How important is a fast diagnosis of TN?

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My TN symptoms started three weeks ago with pain in my lower teeth in the right side. The pain has then spread to my right ear, upper teeth in the right side, cheek bone and in front on the joint. The pain varies from sharp and short to a more constant ache in the wake of the short and sharp pains. It has felt like someone was trying to pull out a tooth to someone drilling in a tooth to needles on my ear drum to just feeling bruised and battered across the entire right side of my face.

It became so bad this weekend that I went to the ER, where the doctor suggested TN. I'm seeing a dentist today to rule out any cavities and an ear-nose-throat specialist to rule out anything related to jaw joint. I've been checked for infections and there are no signs of that.

My question to the forum is how important it is that I get a quick referral to a neurologist if problems with the teeth and jaw are ruled out? Is time an important factor in terms of treatment working?

Many thanks for your time!

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    I suffered t.n for 5 year +. Dun go to a dentist. should consult a neurologist (nerve pain doctor) I was on high doses carbamazipine from start. as time passes by abt 3 months later i had dosage lower then on dimishing method. to cut my personal agony short i will let you know what and how i maintain pain free. dun know if you will be like me. i am not on medication currently. i practise nicheran buddihism by chanting Nam Myo Ho renge kyo.

    somehow if you like to connect . you are welcome to chat at watsapp 92765392. I am from Singapore. A true personal experience with T. N

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    WHAT i have presents very similar to your symptoms. It started with pains in my head, then my teeth, all of them became sensitive, the pain just increased. I was so desperate, I had all my upper teeth removed, and two on the bottom. It was then clear that the pain was not going away!! Ive been to an oral surgeon who said, the pain would go away once the teeth were removed. He was wrong!! Ive been suffering with this for two and a half years. It took me three month to see a NEUROLOGIST. Then another two months for an MRi. At which time he said I didnt have TN. Other DRS. I have seen have said I do have TN. Iam now on Lyrica 25 MG. a day. It makes the pain tolerable. , although Iam very unsteady. most neurological drugs will effect that way. I live in VT. I wish you all the best. this is a horrible disease, especially when you get no answers!!! Janice.

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    Hello, sorry to hear that you are going through this. I would suggest that you see a neurologist as soon as you can. They can prescribe medication that can help with the pain if indeed it is TN. I had TN since 2011 and in May 5 2016 I had MVD surgey at Duke Medical Hospital in Durham, NC. If you need anything please let me know and i will be glad to talk and listen to you.

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    your symptoms almost mirror mine- my pain is almost always on the left side. I had an mri scan almost 2 weeks ago & this came back normal- waiting to see a neurologist - that could take sometime. Its a weird condition sometimes i am pain free for days & then it hits me- it horrendous

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      hello sorry to hear your in pain I suffered for 3 years carbamazepine worked best! but I was allergic. then Gabapentin I was on 2700mg it gave me relief enough to eat talk and work but if provoked it would destroy me! the meds stop working after 3 years so I decided on the brain surgery (MVD) AN IT WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!! I WAS UP AND WALKING AROUND LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED IN 2 DAYS! SO GET THE MEDICINE FIRST !!! IT DOESNT START TO RELIEVE YOUR PAIN TIL ABOUT 900MG A DAY...GOOD LUCK 💋

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    Thank you everyone! Had a panorama X-ray at the dentist yesterday, which revealed nothing wrong with the jaw or joint. Teeth looked fine until he did closer exam and found out I have nerve inflammation in a tooth in the lower right side. My dentist explained that the pain can jump around as I have experienced and that it is very similar to the TN symptoms - with the difference that TN does not wake you up at night. So I'm getting a root canal today. I'm very fortunate to have a dentist, who is very aware of TN, he has helped a few of his patients getting it diagnosed, and I trust his judgment and expertise. Fingers crossed I've dodged the very horrible and painful illness you all deal with every day. You have my utmost respect and full sympathy. You are super heroes dealing with this. I've never experienced pain like this and I've had some pretty horrible accidents in my life!

    Much love!

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    Please let us know if the root canal takes care of the problem. My condition sounds almost identical to yours, but unfortunately my teeth aren't the's definitely TN and I've suffered with it for 20 years. To answer your question, NO it does not help to have it diagnosed quickly. There's no advantage for early diagnosis. Please keep us posted on the outcome.

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      Dear Marsha_c.

      Will do. Right now it is hard to tell whether the root canal has solved anything as I'm in a lot a pain. This I guess is what can be expected after the dentist mucking about with the four nerves in my tooth earlier today. I have to go back next Tuesday to get it finished, and hopefully I'll be fine after that. And as I wrote earlier, TN does not wake you up in the middle of the night or so I was told. Is that your experience too?

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      For the most part it doesn't wake me up at night. Most of the time sleeping seems to rest the nerve (so I lay down every afternoon to get the nerve rested up and ready for the evening with my family) That's one of the worst things about TN, you begin to love sleeping however you're missing out on life when you sleep through the afternoon. I sure hope the root canal solves the problem and like I said, please keep us posted because your symptoms are SO similar to mine, I'm curious to see if the root canal takes care of it. I had a root canal and then had the tooth extracted (and still had the pain) That's when I realized my teeth weren't the problem, BUT it didn't wake me up at night as yours that's a good sign that your pain is coming from the tooth and not TN. 🙂

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    hi , i had extensive dental work done (20 crowns inserted) over a very brief period of time approx. 1 week. a couple of days later i had this lower jaw discomfort which felt like a pressure of some sort.

    after visits to dentists and physios and Root canals and TMJ exercises i was finally diagnosed with TN exactly 1 year after the pain. tried gabapentin firstly 100mg tablets twice a day.pain went almost straight away to my relief. however after 2 weeks the pain returned. specialist said i was on baby doses and he bumped me up to 4 100mg per day. (still a very light dose) still suffering with pain similar to a burning sensation in the lower jaw/ chin area. im 23 and to think i may suffer with this for the rest of my life is daunting. the pain is on my mind everyday . those suffering with this horrible condition please know that you're not alone.

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