how long will it take for my fractured knee to go back to normal after cast came off?

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I was in a removable cast for 6 weeks.  X-ray taken fracture and hairline fractures healed and MCL sprain may be a little still sprained but better.

I'm 53 and not an athlete.

I thought after taking off the cast my knee would go back after walking on it but I can't bend it back or lock it so I'm walking with one crutch and very off balance.

I start PT this Friday.

Does anyone know when I will at least be walking better and without assistance?  I know it's hard because everyone is different but I would like to hear how long it took for people with fractures in their knee to get back walking normal.

Thank you-what a long process!!!

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    Hi Donna

    You need Oldfatguy to answer you.

    He is the 'go to person' when we have questions.

    Your PT will set you on the road to bend and extension.

    In the meantime if you uTube knee exercises you may get some idea of stretches that you need.

    Stay strong you will get there (slowly!)



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    Hi Donna, sorry to hear about your broken leg, to answer your question about the healing time and getting back to walking.I had a TKR 2/1/2016 which involves dislocating the pattella and radical surgery to the femur and tibia to accomadate the new joint,so a massive ammount of bone, muscle. ans soft tissue trauma

    I now am walking without  any aids, and completed a 3 mile forrest with my grandkids yesterday! the answer to the whole thing is  1 use the pain relief offered regular,2 do all the exercises often do not cheat( push thru the pain) 3 rest when you need to, and most important have a good positive attitude nothing lasts for ever good or bad      good luck  Col

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      OMG Colin

      You had tkr on Feb 1 of this year? That's 15 days ago and you walked 3 miles through a forest ( that has, no doubt, uneven terrain) without a cane? Wow. That is progress. I am quite speechless. That is great. Good luck with continued progress.

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      Hi Colin

      Did you go on another 3 mile walk today? I think you were pulling the group's collective "leg" yesterday in telling us of your trek in the forest.

      Have your staples been removed?

      Do you do your exercizes everyday?

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      elaine my tkr was 2 1 16 in the uk thats 2 jan but I am pulling no legs, me my eldest son his 3 boys and my grand daughter and youngest grand son walked the trails of childwall woods spending about 90 min inthe fresh air

        I was stiff and sore for 2 days after but I believe you have to put some work in to atchieve results regards Col

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    I know colin that is amazing.  I just had a fracture and a couple of hairline fractures with a MCL sprain and I can't walk properly at all.  My knee will not bend at all when I walk.

    I'm thinking are you young??? Because that is great for you.


    Thank you Colin and  Ann too


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      I am 64 and I put in a lot of work before my op ie leg raises, ankle pumps,  hamstring stretches these exercises all strengthen the quads calfs  shins.I did these workouts for approx 3 mnths prior to my admission, I could not have never got to this position without a strict regime of 2/3 daily workouts plus R.I.C.E 3 times daily


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      That is terrific. I didn't think of doing that. I wish I had, though.

      It didn't occur to me your op was Jan 2- that makes much more sense. The forest trail sounds beautiful and revitalizing.

      Unfortunately, my outside activity has not started yet. The snow/ice really puts a crimp in the plan. I had left tkr Nov 17 and right tkr Jan 5 and I am hankering to put these new knees to the test. I am getting tired of walking indoors.

      Happy walking and take good care.

      Elaine in Michigan US

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      Here in the  UK it is very unusual to have  both knees done so near togeather, the agony  I went thru early Jan to the beginning of Feb with 1 knee was bad enough the thought of 2 is mind bending,are you in the US? It seems double TKR are quite normal. I need my  right  knee op but will not contimplate that till  Jun/ July.  PTlater today I want to ask about swimming, and when to tone down pain management .Keep on keeping on Elaine as I've said before last forever good or bad love peace and happiness Col x
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      Hi Colin

      Yes, I'm in US- Michigan. Both knees were bone on bone and doc said if all goes well for first leg we can do other leg 7 weeks later. In hindsight I should have waited a few more months- until my first leg was as strong as my unoperated leg. You need a lot of support in the leg that will be holding up the newly operated leg. Did that make sense? Bottom line, I bet you would be a prime candidate for your other knee having done 3 months of exercize before surgery.

      The pain management is what has me in a fog. The US seems to be having an overuse of rx opioids leading to rampant addiction stats.

      I am well aware and downright afraid to use the vicadin daily for fear of addiction. The oxycontin I used the first 3 days then threw it out. I get by mostly on xtra stngth tylenol. Occasionally I will take a vicadin but that is it.

      Have a productive therapy Colin.

      Keep in touch.

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    Although you have had your leg in a re-movable cast, you have not been exercising your leg.  Muscles, tendons etc all tighten up with lack of use.  Sprains are worse than fractures, not only in pain, but in healing.  Please do your therapy as it will be tailor made to your specific needs.  Then you can start experimenting in other ways of strengthening your leg.  Find somewhere that has a hydrotherapy pool; the water is warm, getting in and out of the water is easy as one end is sloped + there is plenty of things to use whilst in the water.  Whilst you are "confined" to the the house, take baby steps (literally) whilst holding on to whatever is around you.  Make sure you heel to toe.  Everthing you do will be painful until you get used to the therapy and your muscles get stronger.  Be patient, that is the hardest thing of all to do. Don't run before you walk

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