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How long after taking Ovex should threadworms dissapear?

Having not had threadworms since I was young I was surprised to find that I got them around my 21st birthday (6th Apr). After 2 weeks they seemed to just go away after all the hygiene routines and without medication. Phew! However, just this week my girlfriend complained about having them and I then realised I do too. We have both taken the Ovex tablets on Saturday but to no avail - they are still here! Does Ovex take a while to work or should they be gone by the next day? Can I just take another tablet now or do I have to wait the 2 weeks reinfection period? Having read some comments on here I fear the worst, I hope something can be done. Thanks.

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  • Guest Guest

    I have had threadworms since around January 2009. I have taken so many doses of threadworm treatment that I am keeping the manufacturer's going. I have taken Ovex to no avail. My hygiene routine is like a military operation. I have the things in my nose and throat. Nothing I do seems to work. Any help and advice would be gratefully received. I have seen two doctors one of whom patronised my by asking how I know I have threadworms and have I looked on the internet to see if I could have them in my nasal cavities. He looked thoroughly bored with me by the end of the consultation. He suggested that I take Ovex everfy seven days for four weeks. When I asked him if it was safe to do so, he replied 'It will have to be won't it. So I am still trying to get rid of my infestation. Any help, advice, PLEASE.

    Fed up in Yorkshire

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    Sorry to be so late in replying, but try the other drug, the one that paralyses them. Ovex becomes resistant, I believe I read. Maybe the other one, too, though it sounds less likely.

    Also, get another doctor, if it's at all practicable. He sounds the pits.

  • An_Acupuncturist An_Acupuncturist

    Good hygiene should stop reinfection visa the mouth but these little critters can lay their eggs just inside the anus as well as outside where you can't wash them away, so just washing your hands and your surrounding living environment might not be enough to keep them away and 'stop the cycle'.

    I've read in the Pripsen Info leaflet that threadworms are at the height of their breeding from October to well into the depths of winter, if you look at the forum posts the majority of people presented with threadworm problems are posting them in the Winter months. It makes me wonder if many (or most?) of us have them in our systems all the year round but it's only when numbers are great enough to cause symptoms that we notice them.

    Another thing is a symptom not really mentioned in all the formal advice on websites about threadworms, are shooting pains. I've read (like many other people I'm sure) that when the females lay their eggs, they release an irritant which when deposited just outside the anus will cause itching, but in my experience, in other places such as in the ears, top of the nose, eyes and vagina this irritant as well as causing itching, can cause really nasty shooting pains. I've even felt this through my lower abdomen and if you have a fissure in the bowel/rectum similar pains may be felt in this area. Other symptoms for the nose include scabs on the inside of the septum and sore red eyes if in the eyes, both these symptoms are caused by the irritant the female releases.

    Probably my most painful experience with the worms was when I woke up in the middle of the night with the most awful shooting pains in my right eye and I could feel some movement (which I now realize must have been the worm wriggling). The next day I had a large sticky mass in my eye which I removed with a cotton bud. I took Mebendazole in the form of an Ovex tablet with a repeat 14 days later and got no further symptoms. I'm quite sure then that this worm was an adult one (otherwise it would not have been mature enough to produce eggs), so the idea worms can't live for long in facial cavities because they're not supposed to be there, is a complete fallacy as far as I'm concerned!

    I was given Piperazine Phosphate powder (Pripsen) when we had an infestation when my children were under 2yrs old. This works differently to the Mebendazole which deprives them of glucose. The Piperazine Phosphate by Pripsen paralyzes the worms and the tablets also contain Senna, a herbal mild laxative which helps expel them. It seemed to work well for us but will not get rid of the worms in other parts of the body (eyes, nose, ears, vagina), for that I recommend Mebendazole. After taking the Mebendazole you might feel tired and headachey as the dead and decaying worms in your guts release toxins before you're able to expel them, nice huh?

    People say the eggs can't be seen - I suspect that individual eggs might not be seen and especially when they are dry and prone to being airborne but in my experience, when you have a large infestation and wash the anus area in the morning, if you scrape the area with your nails, you'll get the sticky substance + eggs under your nails. In large numbers, the eggs are viewable. Needless to say scrub them out thoroughly with a good nail brush after!!

    To avoid reinfection visa the mouth, on taking your first tablet, do a huge houseclean; wash all bedding and bed clothes - I doubt very much if boil washing your sheets will have much effect on the eggs (but if it makes you feel better, by all means do it!), I do suggest not over-filling your washing machine, so leaving enough room to rinse and 'wash the eggs away', vacuum, damp dust (so as to try and stop any dry eggs becoming airborne and being ingested) my advice is to turn your mattress if you're able to before applying fresh bedding, though some more modern beds are designed not to be turned unfortunately. I also wipe down as many surfaces as possible including computer

    • fellz fellz An_Acupuncturist

      The reason that most people have threadworms during winter is cuz the weather is cold. I read in an article in the net that heat can kil threadworms so that's my guess. I also heard that threadworms can't go off completely so the trick is to keep the numbers low. Mebenzadole kills the threadworms but leave 'em in with the egg sack. Someone said that a single female can have 15,000 eggs in a sack. So mebenzadole isn't recommended. I hope I helped a little bit as I'm only 13 and have the same problem with the abdominal pain thing. I'm currently gaining courage to tell my parents about my threadworms. And yes, I'm sure it's threadworms, i took my phone camera and saw it myself. About 0.3cm was sticking out. This is going to be surprising to my mom cuz she works in another country and comes back monthly. (Tomorrow) So yeah..

  • An_Acupuncturist An_Acupuncturist

    Oh yes something else I forgot to say (which was the initial reason for joining this forum!).... Ovex certainly with me, hadn't even cleared the worms by the 3rd night (at least 72 hours) after taking the tablet. By the 4/5th nights though, symptoms dramatically subsided, so yes, could take time....

  • Chrissy1970 Chrissy1970

    Hi, I am 42 and I believe I have had t/w since I was a teenager! I knew I had them as I did see them when I was a youngster. I was embarrassed to talk about it so I just tried to be as clean as I could. The symptoms would come and go ( I now know from the Internet that this was probably due to them being more active in winter) anyway I have been married and had a child and the symptoms hadn't been around for some time, so I thought I must have got rid of them somehow.... Until this week, they are so active and now after reading theses posts I am really worried I may have infectd other parts of my body or is it just my imagination running wild?! My daughter is 12 and she has no symptoms at all, neither has the hubby. I even had not an enema but where you get flushed out years ago and she even commented that I did not have worms! Could that have cleaned me out? And I a now re infested by another source? I am still so embarrassed I can't bring myself to tell my family and I have ordered the medz off the Internet, but what if they are in other parts of my body will this kill them. I have the stuff that kills them but I'm not taking any chances and I am going to take some major laxatives as well! This is a great site but has left me with more questions and more petrified! Anybody have any thoughts?

    • fellz fellz Chrissy1970

      No, you can never get rid of threadworms fully. I recommend you to try PP (mentioned above) and the herd that comes with it. As stated above, it paralizes and expels. It doesn't kill it leaving it with the egg sacks. I think those eggs were growing in you all these years you just didn't realize. Now, they show up again, I wish you good luck in getting rid of them. If someway or other you manage to get rid of them completely (don't think it's possible) plz contact me here and inform me and others about the "cure". Thanks

    • charlie81115 charlie81115 fellz

      FYI the eggs live for around 3-6 weeks so they couldnt have been growing in him, the have probably 'retro-infected' which is where they move from the large intestine to the small intestine (further away from the anus) 

  • cynthia07756 cynthia07756

    evil evil Has anyone ever taken both OVEX & PRISPEN in the same week? My adult son is going bonkers! It has been 4 days since taking OVEX and still the little devils are evident and causing him to reach desperation levels.

  • tsc2001 tsc2001 Guest

    Do not worry at all

    I signed up specifically to keep you from thinking all of these things that people have said. I hae searched the internet and people commonly report that Ovex has had many faliures at treating it's patients. Another thing is that it is impossible for threadworms to be in other parts of the body, thier eggs can only hatch in the lowr intestines and they cannot move backup into the body. The first reply and An_Ancupucturist are talking about a dangerous parasitic worm that are mainly seen in Africa, not threadworms and definintly not what you have! I know im late to reply to this and you and your girlfriend have probably already been treated but I got worried after reading this information and checked with professional sources. None should worry about their health when having threadworms when it coms to lifethreatening or disabling consequences. The most they can do is aborb a bit of your glucose, which some medication keeps this from happening, and kills them. Anyone who has threadworms and has read this information should use other brands which paralyses the worms or does what i already mentioned. Remember threadworms are harmless and are more embarrasing than dangerous. You can still use Ovex but with more than one pill, Ovex can also take 4 to 5 days to hinder or destry the population.


    • Anna196444 Anna196444 tsc2001

      That's a reassuring reply tsc2001. It's such a problem though for me, I've had it for the last 5 years now and I can't seem to get rid of them. I always get it back. Been to a doctor in London now and I've got some more information regarding this issue. Still, hoping for the day to come when they disappear forever! 

    • charlie81115 charlie81115 tsc2001

      Im sorry to inform you that this information is completely false at the start of your post. Threadworms can often live in facial orifices such as the nose, ears and eyes. If you think it through, most people dont catch threadworms from direct transmission to anus but rather by swallowing them. It is just as common to pick your nose or ear as it is to bite your nails. Retroinfection mostly occurs when people try to address the itch with vaseline and similar products but this drives the worms further into your body, from the large intestine to the small intestine and from time to time the liver, lungs and throat. And the next time you post, please refrain from using such condescending language as if you are gracing us with your opinion

  • NobbyTheClown NobbyTheClown Guest

    I'm in your situation right now bro, the truth is, i can't tell my parents, i get scared even though they wont get annoyed. But i learnt to overcome it.

    1st thing you need to do, eat as many carrots as possible, apparently if you eat carrots it will reduce the population in the worms as possible and will stop them from laying eggs for a while

    2nd thing: Wear airtight pants, briefs but not boxers. When you do this the worms cannot spread to outsiders. The mother worm usually comes out to lay more eggs outside the anus, and some eggs usually slip out onto your bed covers and infect your bedsheets

    3rd thing: Make sure you shower well, wash your anus area daily.

    4th thing: Change your bed sheets as much as possible unless you're using airtight pants then do it once a week, if you seem paranoid about this then maybe you might wanna change the sheets maybe 2 days a week.

    5th thing: You don't want to go for the ovex that completely wipes them out, this makes them die but their eggs still live on and they come back, what you need to do is go for the paralysis ovex, the one that paralyses the worms. Once they are paralysed you can go to the toilet, do your business and they'll come out cleaner than a whistle. You can purchase ovex easily for only £2 at a local pharmasist. Hope it helps dude, i know how you feel.

    • charlie81115 charlie81115 NobbyTheClown

      That is a terrible idea, just tell ur parents, im 13 this happened to me today, everybody in your house needs to be treated with either Piperazine Phosphate or Menbendazole as soon as possible, all bed linen and towels should be washed and ur hygiene regime should become extremely strict

  • takiya11892 takiya11892 Guest

    Hi I'm from the United States I have thread worms in my eye ears nose mouth and my hair no dr will treat me they refer me to a shrink I have had them for a year now I took parigone it did nothing what can I do they are getting worse

  • l23104 l23104 Guest

    I am 27 and have never had threadworms before until a few months ago. It started in October so I went to the pharmacy and got ovex. After a month everything seemed fine but then they accurred again in November I was horrified to see them back so used ovex again . After two months of them gone they reoccurred again in Feb which is now and I've just taken my ovex tablet.  It usually gets rid of them in one to two weeks. But my question to anyone is could these worms be causing my cycstytis I keep getting it and about twice in a month and I'm bleeding most days it's so annoying. Also forgot to say my partner has the worms also. Whenever I notice that I have them he notices he has them too.  Also another point is I know I have them when I start passing wing often. Which I don't normally do.  So I have taken ovex three times now and if they come back I'm going to see my doctor to get a liquid medicine prescribed which will hopefully do the trick. Also another good thing to mention is along with the good hygiene routine do not eat in the bedroom. I don't like to think that I can never get rid of these parasites , I hope this isn't true.  But I realise they are very difficult to get rid of.

  • michelle89730 michelle89730 Guest

    Hi. If you read into natural remedies there are so many things to help. Such as eating pumpkin seeds in a regular basis. Cloves kill the eggs so you can use it as in oil externally and ground form to ingest.

    We sleep in sleeping bags when we have them. Get up and get changed in the bath and shower down. Wash towels, clothes and sleeping bags every day.

    Coconut oil and crushed garlic all over your private area going to bed. Coconut oil during the day.

    It's worth doing a little natural research as once you do get rid, you can keep them from ever getting you again.

    Having them as an adult female is so terrible. The migrating ones cause me abdominal pain and urinary infection if I don't sort it quickly.

    Good luck x

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