How likely is my Ovarian Cyst benign? Really worried

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Hi there,

Basically in June this year when I was pregnant, the ultrasound showed I have a cyst of 2cm big. They didn't seem that concerned, reassuring me that it was probably a functional cyst from when I ovulated.

2 months later the cyst was still there and was causing me some light tingling sensations, they said it would go away naturally after a couple of months.

Unfortunately I missed carried for the second time this year, since my last check up in August. The cyst feels bigger! It's causing me pain which goes into my pelvis and down my leg, I went to the GP whom examined me and seemed concerned she said 'Zara that's very good size cyst, what are they doing about this?'

I said nothing they said it was small 2cm? She said 'maybe because your a small frame (7stone5) I can feel it on you not to worry'

Since then the pain is building more, I can feel it solid and taking up space now I'm really concerned.

I have a ultra scan tomorrow to check it, I know cyst can get bigger but I'm just terrified of the 'C' word.

I've had it for 5 months now so I'm starting to feel anger how they can just leave it to chance.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

I'm 27 years old, with one child, I'm also concerned that if the cyst has become large I'd loose my ovary to it, we are already struggling to have a second child.

All I know is I want this thing out! But not sure my rights to request this, as I notice a lot of doctors prefer to leave & monitor.

Thanks for taking the time to read X

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    I'm sure someone else will be along soon to give you their advice. I am currently under investigation for a large complex cyst and my situation is completely different to yours so I wouldn't like to advise. I just wanted to say I can completely understand the worry you are going through at the moment and I hope that you have the best possible outcome xxxx

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    Hey Zara hope your ok 😕 Xx

    That's awful to hear about what you've been through...! No one deserves that! I know the worry your having because I was in sort of the same boat. Back in the start of March I was in so much agony my then partner had to call an ambulance. I was rushed to A&E with suspected appendicitis, thought nothing of it because I had suffered them pains before with kidney and bladder infections but the paramedics were more concerned! I went for a cat scan they told me I had a bladder and kidney infection and sent me home. I then thought I'd wasted important people's time so I went home to rest! 4 hours later I was in agony but x2 as bad, I was rushed in again to finally be topped up with morphine and to be told I may have a cyst on my ovary! I stayed in, next morning I was diagnosed with a 10x11x10cm dermoid cyst... Anyways at the end of March I was booked in for surgery to remove my dermoid cyst (which had teeth and hair 😷). In surgery the unfortunately had to remove my ovary along with the cyst because the cyst had strangled my ovary and stopped blood supply so they had no choice! But this option that they took has saved my life because if this cyst had burst I may not be here... My chances of getting pregnant have gone down by 30% and there is still chance it just may take a little longer! I got my results from surgery that my cyst was benign and I cried with such relief! I'm a massive worrier babe so don't let this drive you crazy! Just rant on this because it does help! I wish I could give you the biggest hug in the world ! Just keep pushing on your GP and don't give up! Push for more tests and say they have caused you to become anxious of the outcome! The stress of everything may also cause you problems with your fertility because you know they say the people that want it most wait the longest.... Please don't give up your fight and let me know how you get on xxxx

    Sorry for the essay xxx

    Stacey - 25yrs old xxxxxx

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    Hi Zara I had a similar experience, last year I found out I was pregnant but started to bleed and then miscarried. When they carried out the ultra sound for the pregnancy they found a 6cm solid cyst which they said was likely a dermoid cyst. I finally miscarried fully a few weeks later then I had to wait for surgery to remove the cyst as it is not a priority operation. I had to wait until May this year for the operation. During this time I made myself ill with worry convinced I had cancer. I have a child who is 3. I had my surgery through key hole and everything came back fine it was a typical dermoid cyst. Before I knew I had the cyst I had no symptoms but once I knew it was there I was getting pelvic pain etc i think it was me over reacting. After getting the cyst out I fell pregnant again really quickly and everything is going fine. I had pain on my right side initially after getting pregnant I was worried the cyst had come back but ultrasound was fine. They said it was scar tissue after op and falling pregnant so quickly after op. Please try not to worry but it is easier said than done. Keep me posted on how things go or feel free to ask any other questions x
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    Hi everyone, Thank you so much for all your personal stories and also for your kindness.

    I went for my scan this morning got upset and was a bit of a mess after, they find my cyst has gone however they found a cyst growing off my gallbladder wall which is what is causing pain in my ribs.

    They can't see what's caused the swelling in my groin and pain, so it's back to be physically examined Next Tjrsday followed up by a possible MRI.

    I'm feeling a bit more reassured but I'm mentally spent from this year, so they offered me therapy as they can see I'm suffering from physiological problems.

    But I guess two cancer scares and two miscarriages in one year will do that to you.

    I really hope everyone is doing ok, and I'm always here for chat,cry or scream if needed.

    Take care Zara xx

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    Hi Zara1988

    I have had a 7cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary. It was found when I was pregnant. It hasn't changed in size and I'm on a waiting list to see a consultant. Today I had a CA125 blood test and get the results in a few weeks it's to help detect if my cyst is malignant. I am so petrified it's all I can think about. I have a beautiful baby boy and he gets me through the worry. Seems like you have been through the mill yourself hope that things improve for you. Worrying about these things really takes a toll on you mentally.

    Take care xx

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      Thank you Carol00

      My goodness I really hope your blood levels come back normal, my mums a nurse I know CA125 is a Tumor marker.

      But often this is carried out for reassurance, just keep looking and laughing with that little boy. I currently have a 6 year old laying on top of me he says I'm part of the furniture and he hasn't stopped making me laugh since I got back in.

      Guess I just need to find out the size of my gallbladder ployp and take it from there.

      Good luck let me know how you get on obviously only if you want to.

      Take care xx

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    I had two large cysts removed from inside my ovaries yesterday I they kept them x I stil have my ovaries I mean xx I've also had two pregnancys with ovarian cysts xx
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      That's fantastic news Katy glad they could save your ovarys. Hope your recovery goes well.

      Did they do a CA125 test on you? I had one yesterday and I'm going out of my mind thinking the worst. Results won't be back for a couple of weeks


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