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jemma28397 jemma28397

How I Quickly Treated Pityriasis Rosea!

I am a 16 year old girl who was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea just under a week ago, although it first appeared around a week and a half ago. I was absolutely devastated as I'd read online horror stories of it lasting up to a year and I'm in the middle of sitting my GCSEs and have prom and a holiday coming up later this month. As a teenage girl, it absolutely destroyed what self confidence I had and I felt truly hideous. I was covered in a severe case from my scalp and neck all the way into my groin, down my thighs and my arms. I couldn't see any hope or light at the end of the tunnel. I just wanted to lock myself in a dark room in fear of anyone seeing it! In some areas, there were big raised boils which looked ugly and infected and you couldn't see any skin underneath. I went to my doctor in floods of tears and here's how I've been treating it over just 3 days!!

-Drink a glass of orange juice every day to boost your immune system.

-Take antihistamines.

-A cold shower or bath every day and smother the rash in Head and Shoulders shampoo.

-Betnovate steroid cream in the morning and after my shower in the evening as prescribed by my doctor. (Personally, I think this has made the biggest difference!)

Only three days later after following all of these steps and already the rash is almost completely gone!! I can't believe the difference it's made! There is nothing now on my neck or back and the majority of my chest is clear, bar a little bit of uneven skin tone. All the lumps under my skin have gone and the redness is drying up and fading! I really hope this will help others who were in the same state of misery as I was! There is hope!!! I'm optimistic that the way things are going I'll be completely clear in a week or so!

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  • stazstaz jemma28397

    Hmmm. Thanks for the info. Did you have a biopsy done? Steroid ointment only lessens the inflammation, it does nothing to heal. If your rash is going after this short a time, I would hazard a guess that you had contact dermatitis- hives.

    • jemma28397 stazstaz

      No biopsy but doctor confirmed it was pityriasis rosea, having said that I'm sure it's easy to misdiagnose as it's relatively unknown. Herald patch would suggest it was pityriasis. I'm sure some of it may be luck and the fact I nipped it in the bud after the first couple of days. Hope yours is getting better and best of luck!

    • Appelhans01 stazstaz

      As wrong as I know it sounds I would actually have to disagree with your opinion on steroid use. I have been battling with pityriasis for about a year now and have had not just one but TWO biopsies, both which confirmed my pityriasis. For me I have found that out of all the solutions given to me by my doctors, the only one that has helped at all is the use of Clobetasol propionate, a topical steroid. Now keep in mind that my family also has a history of psoriasis and I’m still not 100% sure even after those biopsies that i’m actually dealing with pityriasis and not psoriasis given the nature of my rash, but I do believe that steriods have a much larger effect on pityriasis for some patients like me and this young woman

    • stazstaz Appelhans01

      Glad something is helping you. I know that my dermatologist gave me steroids for mine, and I started swelling like crazy. It also increased the itch. When I called and told her, she said discontinue steroids, that I was having one of the bad side effects. There are many worse side effects too. I used Prreze, that worked for me for the PR

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