how to tell my parents but I'd be open about talking with a doctor. At the same time I know I'll be prescribed with Antibiotics but loads of people say it never works and I want it to fully work. Please help me!
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    Hi, Mel,

    So i wanted to explain my symptoms to you. Hopefully you get this since its been a year since you posted. I started out with basically the burning sensation so i was thinking i have a yeast infection went to the E.R and they said i don't have a yi i have BV but i really don't feel any of the symptoms of BV. So my question is did you feel like you had a yeast infection with the redness and burning and especially after wiping from urination? I mostly am in severe pain from the redness and the burning, i think i have like a thin discharge but not sure and there is no smell! I am so confused. I feel like i have more of a YI then the Bv or maybe both at the same time. If so can you take your antibiotic for the BV at the same time as treating the yeast? I am thinking of buying the YI meds while i am on my antibiotic to see if i will feel better. I am in so much pain from the redness and burning!! Did you have these symptoms with the BV or if these were the symptoms when you had both of three conditions at the same time?

    Hope to hear from you soon!!

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    Well...I have a similar thing. I have this itching sensation about an inch up inside the vagina. I accidentally did the two tampon thing, but only for an hour, and I already had a uti. I took antibiotics for a week, then I thought it was thrush because I always get thrush when I'm on antibiotics. So I went to my doctor and did a urine test. Nothing said the doctor, but she gave me second antibiotics in case the bacteria amount was too small to pick up on the urine test. Of course now I have women's time again so I won't know if it's gone until I stop using tampax! I think it could be BV but I'm not sure. My partner and I don't have sex as he has a heart condition so it shouldn't be an sti

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