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Since my symtoms were the same as LPR or GERD and IBS. I dicited to post this here maybe somone here has same thing as me.

All started 3 years ago after I got really sick with flu - I had high temprature, sore thorat and so on... When flu was gone I noticed that I still have sore thorat or throat swelling (comes and go), throat clearing (constant), mild hornesse(constant), sinusitis(constant) and rining in right ear(come and go),cracked dry underlip and  wierd pain in abdomen ( comes and goes). ENT- said its reflux so I got PPI and went to endoscopy to check stomach, test came back normal, then did 24-pH metry also normal. At the time I was 20 y.o fit and did alot of sports and I didnt feel like it was reflux too so after 3 months treatment I quit it. 

The story is very long and but ill try to make it short. Did all diffrent diets, different nasal sprays but since all the symtoms presisted and made me crazy I went to more doctors and did more tests. 

Test that I did - 2x endoscopys (1st after I got sick 2nd 4 months ago). 

1x pH metry 24h, 3x MRI (nose, throat tissues and neck),

allergy tests, blood tests, 2x breath tests, plegm tests all test showed im healty and there is no problem.

After stil not getting better I swiched ENT and he sent me to immonologist.

Here is where I got the help I needed.

The immonologist looked at my throat told me that it dose not look nice. 

So she suggested me a treatment for Herpes zoster or Shingles.

She prescribed me Cycloferon and Echinacea compositum S for intramuscular injection.

When I started treatment it was hell on earth since all symtoms got worse but then in the end of second week the sore throat was gone and the throat clearing almost stoped, it was so wierd I could not belive my eyes I cried tears of joy since it was first time in 3 years I had diffrent feeling in throat. Fast forward 3 months leater Im all symtoms free treatment took ~ 2 months. I also found study about this and I was kainda shocked me at first.

Hope this info helps somone who is trying to get a pice of mind! Good luck!

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    Thank you for your story.  I’m so happy to hear you are finally healed!   I have many similar symptoms that began after a bad virus.   I’d like to know what type of test you received to determine that you had herpes zoster and also whether you had anything resembling a burning mouth or tongue during the ordeal.   

    Thanks for your response in advance.  

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      Well since I had done most of treatments and tests that usualy help patients with reflux or LPR- Low acid diet, keto, no gluten or no lactose diet, avoiding alcohol for more then 1 year and other diets or things like that. Writing notes of what I eat and symtoms and when they come strong and leave me with no real corelation.  Also  at start I tired PPI at start normal dose and since that didnt help doc doubled it. Then I have been on Nasonex for more then 6 months and that havent help. In start of second year I started takeing cold showers every moring and then after while I was doing winter siwming with no real effect on my symtoms. Since I did all the regular tests for reflux also MRI for nose and throat and also MRI for neck for Atlas C1 - C7 since my ENT suggested it could come from pinched nerve there, which wasnt my case. And all of them came back normal. The doctors started looking for other reason why I could have some of my symtoms. Also since I had reflux for more then 3 years and last edoscopy I did was at the start of my symtoms I did one 3 years leater and the pictures that came back from my stomach and esophagus and throat were not changed by any... Also I was really close to my ENT since he always told me to snap a picture of my throat when its on fire and send it to him and if it was really bad then I could go to him at end of work so he could look at my throat so in last year he saw my "Burning throat" many times and said I dont really look like his patient. In mean time of all this I tried diffrent home remedies for my issues and they did not help also. Thats why ENT sent me to immunologist. You can see I did alot of testing and other things to really prove It was not stomach issue and also not bacterial issue since plegm test  5x in total came back clean. Also when I tested for all allregy in air and also food I had 0.0 but my ECP was in range of 66 ~3 times higher then normal. I also tested for lyme too...  Since my ENT said its a bit wierd he said to ask me about this to immonolgist. Immunologist looked at all my medical records and when I was 5 I had got Chickenpox and that was kainda AHA moment for him since its zoster and after that stays in body. He prescribed me cheap and with low side effect treatment for herp group viruses to see if anything changed, and in first month there finnaly was change so I went back and we continued with treatment. 

      I wanted to give you more detailed story so you can see that my doctors have excluded all other factors, before even thinking it was Herps zosters....

      Hope this helps and you got my point. smile

      Good luck!


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      Also since I had so called "reflux" for more then 3 years and last edoscopy I did was at the start of my symtoms I did one 3 years leater and the pictures that came back from my stomach and esophagus and throat were not changed by any... There had to be damage to theese parts by acid.. right? But there was no.. So it was not the stomach issue.

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      Thank you so much for all the info. This is very helpful as I too have traveled almost the same route as you, except for no MRI’s yet.  I’m anxious to get a test for shingles to determine whether or not this is my cause and I have an appt.  with allergy/immunologist in a couple weeks.   Thanks again aspnd best of wishes for good health in your future!
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      No problem ! Good luck as I study more about my issue I realised that there could be so many causes to our symtoms- lpr, gerd, Lyme or co infections, bacteria, allergy, ebv, cancer list can go on and on... But since 90% patients of all this usually is caused by acid. Everyone thinks its stomach rolleyes. And if your in unlucky 10% you have to be your own advocate and find some docter who believe in you to find the real cause. It's really frustrating since you don't know what really cause your symtoms in first place.

      Thanks for wishes and hope you'll find the real cause and how to cure it. Good luck!

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      Hello again,

      I hope you're still feeling great!

      I met with a new allergist/immunologist last week who looked in my throat and did not see anything unusual, and even commented that my tongue looks "normal" so did not prescribe any antiviral meds or tests to determine if a herpes strain is causing my symptoms , unfortunately, even after I gave her the published case studies about herpes zoster. So now I'm off to see my fifth ENT to help figure this out I also saw a new gastro doc who suspects Burning Mouth Syndrome not attributable to anything definitively It's exhausting to say the least.

      I want to ask you if when you had your symptoms was your mouth burning all day and night or did you notice a pattern to it? Mine starts up mid-morning and progressively gets worse until late afternoon. It doesn't bother me when I eat, and then decreases after dinner and is gone by bedtime. I'm not sure it would lessen if herpes was a factor as it would still be active around the clock so your experience would be helpful in this regard Thank you for your response in advance

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      Hey! Im still fine but and im sorry that your doctor dont lisent to you. I didnt have burrning mouth. But I had burring throat and the pain came and go out off pure random never connected any dots. At nights i had good sleep i didnt feel pain but when i was awake it was random. Sometimes the pain got hard only before bed sometimes after lunch... But your pattern of pain is more like cycles. Best of luck!

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    I am happy to hear that you are now good. I am suffering same symptoms that u were suffering but my doctor said that i have anxiety related to gerd but i am sometimes anxious


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