How long does it take to heal after excision and biopsies from labia minora? What helps? Thank you!

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Hi, everyone,

I’ve had LS for about 10 years, have some fusing and disappearing parts. Have seen a Gyn annually for the last 8 years, have used Advantin Fatty Ointment sometimes as required, maybe not as much I should have. Recently though had extra appointments as it was all becoming sore and itchier, and got scared when I looked about 2 months ago. So many colours! Strawberry red patches, the pale shiny LS parts, a whitish spot and other pinkish different areas. So, gyn who is also a surgeon ( perhaps they all are) booked me in for 4 biopsies and an excision. Dissolving stitches thank goodness.  This was done almost 4 weeks ago under general anaesthetic, and the excision site is still pretty sore. Not infected though, and perhaps I’m expecting too much too quickly.

At follow up visit the dr told me it was all LS, nothing worse, and I’m relieved at that knowledge. However, if this latest change is ‘just LS’ I have to change something. I’ve been following diet change and vitamin intake info on this site with great interest. Already made changes to what I eat and taking vitamins, but i probably need to heal from this before I get the benefit. Hopefully.

I don’t feel too bad so should be thankful but still would appreciate any tips anyone else has on what aids healing.

I’ve been washing with warm running water a few times a day, initially at the same time as peeing to avoid the sting. After 2 weeks I also started coconut oil on the whole vulva area and find it soothing. And that’s it. Anything else that might help more? - wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Thank you, from me to you all xx


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    It sounds like you would benefit from using clobetasol for a time. I had an am also lesion removed in December

    It is all healed now( nothing bad there thankfully). I was told to keep it dry, difficult of course and like you I used to rinse after seeing then I dried thoroughly. I can imagine it being much more uncomfortable over a larger area. Once my LS was under control with the Clobetasol I was given Eumovate a weaker ointment which can be used daily If needed to keep everything under control (I do use it most days trying to limit fusing) Glad your results were clear good luck. I was also told to keep a regular visual check on the area.

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      Thanks for getting in touch Ann. I do appreciate.I’ve googled Clobetasol and it sounds to do the same thing my Advantin does. Maybe different countries have different meds, anyway, I’ll get back onto it, and a weaker med as well, once the raw sore part has healed sufficiently. 

      Thanks again!

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    Oh Painty poor you poor ‘Ladyship’ 😢 

    I am convinced these men wouldn’t be so gun ho if it were them 😡

    Sadly LS comes in many colours and shapes.  

    I would probably try not to wash the area too many times in a day   After morning toilet , then perhaps only when you poo. To give the skin time to heal itself.

    As you wash you can stretch and maybe move what is trying to heal. I don’t know for sure but that is my opinion. Just pat n dry with warm hair dryer after peeing.  

    Obviously at night another gentle wash and healing ointment. 

    Do you have portable bidet ? Off Amazon very inexpensive 

    ?? Mine. Makes such easy access for washing 

    Try take sugar out of diet and any heat producing foods that help the 👹 LS to thrive 

    Hope some help 


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      Ps just a thought Betnovate ointment was prescribed by my consultant Prof Kehoe   Much less intensive a steroid than Clobetasol/Dermovate and works for me 


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      Thanks for the contact Sedg, thank goodness for this site!

      Truthfully, I’m glad to have had the biopsies because I really thought I had more than LS. 

      You might be right about the washing, I have wondered if it was always necessary. Have now cut that back a bit, but when I do it just feels so good and soothing. I use a hand-held shower head so can angle it anywhere. I have not dried with a hair dryer ever, so I’ll try that today. I never pull or stretch the skin to any point of pain, am always very gentle when applying the coconut oil. Yesterday it looked a bit like an ulcer, and maybe I could feel a tiny rough patch. Have not checked yet this morning. ......

      I took sugar out of my diet some days ago after reading advice here, and am eating very healthy natural foods, not even any wine though that may be a mistake. Could be losing my sense of humour. Oh no, it’s the LS doing that! 

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    Hi there, so many women needlessly have biopsies only to be told what they already know..that they have LS. 

    I guess it can be frightening when you see such changes, but that's LS for you and I hope they dont ask you to do more.  In your shoes I wouldn't put steroid cream on this area, it would be a mistake in my honest opinion.  I would soak in very slightly salted water, dry the area with a hairdryer on a cold setting and dont put anything on it at all if you can..the idea is to dry out the 'wound'   If it is really horribly sore then use something else that is not as strong as the steroid.

    Sugar is the main problem for people with LS and if you can manage to cut back on that and take supplements of course you would probably notice a big difference.

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      Hi Guppy, and thanks for the response,

      I agree re the steroid ointment - I’ll leave that off till the wound is healed. The wound looked like an ulcer last night so hoping for improvement today. I feel a bit nervous about salt in water , but maybe should bite the bullet.....and will try hairdryer.

      Have already cut sugar completely, and eating very healthy food after reading yours and others advice, so am hopeful for the longer term. 

      Thanks again Guppy


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    Hi Painty;  you might want to try Sitz baths several times a day until your soreness and itching go away.  I had a biopsy and excision a couple of years ago and the Sitz baths helped with both issues.  I used Epsom Salts, about a 1/4 cup, in warm water and just sat on the bath for 10 or 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a day.  It was extremely helpful for me.  You can buy the baths at most drug stores.  It just fits on top of your toilet seat.  Good luck!  Hope this helps.

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