How I cured my gastritis

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When I got diagnosed with mild gastritis (but no H. Pylori) and esophagitis, I looked all over the internet to find what to do. I did not find many accounts of people who have cured themselves successfully and how they did it. So I thought I would write my story once I am cured. Here it is. If you have cured yourself from gastritis too, please share your experience below as well.

Many people ask how long it takes to be cured. At first I started on dexilant for a month but I did not see any improvement. After a month I kept taking dexilant and I started the low acid diet in parallel. I got much better in 2-3 days. After two months on dexilant and one month on the diet, I felt completely good. Then I stopped the dexilant cold turkey and got a lot of pain and acidity back in my stomach. Now I regret I did not take the dexilant a little longer as my stomach was obviously not healed and not strong enough to go through the rebound effect of stopping dexilant. I regret also that I did not stop dexilant slowly taking it every other day for a week, then every three days for a week, .... I felt anxious about taking a medication that has so many side effects taken long term and I wanted to stop immediately, which was not reasonable.

Anyway there I was back at the beginning with stomach pain and acidity day and night. I felt pain related to the esophagitis as well which really scared me. I hesitated to take dexilant again but I decided to try to cure myself the natural way. Below I describe what I did. I got cured in approximately two months, getting slowly better week by week. After two months of natural cures I had no stomach pain anymore and no excess acid, I was able to sleep again, felt like a new healthy (and lighter -- I lost a few pounds) person. However after those two months, I felt that I needed to follow the diet another month for my stomach to get strong and be able to handle a less strict diet.



Most of what I did is summarized in two books which I found very useful:

The first book is "Dropping acid: the reflux diet cookbook & cure" by Jamie Koufman. This is the book I based my diet on. The only disagreements I have with the author regard dairy products that I stopped taking as they make the stomach produce more acid (very clear for me), and the use of ginger, manukka honey and aloe vera which I find too irritating and/or acidic (and I don't feel that they help). Also she does not talk about salt which is known to be irritating for the stomach lining in excess, I felt an improvement when I lowered my intake in salt. I will explain the diet more in details below.

The other book is "Ulcer free! Nature's safe & effective remedy for ulcers" by G. Halpern. I know you may have gastritis and no ulcers but the two conditions are related and what cures one usually cures the other too. I used some of the natural supplements recommended in this book. In particular slippery elm (this one is actually not mentioned in the book) and DGL licorice for stomach pain (coat the interior of the stomach lining), Zinc-Carnosine (reduce inflammation and protects stomach lining - I felt a great improvement after starting to take it especially with acid production at night), and cabbage juice (finished my recovery with this one, after two days I had no stomach pain anymore at night). I describe the supplements more below.

What did not work for me

Mastic gum hurts my stomach. It is supposedly helpful against H. Pylori which I knew I did not have (I had been tested).

Prelief removes the acid in food and stomach very efficiently but causes constipation.

Tums works well for 45 minutes but then there is a rebound effect with the stomach producing more acid.

Manukka honey hurts my stomach (Too acidic, Ph level 4, but maybe also because of the tea tree essential oil in it). It is supposedly helpful against H. Pylori.

Aloe Vera is too acidic (around Ph level 4), and I don't feel it is doing anything positive.

Ginger is irritating and I don't feel it is doing anything positive.

Probiotics helps with digestion but not really for the stomach.

Zantac works very well at removing the acidity but makes me feel dizzy and incredibly tired.

PPI worked very well at removing the acidity and pain in my stomach while I was taking it while doing the diet, but I had a bad rebound effect when I stopped (one must stop slowly by taking it every other day for a while). Also having too low acid in the stomach because of PPI might cause problems in the long term (problems with Calcium and B12 absorption, bacterial infection more likely).

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    What works: the diet

    I eat only foods with Ph level above 5, more details below.

    Fruits: only melons, watermelons and bananas, sometimes a pear (at the limit - Ph level 5.3).

    All vegetables except Bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic and onions that are too irritating.

    Lean proteins like chicken breast, lean white fish like cod, shrimps, seafood, tofu, tempeh, beans, chickpeas, lentils.

    All cereals (I mean by cereals the pure grain, not the breakfast cereals with sugar and additives): oat and oatmeal, rice, corn, bread (artisan fresh bread with no additives), quinoa, buckwheat, millet, wheat (I don't eat wheat for other reason --IBS-- but for the stomach it is supposedly ok), ... Potatoes and sweet potatoes are very good too.

    oil and nuts in moderation because of their fat content. Fat is inflammatory for the stomach lining. I eat either 1 Tbsp of nuts per meal or 1tsp of oil.

    Drinks: the only safe hot drink is chamomile. Evamor water Ph 8.8 feels good (not easy to find, I order it on amazon), fresh raw coconut water, fresh vegetable or fruit juices with allowed fruits and vegetables (I use a carrot base and add fennel/celery/beets/spinach). I find pureed soups with butternut squash, potatoes, cauliflowers, and/or carrots, ... very soothing.

    Food to avoid particularly because either irritating or known triggers for gerd: coffee, mint, tea, chocolate, sparkling water, citrus fruits, fat, vinegar, all spices, herbs (not sure which ones are ok or not, for safety I just avoided all of them), salt (reduce as much as possible), alcohol, no herbal teas except chamomile, dairy (stimulates acid production by the stomach).

    I made sure I control the volume of what I eat too to not fill my stomach too much: I keep it under 3 cups (usually 1 cup of vegetables, one cup of rice/potatoes/pasta, and the size of a cellphone of meat/fish/tempeh).

    I don't eat anything 3 hours before bed, and don't drink anything 2 hours before bed. Also I sleep on a wedge.

    Helpful supplements

    DGL licorice, 1 tab 20-30 minutes before each meal, 3 times a day. It coats the interior of the stomach lining. Sometimes I ate one during the night if my stomach hurts but slippery elm works better.

    Slippery Elm: 2 tabs between meals with a big glass of water. Sometimes I took 2 tabs in the middle of the night with a big glass of water if I had stomach pain. It coats the stomach lining too, works better than DGL licorice.

    Zinc-Carnosine: the most mysterious of the supplements, supposedly reduce inflammation and protects stomach lining. I felt a great improvement after taking it (they say it takes 2 weeks for it to work completely). I take one caps 35 mg with breakfast and one at dinner.

    Cabbage juice. There are some studies of ulcer patients cured after taking 1 cup of cabbage juice 4-5 times a day for 7 to 10 days. I had the courage to do one day 3 x 1 cup, and two days 2 x 1 cups, and my stomach pain disappeared completely with it (I was already doing better before I started). It is very unpleasant and one feels overall bad with it, moreover it causes gas, bad breath, slight headache. It interferes with the thyroid as well. But it works very well for the stomach. I mix the cabbage juice with carrot juice to make it more tasty, sometimes with celery, spinach and fennel as well.

    Water Ph 8.8. Supposedly helps deactivate the pepsin in throat and esophagus, and helps recover from sore throat and esophagitis. It feels good to drink it between meals.

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      Hi again,

      I did not read this until now, we wrote to one another but you did well, good for you! You know I agree with you about almost anything you wrote.

      I have a silly question about fish, I want to have some but I can not use anyting on it I like, so no lemon but then how do you eat it? No salt, black pepper or garlic, I know is going to taste awful. So, any suggestions?

      I manage with chicken and tofu.

      Also I have an underactive thyroid and the cabbage juice is not good at all for my thyroid, how do you think could I go about it? I can eat cabbage but not huge amounts!

      Thank you Ines


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      Hi Daniela,

      For fish, I choose the best fish I can find and buy it as fresh as possible, as you don't have anything to enhance the flavor, it is important that it tastes good and fresh. Also I noticed that I like a reasonable amount of it (when you are hungry all good foods taste good) so I buy no more than 1/3 of a pound (150 g). More than that and it is not as tasty anymore. I usually cook it simply: I pat dry it, put a spray of olive oil in the pan and sauteed it with a little bit of salt (I put a little bit of salt in everything, enough so it tastes good but as little as possible). Sometimes I add some parsley on top afterwards. 

      I haven't tried in a while but it might be good "en papillote" with a little spray of olive oil, a little bit of salt, fennel, carrots, parsley...

      I like to cook pasta alla vongole (with clams) sometimes too, or sauteed wild shrimps, or shrimps cooked with rice (like a paella) and vegetables. shrimps and clams don't require extra salt (they contain some) and give some juice. 

      I agree with you that fish would taste much better with lemon and garlic at least. I used to love cooking and try all sorts of things but with this diet it is just too complicated to make interesting dishes, so at some point I just gave up and decided that I would eat simple, good quality food, get in a routine, get better and focus on other things than gastronomy for now.

      About cabbage, I am confident that you can recover without using it. When I drank the cabbage juice I felt a very strong effect related to the thyroid: I felt cold, extremely tired, ... Since you already have a problem with your thyroid, if I were you, I would avoid it. If you are looking for other things to do, check the book "Ulcer free!", it talks about a lot of natural supplements to help heal the stomach.

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      Hi Ines,

      Lovely! I also love clams and pasta so I will do that. Fish I always buy it as fresh as I can  like you, and fennel, dill, parsley can go with it very well. At the moment I am not using oil at all, I just cook without it so I can give my tummy a break and ease digestion.

      I tried two days cabbage juice and I gave up. It helpd me though! I can eat cabbage but only small amounts together with other vegetables. 

      I got that title of the book from your personal story, so kindly you shared with all of us, on the forum. I will buy it, I also got other books on this subject. I intend to take medication for a limited period only, the same way you did and for the same reasons. The diet and natural supplements will carry me through the rest of my life!


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      What I do sometimes to get the benefit of oil without really having it is to put a little bit of oil in the pan then wipe it with a paper towel. The flavor is there but not really the oil.
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      I see what you mean! Good idea! I am cooking" en papillote" which is quite nice with some herbs and vegetables, grill my chicken breasts and fish also, and bake meat and vegetables in a dish with some chicken stock, covered with a lid.

      I used to cook really nice dishes and I still am, for my dear husband and friends. I am having a dinner party this Saturday and I am planning my menu. I am all right not eating the food I will prepare for my guests, I will indulge in smells and the pleasure of seeing them enjoying themselves.



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      I find it very hard to resist "normal food" so I try to avoid restaurants and dinner parties, instead I see my friends to exercise or go to the museum.

      What I cook a lot when I have guests is roasted vegetables and sometimes potatoes. I put a little bit of olive oil (I use the cooking spray) and salt, sometimes fresh herbs. It is tasty and easy.

      For myself I like to make a stew with potatoes, parsnip, turnip, carrots, a little bit of salt and a bay leaf. I add roasted chicken to it at the end.

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      Yes, it is hard but I have to get used to it! Since I have been having this diet and treatment, I also avoid restaurants or pubs!

      I have no choice this Saturday, it will be my husband's birthday and we made the invitations sometime ago but I am really fine, I enjoy cooking and I am doing this for him!

      It will be relaxed! All our friends know about my  trails and tribulations with acid reflux and they are very supportive.

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      That is nice that your friends are supportive. I hope the dinner party goes well.
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      Thank you, very much! I hope all will go well! 

      I like stews and I do them as well, as for roasted vegetables I love them, can not eat them at the moment but you can and should enjoy some!

      I can resist normal food, the very thought of pain in my tummy, the burning in my chest, makes me cope!

      Take care,

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      hi ines,

      do you juice the cabbage yourself or buy it?

      if you buy it, is it fresh or bottled......

      regular cabbage or red?



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      I juiced the cabbage myself and drank it fresh. Both red and regular work, I alternated. But honestly I felt so bad because of the effect on the thyroid that I would not do it anymore. Pepzin GI, DGL licorice, the diet ant patience offer the same relief. It is slower but you don't get the disagreements of cabbage.
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      I am glad to have found this posts and have read all the back and forth discussions and solutions recommended.  I will definitely try to check on the Pepzin GI which is only available through Amazon and also the DGL. I am pretty much trying to stay on a liquid diet now but still 2-3 hours after eating, the pain just comes back and stays for another 2 and it just incapacitates me at work.  I am also tired of running to the bathroom. Thank you. 

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      just joined this page as afternoon 13 months of pain and discomfort I have been diagnosed with acid reflux and ibs. Lots of food and drinks off limits and after so many medications not working completely I would like to try to help the situation the best I can. I have read lots of comments above and am going to give them a try but if you any advice please help as Im not allowed wheat or dairy at the moment either


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      Whether or not watching what you eat will help depends on the cause of your problem. If your acid reflux is caused by a damaged spchlinter then it will make no difference at all.
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      Whether or not watching what you eat will help depends on the cause of your problem. If your acid reflux is caused by a damaged spchlinter then it will make no difference at all.
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      Hi Marie,

      Have you ever read Norman Robillard's books - Fast Track Digestion for IBS and GERD? His theory is gas pressure in the small intestines can push upwards against the stomach, contributing to the development of a hiatal hernia and causing heartburn, acidreflux. 

      From my understanding, the gas in the small intestines can be caused by bacteria overgrowth or food allergies, celiac, etc.

      I think if you haven't done so, you might want to check with your doc to have some tested done whether you have sibo or allergic to some food e.g. lactose, glucose, fructose etc.

      I haven't read his book but from his website, robillard mentioned that he overcame reflux & ibs by eliminating too much carbohydrates. 

      Good luck marie smile

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      Hi Mary,

      I am sorry you have been in pain for so long. What are your symptoms? Which medication are you taking and what is your diet?

      I have IBS too and a gluten-free diet + fodmap diet (mostly avoiding beans, lentils, cabbage) helped me a lot for IBS. I am having some cabbage juice a little bit every day now though because it is good for the stomach, but it causes problems lower down. Oh well at least my stomach feels good.

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      Hi Mary,

      I read Norman Robillard book and his suggestion is to avoid sugars that are hard to digest because they feed the bacteria before feeding us, and cause gaz. Gaz causes pressure on the stomach and reflux. Easily digested sugars like sugars from fruits, jasmine rice or russet potatoes are ok. His diet is similar to the fodmap diet for IBS as IBS is aggravated by undigested sugars and gaz.

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      I have heard that cocunut oil is good for meats instead of olive oil. I haven't been able to try this, but many of my family members have the same digestion problems as I. I will be trying all of these supplements when I get home!

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      Aloha dorisiam,

      your symptom of 2 to 3 hours post eating is symptom perfect peptic ulcer..the IBS may or may not be implicated...most peptic ulcers are caused from a hpylori bacteria. Get your primary care dr to do the UBT (urea breath test) it's 97% plus accurate (so is the fecal test but with your IBS a tad difficlut perhaps)  if its postivie, you will be prescribed what's called the tripple therapy...2 antibiotics and a PPI (proton pump inhibiotr, blocks the production of stomach acid...not bile nor pepsin) There are some good threads on this web site regarding Hpylori...check them out.

      In the meantime, cut fats and fruit juices, sodas, tea;'s coffee/caffeine etc. ..if your in the islands..fresh papaya (not the bottled juice)...try and find some bottled water with a PH of 8.8 or more...your tap water is around 7ph... In the 1950's there was only one "cure" (long story) and it was penicilin and bismuth. Bismuth is still available without prescriptions..again if your in the Islands its available..even walmart in HNL has the tablets/lozenges at 262mg per tab..take one pre bed time...1/2 tab in the am at least one hor pre breakfast..same for lunch and evening meal...a total less than 600mg daily...this was and is yet a part of many tripple/quadrupple treatments....we tried both manuka honey and mastic gum...based on the UBT...they didn't work or work effective enough..thus the tripple therapy ..twice..since the first did not irradicated the bacteria.

      the 2nd was effective (we added bismuth). note...10 weeks after the first treatment pain continued  (ulcer protective diet)..called dr and he suggested a 2nd treatment using different meds and no need to do another UBT ntil 10 to 12 weeks post treatment...Hope this helps...the bismuth should help either stop or reduce the pain..the IBS? I only am aware of psyllium husk powder..sometimes with probiotics...start with 1/4 teaspoon as it can cause gas...then gradually increase to 1 teaspoon max daily..plenty of water...with ibs you lose hydration and needed minerals. Taro root is easily digested...try a small amount to check how it is ok if its boiled, grilled, or poached..not fried. Hope you find quick relief...and always check out stuff...example.. google "dual therapy shanghai, pub med" the right of the web pages are related med is the on line library of the US National Institutes of Health...there are others but  credentials are required...Claudio

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      Ines and to all the ppl wondering i have been taking siberian pine nut oil for nearly 2 weeks now. My heart burn has been reduced by 80%! Taken 3 times a day 5 ml 30 mins to 1 hour before food. I dont need to take 2 zantacs 3 motiluims now just somac. Been having a better 2 weeks. Diet ines put up works aswell. The pine nut oil id recomment as a gd supplement with the low acid diet. Im only on somac 1 tablet now. Will update you all in 2 weeks time with how im going still with oil. Have more energy , skin nicer oil is gd for many things, no gas bloating, constipation. Main thing 80-90 % heart burn gone!!!!
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      My symptoms mimic dorisim26. I have two negative h polori test so no ulcer.   
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      I too had 2 negative H Pylori tests, - one of them done after an endoscopy, but my symptoms have been fairly chronic for 10+ years, though i can eliminate them via careful elimination diet (which I have to stay on - for me very little dairy, no grains other than rice, and definitely no sugar), and use of digestive enzymes and HCL Betaine, and some herbs. I think for some people it can be autoimmune.
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      Thanks mermaid62. I too have been symptomatic for over 10 years (on and off) but what seems odd is that 6 months ago I went on a very strict low sugar/low carb/low fat diet. Within the last month have I have suffered my most sever pain ever. After reading all the great information provided here, I think incorporating olive oil into my diet may be the culprit.
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      That is indeed interesting Plum. I too have been low sugar, and lowish carbs though I did up them a bit recently.

      I have never gone low fat though and in fact was eating quite a bit of coconut oil. I didn't quite follow what you said - do you mean that you had gone too low fat and needed to put in Olive Oil, or did you mean that Olive Oil had affected you badly?

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      I think cooking with olive oil (used when roasting veggies) might be irritating my stomach. For example, a few days ago I had carrots tossed with olive oil and talapia which I used olive oil on and baked. One hour later I was in severe pain. Looking back I can say that my most severe episodes usually included the use of olive oil.
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      I noticed a slight irritation after eating baked vegetables too but I think it is the browning of the vegetables (from baking) that is irritating and not the olive oil because I had no problem with a reasonable (1 tablespoon) amount of olive oil on my food otherwise. I was always fine when I sauteed the vegetables with olive oil.
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      I like garlic....I wonder if that might be my problem? 
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      I've switched from Olive to Avocado....makes a slight difference...I suspect if and "If" its olive oil...switch brands...difficult to know if your getting pure olive oil or not..a combo perhaps? We switched several times, obtaining only the olive oil in dark glass containers...we finally purchased from the grower....not a problem whatsover..but out of our budget...California has a law that prohibits non disclosure of content and source...helpful but the family owned company that sells its brand only...the oil does not stack up to the one from the grower?

      Last...we no longer use any oil while cooking...apply it only afterwards. We poach...know its not always what is prefered....but the "after burn" in the "mouth" is mostly "eliminated".

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      I have no problem with olive oil but I use the ones that are less acidic, organic, cold-extracted. It is healthier to add it afterwards but I find it tastier to sautee a little bit with it. I like to alternate.
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      Interesting. I haven't had a problem with olive oil with my stomach I must admit, and I wonder if it would be OK cold but not heated. It's not recommended now to be used in baking as supposed to damage the body apparently. Difficult though as I love roast dinners, and use coconut oil at the moment as read that it was OK heated but not sure if that is true.

      I have definitely had problems with garlic with my stomach though, and it really irritated my gastritis. I could not tolerate the capsules, and can only tolerate it cooked in small amounts.

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      I don't feel good with coconut oil, probably because of the amount of saturated fat. Anyway when I was sick, I tried to keep the amount of fat to a minimum, no matter what kind of fat.

      It would be better for you if you avoid garlic completely, it just delays your recovery. Even now that I feel good and take almost no medication anymore (dexilant 30 mg every other day which I will stop in two weeks and a half), I I still avoid garlic.

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      I concur that avoiding saturated fats is "needed" and since our oganic pure cocount oil per one tablespoon = 12grams....however we use..1/2 tablsppon with breakfast oatmeal alternating our curry/udon prefer the coconut milk.... plus both really taste good with shrimp...but a tad for taste and taste only....a tad goes a long way. Of course, jut like you... we did not do early on but only after no stomach or HP concerns...we are just "plugging along very very slowly...from early 2011 with plenty of ups and downs mistakes...etc.

      Re olive oil and taste...when our Chinese visit...they always suggest I make the usual "asian style chicken salad"...little do they know...I don't do the "stir fry", for sure the sesame overpowers any olive oil taste...but the "big deal" for them is "oil" lots and lots...claudio

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      Thank you so much for posting what worked for you.

      I have been off and on ppi for 2 years to have myself back on again for 2 weeks.

      My symptoms acid around my rib cage, burning,  and coughing up phlegm and acid.

      Before I have tried ppi alone. 

      This time I will use some of your tips to heal my gut. 

      So appreciative 

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      How long did you take dexilant daily?

      I am wondering how long I should take omeprazole before tampering down.

      Any suggestions?

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      The first time I took dexilant 60 mg, I took it for two months. After two months I felt good and I stopped immediately cold turkey. This was a bad mistake as the pain came back immeditaly and I struggled many more months trying to cure myself with natural supplements. It helped sometimes but then the pain would come back with every diet mistake.

      What I did recently and this is what worked best (as it got me cured completely this time) is the following: I took dexilant 60 mg for one month. After one month I felt good but I took dexilant 60 mg for another month to strengthen my stomach. Then I took dexilant 30 mg for one month, then I took dexilant 30 mg every other day for one month and then I stopped completely the dexilant. Now I am pain free but still careful with my diet. I eat more fat and some more acidic fruits at ph level 4 (apples, pears, grapes) but I still avoid spices, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and things that are too acidic.

      My suggestions, if your doctor agrees, is that you take your PPI daily and your are very strict with your diet until your stomach feels good. Then you take your PPI for another month. Then the next month you take half the dose. Than the next month, you take a quarter of the dose. Then you stop.

      I think it is important to go slowly as every time you decrease your dose of PPI you will have more acid coming in for a few days and your stomach has to be able to take it.

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      Thanks Ines

      I am ordering all of your suggestion.

      Even thought the doctor said I have reflux,

      I am not sure.

      I have little pain.

      My discomfort is a burning under my Right rib cage and right back and a rare pin like feeling over the stomach area


      The burning can be unbearable and I dare not lay flat.

      First of the year, when I have a better insurance plan I will  see a new doctor.

      I'm the meantime creating a better stomach lining is a good idea to me.

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      Hi Ines,

      I found your story after going to dr. after dr. with no suggestions for treatment except prilosec and luck .  Thank you so much for taking the time to document what has worked for you.  I have been using DGL Licorice, pepzin gi, and also found two other things to add to your list to try.

      1. Strawberries are noted as a cure for gastritis as well, so I begin blending kefir probiotic yogurt, strawberries and a banana, and it REALLY helps a lot.  

      2. This is the most important supplement, I believe it helped the most out of everything I tried . L - Glutamine

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the links as were to sites unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

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      Hello Dreaming,

      Your symptoms sound alot like mine.  I have a constant, dull pressure in my back (on the right side of my body, about level with my elbow) which, sometimes (but not always), caused pain around the same area in the front, under my rib cage. I was recently diagnosed with gallstones and a fatty liver.  My doc had me do an ultrasound test to confirm the gallstones.  I think your pain is from gallstones (you may not have a fatty liver like me).

      My doctor is great because he likes to try holistic methods before trying the "hard-on-your-body" pharmaceutical medications, so he suggested I have the gallstones dissolved with acupuncture. I have not started this process yet, so I cannot confirm it works, but will let you know as soon as I've had a few treatments.

      The "rare pin-like feeling over your stomach area" is not a symptom I have, so I'm not sure what that could be.

      Hope this helps. 

      Good Luck to you,


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      I have gone through the endoscopy procedure very recently. The Doctor told me that my problem is gastric inflammation. Can I take the first three supplements you suggested in parallel or one after I finish taking the other?
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      The way to be cured the fastest is to take the medication the doctor prescribed you and follow the diet I suggest at the beginning of this post.
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      Actually, the Dr didn't prescribe me the supplements you've mentioned. But if I am not mistaken, I can use the supplements with out a prescription right?
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      Usually Doctors prescribe PPI, ranitidine, things like that.

      Yes the supplements recommended at the beginning of this thread are available over the counter.

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      Ok, so if the supplements are available over the counter, please answer me my first question - Can I take the first three supplements you suggested in parallel or one after I finish taking the other?
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      DGL licorice is recommended 20-30 minutes before each meal, pepzin Gi is recommended with food, slippery elm is recommended between meals. Yes you can take all three in parallel.
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      Regarding cabbage juice, I recently started having gastritis and I have a very senstive digestive system in general. I tried about a 1/2 cup of fresh cabbage juice and it made it much worse... the pain was excruciating. Luckily I was able to quell the pain completely by taking three suppliments: DLG, Pepsin GI and Slippery Elm caps and by eating a bowl  of cooked carrots and peas with a little Ghee and no salt. Does anybody else have an extremely bad reaction to cabbage juice where it makes gastritis worse ?
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      Thank you for all the information.  It will help me with my newly discovered gastritis.  My question is, what do you know about exercising with gastritis?  It may sound like a silly question since exercise usually helps with most things, but I read it could make things worse.  I read that running increases the stomach acid production.  I generally workout 6-8 hours a week.  I usually do 30-60 minutes of high intensity cardio, usually running, and then 45-75 minutes of moderate to heavy lifting. I run races as well that are 5+ miles.  Do I need to quit this?  Are there certain exercises that you know that are better or worse for gastritis?  I plan to just continue, but take it easy for a couple of weeks - maybe cut it down by half.  Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks
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      Hi Kristina,

      I don't know much more than you regarding exercising with gastritis. I read too that intense exercise may increase acidity in the stomach (but I would not worry about that if if you are taking medication to reduce stomach acid), that one should not do exercises that involve being upside-down, and also that it is better not to eat 1-2 hours before exercising.

      Personnally I did not exercise much when I was sick because I fell so tired with the lack of sleep, also I found it hard to stick to the diet after exercising because I was so hungry but if you have the energy, I think you should keep going while trying to feel if it affects your stomach negatively or not. If you feel it is not good, you can always stop at any moment or adapt your exercise regimen (do some less demanding sport (bike, swim, ...) for example). I am not an expert or anything but exercise has so many good effects on the body, one of the them is to increase resistance to stress which is often implicated in GI problems, that I would think the good overcomes the bad.

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      Megan coconut oil is a fantastic food and most expets aggree that it is the best of the best. Eaten alone and can ease an inflamed throat.
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      Can DGL licorice, Pepzin Gi and slippery elm be be taken in conjunction with Omeprazole and Sucralfate?
    • Posted

      I don't know. I took them (at different moments during the day) when I was taking dexilant but I did not feel that they were helpful anymore so I stopped after 1-2 weeks if I remember correctly. Omeprazole, sucralfate, the diet and time should be enough to cure you. I know it is tempting to try to speed up the process by taking more supplements but I don't think it would help.
    • Posted

      Thank you, and yes I really am trying to speed up the process.. it is encouraging to see that I'm not the only one sufferring with this for so long..
    • Posted

      Gosh this is terrific .... Only read the opening post but am riveted! At the moment have nasty gastritis due to extreme stress (long standing GERD of 20 years as well) and am trying to  get to grips with diet as I am already on Lansoprazole 60 a day permanently, Ranitidine and gastro soothe and Mylanta last two weeks but the gnawing pain continues, especially after a biggish meal. 

      I see now that you recommend NO big meals so that's my first note down!

      I already have a restricted diet, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, very little gluten (IBS .... Don't they always seem to go hand and hand with GERD) no nightshades like tomatoes peppers etc. no spices or preservatives. 

      But it not heard of the Pepzin  or the cabbage juice 

      Already take slippery elm and a digestive enzyme.

      well read more of discussion with interest!!

      Thanks a bunch. 

    • Posted

      I agree with carmel83758. You should be tested for hiatus hernia and if necessary, ahve an operation to reduce it. Sphyncters which work as a valve to let food through only in one direction are usually not damaged, but congenitally weak for most people and like any defective valve it causes acid reflux. Most stomach pains are due to acid reflux and it should be stopped to avoid a damaged esophagus which is very dangerous  and can lead to cancer (with a very low survival rate).

      I think that at least for a relatively short term (less than 2 years), proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazol (which is inexpensive) can significantly reduce acid secretion. I am all for "natural" diets but it does get complicated and expensive and its effects can seldom be predicted accurately. This is shown clearly from some of the comments above.


    • Posted


      I am so glad I came across this and find that a lot of people are in this together.

      I had peptic ulcers in 2001 and suffered gastric pain and severe acidity for years before and after that. So almost 15 years ago.

      Most of the supplements you mention were unfortunately not available to me at that time but I eat what I want and without extreme caution now and have been doing so, since the last seven years. I ended up on your page because I occasionally do get gastric pains that are equally painful but recover in 12 to 24 hours with an Omeprazole/Ppi(I believe)

      I too, like you, followed a strict diet for at least a year. Almost everything that you said. No acidic food or drinks at all. I paid attention to what triggered acidity. In my case it was grains and lentils that were uncooked. Also food with refined white flour that wasn't cooked very well.

      I'm Indian so I abstained from much of spices during my recovery phase but sautéed onion and turmeric with vegetables was ok. Turmeric is a traditional spice and is considered for its antiseptic qualities. Boiled and thoroughly cooked rice, to the extent that you could just mash it with a potato masher was my staple. Boiled potatoes, well cooked, (only)moong or masoor lentils. Vegetables other than cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower and tomatoes because they were traditionally considered to produce gas. No citric fruits. No fast food.

      Chicken and fish cooked with less spice never caused problems. I had no problems with dairy too.

      Other than the diet, I followed doctor's medicines( ranitidine and pantoprazole)for not more than two year and gradually reduced it. And then on SoS afterwards. But I followed his instructions of eating less amounts( as you mentioned) and few other things below.

      1. Always eat at the same time, on time and don't skip meals. Stomach will produce acid at your usual eating times. When you don't eat at the time acid is produced, it's the stomach lining that gets affected. So, If by any chance you do miss meals, drink water. This, will help dilute the acid in your stomach that will in turn reduce inflammation of the lining and reduce pain. Always keep water handy and drink frequently. Listen to your body and make a time table accordingly.

      2. Sleep well. Maintain regular hours.

      3. It's a dedicated process of long recovery. I was mindful like you are now for at least five or six years.

      4.Find your triggers -- though you already mentioned it. This is just to reiterate because being careless about the triggers makes a dreadful painful night like tonight, in my case, even half a lifetime later. I mixed two kinds of rice and one variety remained a bit uncooked. I think boiled cabbage wasn't the best combo either. But since I eat normally otherwise I tend to forget my triggers or am dismissive.

      I wish each one of us a good recovery. Keep working on the recovery and worse case have very rare painful times like me.


    • Posted

      I tried the Siberian pine nut oil with high expectations, but it didn't work for me.  

    • Posted


      Thanks for sharing. I have been online for months trying to find one person that got cured from gastritis and could not find any except you.

      I have been diagnosed with moderate gastritis and mild GERD since April and I do not have HPylori. At 1st I was taking Omez for 2 weeks, which didn't help at all, so my doctor switched me to Nexium and after taking it for 72 hours I felt a bit of relief. While taking nexium I'd still have flare up every two or three days, so I went to see a gastroenterologist. The specialist gave me ogastro but this still didn't help so after two week I was given Esoz 40 mg to take for a month, drank Ulcogant 15 minutes before meals 3 times a day for 2 weeks and another (can't remember the name right now) to be taken 3 hours after meal for 2 weeks. I'm still having a flare up from time to time.

      I try to space my meals two hours apart so In the mornings I start with oatmeal and boiled eggs. A banana smoothie with Almond milk for mid morning smack. Lunch I'd have either chicken pumpkin soup, grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, grilled chicken or steamed or grilled salmon with rice or sweet potatoes or Irish potatoes and vegetables. I'd also repeat what I ate at lunch time for dinner.

      I blend bell peppers and thyme & use it to season food but I'll stop as that might be what's irritating my stomach.

      I tried tumeric tea and that's irritating so I stopped drinking that.

      Aloevera is ok so I'll continue drinking it

      I snack on papaya two hours after lunch and wetermelon 2 hours after that.

      Cabbage juice was helping but I stopped as the smell was awful.

      I will follow your instructions and see if they help.

      Are you able to eat normal food?

    • Posted

      Bell pepper is irritating. Fresh thyme should be ok to cook.

      I have a much more varied diet now and I can tolerate slightly irritating food but no I can't eat normally. I get acid reflux easily when I stray. But I don't have gastritis anymore, just functional dyspepsia.

    • Posted

      Thanks for your timely response. I'll remove the bell peppers & only apply a small amount of salt to meals to be safe. Do you think you'll ever be able to eat normal food again?

    • Posted

      Does Garlic really affect that much?
    • Posted


      I mentioned this before and I don't think you were very supportive of the idea of taking anti-depressants for a stomach ache. Here's some information on the FDA trial where they tested this and it proved effective. I am taking 10mg and having a good result. For depression they use 150-200mgs, I think. I'm sleeping and I feel normal whereas before, the pain was interrupting my sleep. Unfortunately, it has not cured me but it has allowed me to feel normal. If I stop, the pain comes back though. Fortunately, I haven't experienced any tiredness or other side effects. In fact I feel more rested and alert than I have in a long time.

      Also, my mother (78 years old) started a similar drug, nortriptyline, for tingling in her feet caused by spinal stenosis. It has helped a bit but she has also noticed that she only gets up 1x per night to use the bathroom whereas before she started taking it she was up 6-7x per night. I believe it is calming the nerves in her bladder. It has been a godsend for her as well as she feels like she is getting a good night's rest for the first time in many years.

      I believe this very old, safe, drug, has many uses that are not yet known to the medical community. I have taken SSRI's before and have hated the side effects so I do understand your concern for taking something that isn't necessary. The Amitriptyline is being used at a fraction of the dose recommended to treat depression and has minimal side effects. I just want people to know, if they have non-ulcer dispepsia and nothing else is working and the docs have done every test they know of, this may be their saving grace. It has been for me. 

      I hope this can help someone that has been struggling with this horrible, dibilitating disfunction. 

    • Posted

      How many months did you have to take all those supplements before your gastritis healed!
    • Posted

       Hello Ines,  my name is julia and I have been suffering with gastritis for eight months now. Probably longer when I think about the stomach upset that I encountered for over a year before my diagnosis. I would like to know if you are still feeling well. I have not seen any posts from recently and I’m feeling very discouraged that I can’t seem to get better. I am on a bland diet and taking probiotics, enzymes, Minooka honey, And ranitidine once or twice a day. Would you please write back and let me know if you cured your gastritis for good and how you are feeling now? I would really appreciate it thank you
    • Posted

      If you read every posts in this thread,you will find that she has recovered 2 years ago..
    • Posted

      Hi daniela99184,

      I don't know why this post came up as being new, but have you tried wrapping fish in sorrel leaves? They have a lovely citrusy flavor to them and are good for your digestive system.

    • Posted

      HI there! thanks so much for information about how you healed from gastritis. Ive been dealing with gastritis for about 2 months now. I Was very bad at the start of it all, nausea that wouldn't quit., now its just in the morning and every now and then during the day. I Was on protonix but just made nausea worse and didnt work for me. Took dexilant but that gave me the runs now im on ZANTAC twice a day. Ive been on PEPZID GI for 2 weeks and it seems to be helping. ALSO started with slippery elm after reading your blog. How long did it tame to heal after taking the supplements you mentioned? I'm also on the same diet you were on. Another question, Ive only been taking slippery elm for a few days but seems to make me feel bloated, did you feel that too?

    • Posted

      Donclaudio, are you still on this forum? I have a few questions if you are still active on this forum.


    • Posted

      Hello thank you so much for you post. It's been so nice and helpful to read. I have been on a strict 'diet' now for 10 days and still feel about the same. I'm feeling a little demotivated I thought I would notice a change immediately (which I know is probably a little naive). I'm curious to know for you how long did it take until you started to feel better? Thanks!

    • Posted

      For the DGL, Slippery elm pills, and zinc carnosine, what brands did you buy? can you post links if possible. thx

    • Posted

      I was diagnosed with moderate gastritis and did very similar things except i started with fodmops diet. that elliminated all gas and bloating i did the cabbage juice for 10 days with a huge improvement. I did and still doing DGL and the zinc carnosine. i am 90% better but i can't seem to cross the finish line. I think what is left is silent reflux. im not uncomfortabe but my throat and or lower esophegus feels wierd after eating. i am eating an alkalline diet I never went on the medication do you think I should try it for month per my drs original directions. also how many mg of slippery elm are you taking ?

    • Posted

      Hi there! what are the milligrams / strength of the DGL / slippery elm / zinc you are taking ?

    • Posted

      can i ask how fast the Amitriptyline helped you, please?

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