Newly diagnosed Bipolar 2 (quetiapine)

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Hi Everyone.

I've been diagnosed Bi'polar last week. I was wrongly diagnosed with depression and 8wks ago was put on venlafaxine (Currently on 150mg). Saw a new psychiatrist who diagnosed Bi-polar 2 and started me on 100mg quetiapine MR to be taken for a week then up to 200mg for week and finally to 300mg. He then wants to reduce the venlafaxine. I've never been so ill. At one point I wanted to die as I have no proper feelings towards my beautiful daughter (12) or the rest of my family. I don't even feel like me. I'm usually a very caring and compassionate person and feel totally lost and pretty scared most of the time. My head is a scrambled mess, can't concentrate and don't enjoy anything and I even feel weird and mildly aggressive towards people that I love. Memories from the past are coming up and I feel like I am reliving them as if they are happening now. Wanted to know if this is normal with Bipolar 2. Have had overwhelming fear for weeks and I'm so scared I will never feel like me again. I feel disconnected from everyone and don't know how long I can cope. Would the antidepressant make my anxiety worse? I was put on it after what I know now was a hypomanic episode which was followed by the anxiety/fear. So sorry for the long post but I'm at my wits end.

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    Hi Jaqueline66035... I too have been diagnosed with bipolar 2.. I have tried numerous AD's prior to this that didn't work or did immediately and made me more manic when they stopped. Seeing a Psych now and on venlaxafine XR 150mg. And seroquel 100mg in the eve..feeling much better...not 100% but better....give your meds time...I too was so down..just wanted to separate myself from those I love.. Just wouldn't allow,myself to do so.. It takes time.. But the right meds will make you feel human again be patient..message me,any time😊

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      Thank you so much for replying Leahe. I got a better sleep last night and feeling more like me tday. I'm hoping that the last few weeks will be the worst experience I'll have with Bipolar. I started to become ill in springtime last year. At the time I didn't know as felt very happy and full of energy. I then got involved in a very unsuitable relationship and my sister told me that I was acting out of character. A few weeks on I got agitated and got extreme anxiety and was treated with antidepressants and then quetiapine. Came off meds in February this year and by April got the happy and energetic feeling back and went into another relationship! Same thing happened again but so much worse. I had intrusive thoughts every few seconds, felt detached from reality and have been through what I feel has been a nervous breakdown. I was put on an antidepressant on it's own. I got a new psychiatrist who immediately told me it was bipolar 2 because of the surge of energy, elation and getting involved in unsuitable relationships and risk-taking behaviour. He said I'd been wrongly diagnosed with depression and shouldn't have been put on antidepressants without a mood stabiliser as they would have made things worse! Has been a nightmare but tday I'm having more times feeling like me and getting feelings back towards my daughter. Hope this is the turning point. Never want to feel like this again and hoping that with the rite meds, good diet and keeping an eye on my sleep and mood I should be able to prevent such an awful experience happening again!

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      Wow..kinda similar experience but have gone bout 30+ years till I have reached out for help...up down..up down..craziness.. I really like my psych doc and gp.I too am.having much better days in these meds.. Been in therapy believing it was environment doing it.. Now I feel like I am on a clear road to recovery.. I pray same for you. I never want go go back.. I too believe I have has multiple breakdowns but believe it or not faked ok thru it and well..drank no one would know..its crazy the things we do to hide glad I am now transparent.. It is,what it is.. Just the,waiting for meds to work can be frustrating... Reach.out anytime...🤗😊

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      Hi Leahe. Thank you for your reply! Just wanted to let you know that I've improved as the day has gone in. Feel like I'm finally coming out of the last 7wks of nightmare feelings! Even managed to go to a cafe with my sister without having major fear and panic! I guess the quetiapine is finally calming down the damage that the antidepressant did! Can't believe the difference! Do hope that you get back to feeling really good fast! Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope you will too. Jackie xx

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    This sounds like some serious stuff!! PLEASE, call your doctor. If he or she is not available, call 911 BEFORE something really bad happens. We all know, in this discussion format, that things can get ugly fast.
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      Hi Tom. Thank you so much for your reply Tom. I'm feeling more like myself today. Would you say that this has been an extreme episode for Bi-polar 2? As I'm hoping I don't have to go through this again. Been quite terrifying.

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      Your welcome. It sometimes helps me when I am going through an episode, to sit myself down, and ask myself some hard questions.

      Over the years, I have come to realize that people with depression get depressed. I still don't have to like it, but I do need to accept it .

      Then, I try to get back on an even level, and tell myself...

      This too shall pass.

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      Hi Tom. Thank you for your reply. Very true words! Have had unipolar depression many years ago and afterwards I did CBT and read many self help and self improvement books. These have kept depression at bay in times of trouble (losing family members, husband having an affair and leaving myself and daughter in pretty dire circumstances and relocating several times in a few years). Nothing quite prepared me for the last few weeks as I had never experienced bi-polar and the wrong diagnosis and consequent medication made me totally unable to function. So glad that I got a really good psychiatrist and the proper meds to help me enough so that I could put my CBT into practice. This forum and all the people who have so kindly replied to my posts held me together until my meds have worked. Can't thank you all enough.

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    Hi Jacqueline I had worries problem and took quetiapine for a years. I was taking 50mg for a year and half. I stopped now has been 5 months.

    I think you have to the treatment and following a healthy life for your well-being. What work for me was a phycologist for 6 months and could overcome the problem. I tried to relax my mind and see what was causing for mush worries in my brain, and reducing the worries day by day I was able to be free of stress. In general I was responsible for part of my problem when I was worring most of the time. Things were difficult for me because I couldn't change my thoughts and everyday I was worried about diffents things.

    Please try to avoid worries and don't worry if about others. At this moment even things doesn't go right you should follow your treatment and be kind with your self. Your doctor would say what is better for you. If you think it's help you can ask any question.

    Have a nice day and say thanking for everything even if weren't feeling well... Try to be positive and things will change day by day...

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