How long should a cyst drain for?

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Hi all, me again, sorry!

I posted yesterday that my cyst had suddenly drained by itself yesterday morning (yay!!) I'm just wondering for anyone who has had this happen, how long did it drain for as there is still some watery blood coming from it? It's been 30 or so hours now?

When it first started draining it was brown and bloody now it's just like watery blood, does this sound normal?

Many thanks


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    Sounds like you had it for a while and that gland was probably really blocked up. I wouldn't worry about it. The brown stuff was old build up/blockage and the watery stuff is newer. The brown stuff probably stunk too and this shouldn't be that bad. Id just wear a panty liner and let it heal itself. I'd still take baths though to make sure it's kept clean. I'd also take antibiotics since it sounds like it's still open and you don't want it to heal and trap an infection inside.
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      Hi thanks for your reply, the brown stuff that came out didn't smell at all! I've had the cyst for at least a year but it has alway stayed small and painless until 3 weeks ago when it got really big, still mostly painless but really uncomfortable due to it's size so I started doing hot baths to ease the discomfort a week ago and then it drained!

      I have an app to see my dr tomorrow which I already had booked because of the size of the cyst so I have kept it for her to check it and have kept up with salt water baths, it's seems to be coming from the duct I think so hoping I can keep it open now that it is unblocked!

      Maybe my dr will give me antibiotics tomorrow just incase! I hope she does to make sure!!

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    My doctor is very hard to get an appointment with, so I was wondering if you had went to go see your Dr and what advice they gave you. If you can help me that would be amazing
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      Hi, I did see my gp, she wasn't really very helpful but she did have a look and said it looks like it's the actual duct that has opened up :o) she said it might or might not come back and to keep up with warm baths to help keep the duct open :o)

      I would prob visit the gp anyway if I was you just so that they can make sure and put it on record that you have had a bc incase you get another xx

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    Hi All, 

    Sad to hear how many people have this affliction yet until last week I'd never heard of it myself. 

    Did you all heal up Debbie? 

    I'm wondering how you can tell the difference between it being a cyst or an abcess?  I've not seen a doctor as I've just moved house and not had a chance to register, don't drive and don't fancy trying to waddle 1.5 miles up a steep hill to get there! 

    Mine started after a brief flair up of thrush.  It wasn't too sore at first, but I started using epsom salt compresses yesterday and this really softened it up but the skin dried out so badly I can barely move! It's fairly swollen, maybe a small plum size, it doesnt hurt if I just lie down, its just chaffing on moving that's the difficulty.  There's no sign of puss anywhere that I can see. 

    I'm fairly patient so would prefer to wait it out if possible but I'm worried if it's an abcess and I don't know it and it bursts/ruptures and I get blood poisoning.  

    I've read that if it starts to soften up that is positive, but the dried out skin from the epsom salt compress is horrible, so it's a bit of a catch 22. 

    Any seasoned BC suffer-ers got any thoughts/advice? 

    Thanks very much 


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      Hi Amy

      Sorry to hear you are suffering too, I've not had an abcess but I believe that they are very hard, red, hot and very painful!

      You could have an infected cyst which hasn't turned into an abcess, I think that's what happened to mine, I'm not sure if it was the antibiotics of the hot baths that helped to unblock mine.

      I would definitely recomend doing 3 or 4 hot baths a day with normal table salt and also 8-10 drops of tea tree oil in, I also did some got compresses during the day just using a flannel and hot water for a few minutes. Baths seemed to make my cyst get larger and former as I think it was drawing the infection to the surface! Although when it did drain it didn't Sewell bad or anything so I'm not entirely sure if it was infected!

      It's been 2 weeks since it drained and I've carried on with 2 hot baths a day since to try and help keep it unblocked etc and have my fingers crossed that I don't get another!

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    I have a pilonidal cyst. I self diagnosed myself with a lot of research. It was small than quickly became big within days. I decided to put a hot face cloth on it three times in one day. The next morning I found out it opened. It was leaking out pus with a little bit of blood. I cleaned with water it and covered it with tissue because I was at school. I shouldn't have did that but it wouldn't stop leaking. When I got home it seemed to be closed back up. PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do. And I don't want any take of surgery.

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    Hi Debbie

    Just wondering how did your turn out after it drained mine just drained and the got very small it's like watery brownish it keeps draning and getting smaller and it's very soft now . How long did yours drain for and did it come back ?? Any suggestion or anything for me to be aware of it is my first cyst ever it was so painful


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