How long until I see clear with a New Vivity Lens?

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Just had my first (dominate) eye cataract surgery done 4 days ago. No problems with the surgery and have been keeping up religiously with the 3 different drops. I was told at my 24 hr. post-op visit that everything looked great and they saw no problems. However, 4 days later, I am still not seeing any better distance than with the uncorrected eye. I was VERY specific with the doctor for the desire to see distance (can't see the golf ball land on the green even with my glasses). It IS much brighter, but still about 20/40 I guess I thought it would be like new glasses, "Bam" sharp vision. Should I expect that this will improve over time? I am scheduled to have the second Vivity lens installed in about 10 days, but if this is the best I can expect, I wonder if I should just have a plain monofocal distance lens put in and save the $4K. For those who have had a Vivity lens put in, how long till you reach a steady state? Perhaps I should put off the other lens for a month or so?

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    I had Vivity lenses implanted recently: right eye on 1/26/2022 and left eye on 2/9/2022. In both cases, the eyes felt very comfortable by the end of the day after surgery, and the vision definitely felt stabilized within 4 days.

    You might still have some inflammation that affects your vision. There is a reason that they advise people to wait 6 weeks after surgery to spend money on new glasses. However, I felt that my vision did not change after the first few days.

    One question is what correction did you and your doctor target? You won't know what they achieved until your post-surgery followup visit.

    My eyes ended up as the doctor targeted (a mutual decision): the right eye is for near vision at -1.5 D and the left is for moderate distance at -0.5 D. For me, the "distance" eye is fantastic, speaking as a person who has been myopic all my life. However, this is approximately 20/50 vision, I believe, which would not be good enough for someone who wants perfect distance vision. I use glasses to sharpen up my distance vision for driving, but the left eye is actually good enough to get by in a pinch. (The other day I actually got in the car and started driving to the grocery store without realizing that I didn't put on my glasses.)

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    I can't comment on the Vivity, but I had a Clareon monofocal put in 4 days ago. It is slowly improving each day, but is not 100% yet. I at least hope it improves more. It was targeted to be -1.25 to give me reading vision, so I can't judge where I am at based on distance vision. However, I can read and compose messages here with no glasses. My recollection from the first eye is that you should see pretty much what you are going to get at 3 weeks, but any prescription for an eyeglasses should be deferred to a minimum of 6 weeks. That is why one should always wait a minimum of 6 weeks between eyes when doing cataract surgery. You see what you have and can decide if that is what you want in the second eye.

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    After the implantation of my 1st Vivity, target refraction emmotropy on 25.03.2020, I immediately saw over 100% distant and intermediate after the 1st day.

    After the implantation of my 2nd Vivity with target refraction -0.5D, I looked well into distance and intermediary after the 1st day. The good vision nearby below 50cm developed more clearly on the 5th day

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    its not something anyone here can answer, you need to see a specialist , hopefully its just a case of your eye needing more time to heal or for you brain to adjust to the new lens

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    @GeneK : i have had the same experience now in Jan 2024. i wonder how your sight resolved if at all.

    2 days after surgery I could read uncorrected with my right eye and focus well at up to 4 feet. But longer distances are impossible to focus. It is true though that the lens clarity is much better than my left eye, but my primary objective was to improve distance vision so I could read street signs, as well as seeing who was waving to me 100 ft. away. The plan is to replace my left eye lens with another Vivity lens but I am doubtful. I speak with my provider tomorrow about it.

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      I would suggest you let the eye fully recover which takes a minimum of 5 weeks, and then have an eyeglass refraction done to determine where you actually ended up for refraction. If you did not get close to plano (0.0 D) and are myopic, you may want to consider doing your other eye with a monofocal set for distance. Normal target for distance is -0.25 D. A monofocal can also make up for some of the lost contrast sensitivity with the Vivity lens.

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      I do not know. I have a meeting tomorrow with my Optometrist who is doing the post-surgery care and will ask what the targets were/are.

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      Thanks for your reply. I will take your advice and let it settle. I am concerned, but really ingorant about the implications of the +19.0D marked on the certificate for the Vivity lens and how to interpret this level of diopter.

      For what it is worth to others, I will repost on under GeneK's original thread.

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      The +19.0 D lens used does not mean much other than you probably had good uncorrected vision prior to cataracts and surgery - not significantly near or far sighted.


      IOL targets are set based on what eyeglass correction will be required to bring the vision back to very good distance vision. If you want good near vision the target it set at about -1.5 D for a standard monofocal lens. However, with the Vivity it good near vision can likely be achieved at -1.0 D. For distance it is normal to target being very slightly near sighted at -0.25 D.


      Keep in mind that you cannot get an accurate refraction until the eye has fully recovered at 5 weeks or more.

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    I can't speak to the Vivity lens, but 8 weeks ago had an Eyhance lens set for distance in my right dominant eye.

    My experience is it took at least 5 weeks for my eye to settle/heal, and my stats have changed as it's done so.

    At one week check in with surgeon I was a 0.65 myopic surprise, and was very disappointed.

    At six weeks, measurements by an optometrist saw me pretty much bang on target - slightly short, but the optometrist said the surgeon did well.

    I wouldn't say my vision is 'sharp' all the way out to the horizon. However, for TV, cinema, licence plate on car in front, motorway signs etc, I have no complaints.

    But the Eyhance does give me useable intermediate vision - computer monitors, dashboard are crisp.

    Near vision isn't clear at all - and was never going to be. But hoping to minimise glasses once the second eye is done targeting 1.5 myopia (mini monovision)

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