HOW long does it take for nhs gp to refer for an endoscopy?

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My gp is sending me for one, when will I get the confirmation of the appointment?

I sae my gp on Wednesday 

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    I waited 2 months, which wasn’t too bad. I’m in Scotland. If your in England it might be longer. 
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      Yes I am. 

      Im going back to my doctor tomorrow as its got worse

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      Waking up with a horrible taste in my mouth

      Feeling sick

      Dull ache on my right side under the rib cage


      Sore ache in middle under rib cage

      Sometimes sharp pain next to my belly button

      Do not want to eat

      I have had blood and stool tests and they all came back with no problems at all. 

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      I’ve had chronic Gastritis for some time now, I’ve had an endoscopy, it showed inflammation of the stomach and small bowel. Like you, I kept getting the terrible nausea, the dull ache on the upper right quadrant, I’ve only eating two days in 2 weeks, the stomach pain I was experiencing was really bad, my lining was on 🔥 fire. I also had lower stomach pain. I went to the doc’s and he said it was all caused by heartburn, which I don’t believe. I’m now in a position where I can’t eat, I’m only able to eat to survive. I’ve lost 1 and a half stone in two weeks, I ate yesterday, mostly alkaline foods, all healthy. Had to cut out alcohol and coffee ??  completely. I’m not really sure what to do, the doc gave me Rinitidine to take every day, hate taking meds, but tried not to take them one day and I was in agony. I can’t do anymore than what I’m doing, I’ve went vegan now, not through choice, just because I had too. You sound like you might have a similar problem to me, what meds are you on? 

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      Lansoprazole 15mg gastro-resistant 1 to be taken daily  30mins after food.

      I have been for a walk and it hasn’t been that bad today. Touch wood. 

      I think what set this off was eating too much over a weekend, as from then havent been the same really.

      I havent been thinking about it that much and as eased.

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      I was on Lansoprazole as well, in fact had most of the PPI’s. I’m only taking 1 Rinitidine now, I’m finding it a bit easier on my stomach than Lansoprazole. I think we don’t realise how harmful food is when we over indulge. Unfortunately our diets are far too acidic and it’s creating terrible problems for lots of people. I went vegan for 2 weeks some months back and didn’t need any pills, and had no problems with my stomach, in fact it was the best I had felt in years, just couldn’t stick to it, but vegan food is highly alkaline, it’s great on the stomach. Although I’m only eating once a week because of my stomach problems, I’m only eating vegan, staying away from all acidic foods and drink. It’s the only way I will heal my stomach. I hope you feel better and find some improvement, don’t know whether you like stir fry’s, it’s a great way to get plenty of veg, I use coconut oil and finish up with a liquorice herb after it, works wonders with the digestion. I’m not at the point yet where I can ditch my pills as I’m only eating once a week due to the pain, but I’m hoping to start eating daily, mostly veg, organic flax with chia seeds, pulses, nuts, Manuka honey, all of these are calming in the stomach. 😉 Good luck, wish you all the best. 👍🇬🇧

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      Thank you.

      Hopefully I will start feeling better soon. I think really just pure anxiety made my symptoms worse for saying yes to the endoscopy.

      I have wrote my symptoms down so i do not miss any telling my doctor tomorrow.

      Im just trying to relax  at the moment and not think about my stomach 

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      Just seen doctor. Checked my stomach again and couldnt feel any lumps or bumps.

      Because I had just ordered some more tablets she said take 2 in the morning and then if you need to take one at night so will be Lansoprazole 45mg gastro-resistant a day instead of Lansoprazole 15mg gastro-resistant.

      Also said about to try and fast track for the camera as well. 

      I wrote all my symptoms down and said to myself must ask if need to stop medication if having the camera, and I forgot about that bit. But will wait and see when the paperwork will come.

      Im going to ask my brother if he will go on a walk with me if he isnt going out, i doubt he will. But will ask anyway.

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      As yesterday i was feeling down and mum said why dont you go for a walk, so i texted my friend and we went out around our local country park for around 4 hours. That helped.

      So going to do the same because even now I just feel down and want to cry.

      When I was in with the doctor i did not feel that bad, but I suppose that more or less puts your mind at rest whilst you are in with the doctor. 

      It’s weird because I will see something that i see nearly everyday or every other day and i get triggered and think about the really happy times from 20-15 years ago. When i was a kid to early teen. Its really random as well as I looked at an ornament my mum has and i got triggered and thought about when i would play with my toys, then playing with toys where my gran and grandad use to live. Etc

      I do feel like crying

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    I got mine in 2 weeks and I wasn't fast tracked - I am England.

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      That just for the confirmation?

      It will be 2 weeks this Wednesday that my Doctor said she would put it through, on the Monday I went back to see her as the pain was getting more uncomfortable on Monday and said she would try and fast track me.  

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      Well looking at the positive (which we so need when in pain and anxious) your doc obvs is not too concerned otherwise she would fast track you - not try.

      You will get there - take heart.

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      At the moment I am more feeling down more than anything from just everything 

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