How long will it take to work?

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Been on for just over 10 weeks now and still not working. In fact I'm getting worse. Started on 25mg and have slowly been increased to 100mg. My current dose is 100mg but will be upped again in three weeks to 125mg. Apparently its a relatively low dose. Doctor said it takes weeks to work but 10 weeks on, its not working at alla. Like I said I'm actually getting worse.

Any advice would be helpful.


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    Starting on 25mg is a low dose but it is increasing. I take 200mg morning and night and I've been taking them for a few weeks now. I felt worse to start with, really bad but now, I guess after four months, I do see the benefit. It takes a while to get used to the side effects, particularly with the sedative effect. I still feel tired mid morning and I get my jacket and go out for a walk or, if I feel up to it, drive to the swimming pool for an hour or so. The voices have died down, in fact it's quite rare to hear voices now. I can only suggest you stick with it for while longer. If you are still feeling worse after three months, you might want to talk to your doctor about increasing the dose. I've also got to say, taking it in the morning does have some benefit. I used to wonder why it was just at night, and I think it's because of the sedation. It seemed sensible to have the beneficial effects during the day.

    Good luck, I hope it works for you,

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      Hi Daviemac,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I'm really struggling. I need it to start working literally like right now. My future is uncertain. I don't have the energy to do anything. I'm completely exhausted all the time. Ive lost interest in everything. The voices are worse than before. I'm extremely low and feel very vulnerable.

      Thanks for your feedback. Hope you achieve what you want in life and may I wish you good health.

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      You need to talk to someone Charley. I felt suicidal, in fact I went out with a length of rope and stopped on the new Queensferry Crossing the weekend it opened because the voices were telling me to hang myself from the new bridge. I couldn't because of the design of the railing on the bridge. You couldn't clamber over it so I had to give up but I came really close to killing myself. I look back and am obviously glad I didn't now. The advice I got was to speak to the doctor and I did and that's why my medication changed. The problem is getting your GP and the psychiatrist to talk and action things quickly. The GP would prefer it if the psychiatrist instructs the change. If your GP understands what you are going through then they can get an email to the psychiatrist who might alter the dose and let the GP prescribe it. It can be done in a couple of days if the two people talk. When I saw the psychiatrist last, she emphasised that I just needed to call the psychiatry department and they will make an emergency appointment the same day. She told me that more than once to emphasise the point. And she said they would call me back within a couple of hours so not to hesitate contacting the department. I don't know where you live but you can try and call the department and request an emergency appointment. They can also prescribe more than one anti psychotic. I was on Olanzapine as well as Quietiapine for a while. I was knackered most of the time but at least I didn't hear the wretched voices and your body does eventually get used to it and your energy levels will increase. It's a hassle getting the shoes and coat on but if you can push yourself, a bracing walk in the fresh air helps. So does plenty coffee and if you can take them, caffeine tablets but too much can make you agitated. I have three cups of coffee first thing in the morning and I get the headphones on and listen to some great heavy metal music. Invigorating music that you just want to rock to.  By eleven, I'm awake and feeling a lot better to face the day.

      My advice, my friend, call the psychiatric department tomorrow morning and explain how you feel. They will listen and, hopefully do something that day. No psychiatrist wants to discover their patient has hurt or killed themselves. They will help you. I've been there and, although you often hear it said, it does get better. They have plenty medication to chose from and know what they are doing. Good luck Charley, I hope you feel better very soon.

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      Thank you Daviemac.

      Sorry you feel this way or felt this way. Everything in life is a struggle. Sometimes there comes a point where you physically and mentally cant struggle no more

      Hope everything works out for you.

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    Are you taking Quetiapine for Depression Charley?  

    I had Major Clinical depression for 8 months, it was the true definition of Hell.

    Taking Both Quetiapine and Venlafaxine together cured me.  

    So, I would I suggest asking your Doctor to let you try the above combination.


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      Hi Ianjb,

      Thanks for your reply. I have RDD, BPD and recently been diagnosed with PTSD. I am currently being tested for other MH illnesses.

      Apparently, I was put on it to stop the racing thoughts, reduce the voices and to help me to relax a bit so I can get some sleep. I am currently on 150mg of Sertraline for depression (due to be upped in less than two weeks), 100mg of Quetiapine (due to be upped in less than two weeks) and literally a miniscule 5mg of Stilnoct (pointless really taking just 5mg).

      When Im next at the psychiatrist, Ill ask her about Venlafaxine.

      Take care.

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      Well good luck Charley.  As I said the Venlafaxine and Quitipine did the trick where other antidepressants by themselves failed.  
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    Sorry just read what you said earlier. Hope things improve for you. 
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      Its ok. At this precise moment its going from bad to worse. Thanks though.

      Take care.

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    the doses you mentioned--are those for quetapine or setraline?
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      Hi Melissa,

      I have come off all medications myself now. But did go up to 200mg Sertraline and 150mg Quetiapine.


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      I see. My doc wants me to take quetepine bc I’m having insomnia but im nervous. I have anxiety and depression due to a chemical imbalance between Zoloft has always helped 

      I went down on my dose and had symptoms return so I’m back on the higher dose and its taking a long time Kick in. I’ve been increasing it every week or so for A month and now on200 for 2wks. Sleep still is a struggle and I take .5 Xanax at bed which helps 

      I think I’d rather wait for Zoloft to Work than pump more pills in and she only wants me to take them fir 7 days. 

      Need some supportive thoughtssad

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    Hi Charley, I started off on 200 mg of Seroquel for flashbacks, major depression and voices(auditory hallucinations + some visual) The voice was telling me to kill myself and other horrible things. My psychiatrist boosted it up to 700 mg and that was the magic dose for me. All the voices, visuals, ptsd... went away. I have had not one symptom break through this medication for 5 months. You must tell your pschiatrist to raise your dose.  Only for a couple of weeks did I feel very tired. Not able to do my highschool work. I am 17 now and have my  highschool diploma and going on to college in September. I had to take everything .... studies, work, activities off my schedule in the beginning. I had to get my balance back... If you feel presured, unstable, anxious etc.... you will not be able to heal and get better. I am sorry that you need to works so soon..... you  need to give this medicine time to really kick in. I am only planning on taking 1 class at college in September .... I never want those voices or flashbacks to every get a foothold again.  See if you can go on medical leave.... until you are stable for a few months. I am praying for you  xx

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