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  • marleen85993 2

    Does this drug really work for anxiety?

    Suffering from crippling anxiety for 30 plus years.l have been on every antidepressant known to man and talking therapy nothing has ever helped.l have now been changed to quetiapine XL 50mgs.l have been on them for 7 days.I have no improvement as yet l am also in withdrawal from vortioxetine.l am struggling...

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  • Mspanda 2

    Quetiapene XL or XR Which is better?

    Does anyone take or switched to 600mg Quetiapene XL but was previously taking 600mg Quetiapene XR? I've revently been prescribed Mirtazapene and switched to quetiapene XL. Although I am not taking the xl version yet as I still have the xr tablets and don't want to be even more spaced out on on slow release...

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  • jacqui78949 2

    Diagnosis is looking like BPD.

    Im so worried about starting my new medication quetiapine 25mg at night. I have been told by the docs and read forums that weight gain is very likely. Why oh why? Also they will start reducing my venafaxine slowly.

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  • ava16059 1
  • katie123456788 2

    Sertaline and quitipine for anxiety agitation suicidal thoughts

    Hi any advice would be kindly appreciated I've been suffering with severe anxiety and agitation since October which has led to depression or low mood as they like to call it! I've even on 100mg sertaline since December upped to 150 on Friday and quitipine about 3 weeks 50mg increased to 100! I'm getting...

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  • Staz 3

    Mistake - Help

    My Dr gave me some 150mg tablets and we decided that after a week or so it was too much and I dropped to 75mg. Recently he prescribed 100mg to cover me coming off of Mirtazapine. I've just realised instead of taking 100mg I've been using the 150mg tablets for 6 nights. If I drop back to 100mg tonight...

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  • gkeeganaz13 1

    Quetiapine (Seroquel) Drowsiness - Urgent

    I am currently on 100mg of seroquel instant release, and have been on it for about two months. I was on it in the past while i was in an in patient facility, but on a much smaller dose and not as an antipsychotic. Anyways, right now i am in the midst of an extreme depressive episode, and if i fall asleep...

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  • charlie79548 2

    Quetiapine Withdrawl and Lurasidone (Latuda) - Experiences?

    Hi everyone! So basically I have decided I've had enough of Quetiapine after a year or so of taking it. My reason for the is primarily due to my weight gain and inability to lose weight whilst on the drug. Basically I've gained over 3 stone (45 pounds) and after 2 solid months of x4 weekly gym sessions...

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  • catarratto 2

    Quetiapine and restless legs

    I've recently been prescribed Quetiapine 150mgs and find about an hour after taking it I get terrible restless legs for a couple of hours.  I have started taking it earlier so I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour as I have to stay up until the 'twitchy' feeling in my legs has passed.  Lying in bed...

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  • julie1111 6

    Queitpine and acute cholecystitis

    Hello I've been on queitpine for over a year, i have weaned my self off 75 mg to 25 mg since November my blood's have shown i have a infection, couple of weeks ago i was in slot of pain and was rushed to hospital with acute cholecystitis, i am due to go bk in for med review and heard queitpine causes...

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  • barbara48848 2

    Horrible Quetiapine Withdrawal

    Hi!  Last year I was on 550 mg. of Quetipine and was rapided tapered off by an organization In Alberta, Canada.  At the same time I was also taking Gabapentin, Remeron, Zoplicone and Cortef.  Once they got me down to 200 mg. of Seroquel they had me reduce all the meds at the same time.  After being totally...

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  • Annonymouss 3

    quetiapine and pregabalin for severe GAD

    currently on 450mg pregabalin for very severe disabling anxiety very confused about if its helping or not started quetiapine a month ago now on 50mg any experiences? does it help for anxiety i am not keen on taking off lable drugs

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  • adam06205 2
  • rob03933 4

    Does 50 or 25 mg really make a difference?

    Was put on 50 mg of this while coming off Clonazepam to help with sleep during withdrawal period. I already take 22.5 mg of Mirtazapine and I feel that taking all this maybe too much and not helping the headaches I'm getting constantly from coming off Clonazepam. I've only been taking this for 2 weeks...

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  • pauline31919 3


    Can anyone help please. My son was taken off quetiapine last week by his psych as they made him even more anxious.  He was then prescribed Depakote.  He had taken them for 4 days, he's been unable to eat since due to severe nausea, and generally feeling rotten.   He isn't going to take any more as he...

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  • emma67737 2

    Quetiapine and Mirtazapine

    Hi so im fairly new here but would really appreciate some advice. Got referred to a phsyciatrist in Jan as my anxiety and depression wasnt getting any better, after being on sertraline for a few months. Phsyciatrist prescribed me Quetiapielne 25mg at night and told me to keep taking my Sertraline 50mg...

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  • cynthia71088 2

    Seroquel 50mg at bedtime

    I've been on Seroquel 50-75mg for sleep for the past 7months. When I first stated taking it it gave me a nice warm sedating feeling,now it takes about an hour to put me to sleep. The problem is it's not putting me in a deep sleep anymore. I do sleep but it wake up several times during the night. The...

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  • rob03933 4

    Weening Off

    I've only been on for a little over 3 weeks at 50 mg and I don't really like how I feel from it. Should I ween off after such a short period or can I just stop it all together without weening off?

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  • Neildroid 2

    I'm having bad constipation the past month.

    Hello I take 20mgs of seroquel a day The doctor increased it by 25mgs last month. I have OCD. The constipation is really bad now. I take 7 other pills a day for OCD besides seroquel I take 6 or7 laxatives every few days or so like sennokot stol softener with extra strength exlax. It cause s anxiety...

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  • clare2729 3


    Hi, looking for some advice. I've been suffering with anxiety, depression and insomnia for the last 5 weeks. I've recently started on 50mg of sertraline which is yet to kick in. The physiatrist has today prescribed 50mg of quetiapine to help with the insomnia until the sertraline kicks in but I'm...

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  • elizabeth49037 1

    Seroquel Withdrawal

    I've been on 800mg of seroquel for over a year for insomnia. I do not have bipolar or any other psychiatric disease. 800mg is no longer making me sleep so I want to stop taking it completely. It was researching withdrawal symptoms that I found out I was prescribed a very high dose of a serious medicine...

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  • Explosionoff61 1

    Prescription for Sertraline, Quetiapine and Diazepam

    I have been taking Sertraline (200mg) for quite a long time, for major depression and OCD. Recently, within the last 3-4 weeks, my psychiatrist has prescribed Quetiapine XR (50mg) to be taken at night, for the off-label treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Today, I have been giving a supply of Diazepam...

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  • KRMe 2

    Quetiapine and Exercise

    I am currently doing a lot of exercise on Quetiapine as I did before I took it and am aware that the drug makes body temperature regulation more difficult in warmer weather. I am currently training for a 100km ultra marathon and am fine but worry that it may present a problem come race day and I am very...

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  • sarah54249 3

    Just been prescribed quetiapine for anxiety

    Hi all, My doctor has just prescribed my quetiapine for anxiety, i am already on 40mg of citalopram a day for anxiety and depression I also take (when needed) 20mg of propranolol when I feel a panic attack coming on to slow my heart down. The thought of taking yet another med is making me anxious lol....

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  • altair1967 1

    walking on eggshells- just can't get on with others in long term

    I have some problems that have been with me most of my life- I am moody, people feel like they are walking on eggshells around me.  I get very emotional and suffer anxiety.  I feel that people are against me and lack trust in them.  MY long suffering partner has been a rock but can't always be there. ...

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  • leane14077 1

    Seroquel making me feel very sleepy during the day

    Hi there, I've been taking Seroquel (25 mg) as a sleeping aid for the past three years. For the last few months, I've found that I am extremely sleepy during the day, even though I ususally drink my sleeping pill around 22:30 each night, which gives me a solid 7-8 hours' sleep. I've recently tried drinking...

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  • jeremy1979 2

    Anyone use Quetiapine for anxiety?

    I have some bad anxiety I'm dealing with, I've tried lorazepam and clonazapam and can't take them as they make me really depressed. I have been taking Quetiapine at night to help sleep, 25mg and it def helps me sleep. I take 25mg during the day sometimes when I can barely function at work, it helps the...

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  • beccainkent 2

    Seroquel (Quetiapine) Withdrawal

    Hi  Am on the 6th day since stopping this drug completely. Tapered off but probably a bit too fast as was keen to get off it, went from 300 to 150 over a month and then just stopped it altogether last week. Am only sleeping due to a friends spare sleeping tabs that she gave me but even then my sleep...

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  • pauline31919 3


    wonder if anyone is having nightmares every night.  My son has gone up to 50 mg twice a day, is even more anxious and short tempered. Sleeping troublesome due to nightmares.  He's been prescribed quetiapine for personality disorder, and is 47 years old.  Any tips please, difficult times for him, these...

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  • karen78354 1

    Quetiapine withdrawals, help??

    I was on 275 mg of quetiapine for 14 months, I had horrible side effects so worked with my doctor to come off it. It has nearly been 8 weeks now since my last dose and I'm still a mess. I have M.E which isn't helping. I'm in constant pain, shoulders, tight cramps in my neck, back pain and shooting pains...

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  • cobber 1
  • joel61714 1

    Stopping Quetiapine, cold turkey?

    Following a breakdown where I was sectioned I was prescribed 300mg Quetiapine at night. Two months on, when I take my medication at night, roughly an hour later I will suffer from intense anxiety and I am certain it is the meds increasing my heart rate. Therefore I am planning on not taking it any longer...

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  • jack2016 1

    Seroquel as monotherapy (antihistamine effect ex cetera)

    I am 39 years old male. I take every evening one pill of Seroquel XR 300 mg. That is now the dose after calibrating my medicine for years. I got rid of Escitolapram. And the dose of Seroquel XR has come down from 600 mg. First and most interesting question is the following: - I used to get very strong...

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  • julie1111 6
  • orangedog 2

    Pyschiatrist/GP has suggested quetiapine

    Hi. I'm currently on 150mg sertraline and 15mg mirtazapine.  As my depression hasn't lifted in a few years the GP has said to start 50mg of quetiapine.  I'm very nervous about starting another medication and don't want any nasty side effects like weight gain or feeling really tired or zombie like during...

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