How long does it take the breathlessness to go away after discontinuing Amlodepine for 1 months

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I have been having horrible breathlessness for the last 2 weeks 24 hours a day following a bronchitis infection that I think was also caused by amlodepine since it weakens your immunity,

Although I have had been taking the coated tablets of amlodepine for many years as and when needed but this was the first time I took amlodepine with absolute compliance 5mg uncoated tablets twice a day for over a month, I started to feel breathless all of a sudden just after a few days of taking amlodepine and I knew it was because of it but I never knew that it would keep on getting worse to a level I would need to take medication to improve my breathing.

I have stopped taking them cold turkey and its been 7 days ago but the breathlessness is still there, can't feel the same like before, How long can it take for the side effects to go away?

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    See your doctor ASAP and get an ECG.  My breathlessness turned out to be aFib caused by the Amlodipine.  My pulse dropped to 30 and I passed out.


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      my pulse is alright, but ok I am gonna have it since you say, but how did you ascertain that it happened because of amlodepine.
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      I had been at 5mg for several years.  Within days after switching to 10mg the aFib happened. 


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    You need to see your GP. Are you absolutely sure it was all due to the Amlodopine. It seems it could be connected to the bronchitis. I have been taking Amlodopine and Perindoprol for 4 yrs and other than a slight cough no other side affects. I do realise everyone is different and feel sorry for everyone that has side affects and I hope you feel better soon. 
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      Are you taking the coated tablets or uncoated ones, the coated ones are for slow release and the uncoated ones are for fast release. In my case taking uncoated tablets caused the breathlessness much quicker than the coated ones and its been persistent and more serious in the case of uncoated tablets.
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      Hi not really sure of the difference. Think they are uncoated quite flat in colour and they don’t look they are coated. Must say I think the medical staff are very unsympathetic when it comes to side affects. When I first developed a cough I was told it will be ok once your body gets used to it!!!
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      its mentioned on the label with the name of the salt

      like "each uncoated/coated tablet contains amlodepine besylate 5mg"

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      Looked at box and mine just says each tablet contains Amlodopine besylate 5mg. In the list of possible side affects it does mention wheeziness as a side affect. Chat to your Dr or pharmacist about the breathlessness. 
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      The internet tells me about the breathlessness side effect from amlodepine  and also my cousin was also having the same side effects but she recovered quickly when she discontinued amlodepine which didn't happen in my case. I also suspect the bronchitis post effects as well, as according to the internet, the breathlessness or cough lasts for as long as 4 weeks and I was diagnosed on the 8th of November 2017 but got better on the 13th after full course of medication so if we calculate the exact 4th week hasn't started yet or we count from the date of the diagnosis? I could go to the doc but I don't have enough energy to go out these days as he is a bit far from where I live and my doctor doesn't help on the phone or internet.

      How do I make sure that its bronchitis post effects?

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      Yes the cough can last a long time but I would definitely talk to someone. Could you not phone and speak to your pharmacist in your nearest chemist. They would be able to advise and reassure you. Do you live in UK or USA?
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    Hi how are you doing? Did you manage to speak to someone? How are you finding the breathlessness since coming off the Amlodopine? 
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      Hi! Although I had recovered to a point I was jogging in the evening time for 2 weeks since my last post, but then again 3 days ago I started to have the breathing problem once again, it may not be persistent like before but it comes and goes quite frequently, this time the oxygen saturation is 97%-98% which tells me the problem is less intense than before when I posted here.

      I went to the doctor and he put me on telmesartan 40mg and hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg, my ugly luck is that at that time I had been breathing absolutely fine for 2 weeks so I didn't mention the breathing problem, the reason he put me off of amlodepine is that I told him that it couldn't improve the hypertension.

      Now the doc is appointed on a month long date and he doesn't entertain his patients over the phone anymore. In the mean time I will have an xray of the chest myself so I'll be able to show this to him next time I visit him. But until then what do I do? Do you think its still because of the bronchitis or its just an adult onset asthma? According to the internet asthma has attacks but here in my case the breathlessness is so frequent that its almost the whole day! then after a few days this thing goes away...

      One thing I suspect is a pair of tubular lead acid batteries 150Ah/12V each that are hooked up to a UPS in my home, these batteries are 6 years old and emit acidic like fumes that I can only smell when I inhale near it that I think may have burned my lungs and damaged them forever? LOL but then again google says that had much sever symptoms or the long term exposure to them for long can cause cancer at most which is a different story?

      Lol sorry for this hog of text, I'm a bit new to this breathlessness because I have always been proud of my lungs capacity so it quite depressing to have this stuff out of the blue.

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      I think if it was something really nasty it wouldn’t come and go.The x ray will tell you more. Bronchitis can cause cough and breathlessness for a long time it’s obviously not completely cleared up. 

      Yes it could be adult asthma do you have a cough? I know someone who has just developed asthma causing coughing and breathlessness so it is possible. I really don’t think it has anything to do with the batteries as sure you would have other symptoms. 

      Do you still think the Amlodopine is the culprit? Try not to worry and give it time. 

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      absolutely no cough at all no phlegm but only post nasal drip sometime may be from the sinus
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      Well I can't say anything about amlodepine as Its been many days since I took the last dose and my cousin also discontinued it long ago.and she has improved, may be amlodepine caused it but I can't say if it could cause permanent damage to my lungs and if thats the case then I am confused,

      One thing I recall that in summers I used to lift weights and right after that I felt breathless for a few minutes but according to the internet it happens if you already have asthma then after exercise you can have breathlessness and its called exercise induced asthma.

      If I had asthma i had to have cough but I have absolutely zero cough.

      where are other guys lol....they disappeared into the thin air or we would have more experiences from them. 

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