how long have you been on sertraline

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How long have you been on sertraline. My doctor has told me I will be on sertraline for at least two years. Has anyone been on that long and how are you doing.

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    I've been on sertraline now for about 2 years, and to be honest, I feel great. It's a good drug, just give it time too work. Good luck.
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    I have been on this drug for just over three years, For me its changed my life , I do not suffer with depression anymore and a lot of my other problems have improved.Not everyone can get on with this drug But for me its was a life saver,Good luck!

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    I have been on Sertrline for 5yrs,just starting to think that maybe its starting to have less effect than before.Going to GP to see if dosage needs upping.

    But i must say this drug was a lifesaver for me .

    Good luck.

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    I've been on Sertraline now for 5 years, had problems with depression and anxiety after

    having a breakdown. I was taking one 200ml pill a day for 3 years, then reduced down to

    one 100ml a day for a further year, have been on one 50ml a day for the last year.

    Have been reducing now since November 2013, by taking 0ne every other day for a couple of weeks, have continued reducing carefully!!!!!! under the carful watch of my Doctor.

    I am now at the stage of taking one 50ml every 7 days and feeling a slight change back to my old normal self in a good way I may add!!!! before I had my breakdown and the need for Sertraline!!!.

    So hopefully within another month I should be off complete!!!, major achievement after such a long period of time on them!!!.

    Yes they certainly help in maintaining a stable frame of mind worked for me, I have heard

    they don't work for everyone!!! why not sure!!.

    I must say from my experience they do/have certainly helped me, I have been told once

    you start taking Sertraline you need to be on them for around 2 years!!, you can not take

    them here and there for short periods of time!!!, plenty of info on net!!!!.

    Word of WARNING!!!! back about 15 months ago, I thought as I was/am feeling stable I

    would just stop taking them of my own accord!!!, I did not consult my Doctor!!! what a big

    mistake!!!!! that was I felt OK for just over a week and thinking I am now fully OK NOT!!!!!.

    I just crashed back down so to speak, basically like going cold turkey as they say!!!!, My

    Doctor said I should have never done so!!!, I went straight back to my dosage you

    have to reduce slowly as I am now doing reducing sensible over a period of time, its a

    powerful drug!!! remember that!!.

    I was at first thinking I would be on these possible for ever it seamed!!!!, remember as I

    have found/experiencing now getting better!!!, and with all the help out there counselling etc

    which I had for a long time over the years!!!! help.

    I am feeling good now and only hope when I finish taking them I will continue back to


    Remember things will/does get better!!!!, Oooo!!! one thing I must

    also say I did not want to tell my family I was taking anti depressants!!! at first felt

    embarrassed!!! that caused a worry!!! but eventually I did also told my HR in the company

    ware I worked, well I must say its surprising how much that helps!!! all being very

    supportive!!!, so when I had time off from work on many occasions due to not being able to mix/face people etc!!! work were very understanding and sportive.

    I have in place a support group!!!!! to attend for as long as I feel the need, DONT fill

    embarrassed!!! to go to one remember everyone there is there for the same reason/situationas ourselves!! its good to talk share!!!!.

    Good luck in the future, you will get better point to focus on/remember!!!.

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    I've been on and off them since I was 21 and I'm 38 now. I find them amazing!
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    Hi Tracey,

    Have you tried coming off them for good?

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    When I first started taking sertraline it worked for the first two years, This last year and a half has been tricky, in fact they are making me worse... The doctor just increased me from 50 to 100mg and I haven't had much time for the increase to help, but so far I feel anxious, and not quiet my self. I have been depressed since I was 9 and now I think they have misdiagnosed me. Just listen to your body, cause I am about to call the doctor again... Now looking at the computer screen it is blurry... I have migraines all the time.. I wish this medication was the answer for me, hope it is for you.
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    Hi SDJ you seem to be having a bad time and being depressed since you were 9 is terrible. You did say that taking sertraline worked for the first two years so going on to 100mg my start working to. Let's hope it does. I am on 150mg and there are others who take 200mg and are OK. Have a word with your doctor and them everything. Hope you GT on OK good luck
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    Hi Kevin,

    I have been taking sertraline for the past 5 years, before that I was in denial or my symptoms where very mild. My mom did not know there was such a thing as depression so she thought I just wanted to be alone. I hid everything from all my family, friends, and even husband.... Even though I have been with my husband since our teen years, he is the one who figured it all out. He has stood by me while I was in denial, and now he is standing by me while I am trying to get back to basic normal. It seems that the 100mg is starting to work, but the doctor said it will take several weeks, at first I was shaking, dizzy, and very sleepy. today is day four on 100mg, and I feel more energetic, and the cloud has been lifted. Headaches are still here, but hope they will go soon. Thanks for your encouragement.

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    Hi SDJ, Im glad things seem to be looking up for you i hope it continues. You seem exactly like me, I was in denial, although i didn't want the family around me i just kept thinging i was just ill and going thruogh a bad time.if anyone was coming to the house i would go upstairs and tell my wife not to let anyone come up to see me, if i sat amounge them my head would go all cloudy and i thouth something awful was going to happen to me. One day i told my wife how it all felt and she said i had depression and also having panic attacks.this was confirmed by someone who had gone through it before so i went to see the doctor and she put me on Sertraline and now im getting dack to normal but i will be on sertrline for a long time. Thanks for talking to me and good luck for the future.
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    Good luck to you too Kevin... I had panic attacks to while I was driving, I had to pull over. I thought I was having a heart attack. That's been taken care of now, I know to breath deep and not shallow. Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking the time to talk to me, knowing I am not the only one in this world feeling this way helps me tremendously. smile

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