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morgan95866 morgan95866

How long will Swollen neck lymph nodes last???

So I was diagnosed with mono about 1 month ago, I didn't have fevers or severe fatigue, I've had a bit of a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes in my neck the whole time, I've also had some pain in my ribs and abdomen, but the is subsiding a bit. I am just curious of how long others sore throat and swollen lymph nodes have lasted I am worried, just wondering if it is normal for the lymph nodes to go down and get swollen again, it also seems worse when I am stressed about something and at night seems to get better when I drink lots of water. Any input would be helpful!

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  • maisie51387 morgan95866

    Heya, ive had glandular fever for 10 months now, in the first 6 months i had tonsilitis 3 times, i get the occasional sore throat now and my tonsils havent gone down. The glands in my neck were gigantic! And so painful moving my head hurt. They grow and shrink with stress and also other viruses and colds, mine havent gone completely the smallest theh have been are pea sized but they are a bit bigger at the moment. For some people they never go completely. Stress is the worst thing for you, rest as much as possible. I went straight back to college after having gf for 3 weeks, i relapsed and here i am 10 months on still not better. I think had i known about glandular fever better when i first got it i would be better by now.

    Please ask me any questions, im glad you are on this forum so early on in your journeysmile everyone here is so supportive and have the best advice


    • morgan95866 maisie51387

      Thank you for your response, im sure I have a long road ahead and i will look to the people here anytime I have questions. I am hoping that all I will have to deal with is the swollen lymph nodes compared to what some people experience! I wish you the best of luck in your healing and I will pray your journey only gets easier! Take care hun! Thank you for responding also!

    • Clidecjay maisie51387

      How are you doing now?   I have started to feel normal somewhat anyway , but the nodes on one side of neck still big. Maybe 4-6.  2 new. The first ones always have stayed the same size.  Only one you can see but they are tender and scary. Wow this does suck.  I wish this on no one. I’m tired just tired.  Hope you feel better    Cj

    • craig07920 Clidecjay

      Hey CJ,

      Glad that you are feeling a bit more like normal, hoping things continue in the right direction for you. I remember when I went through the virus the lymph nodes that bothered me in my neck was one of the last symptoms to go, but it did go eventually. It can be normal for it to linger but it does get better and only very occassionally feel it nowadays when have a bad cold or something like that. Hoping you feel much better soon I can understand you must be so weary and tired, but things do get better with time, frustrating how long it takes I know! Hang in there!


    • craig07920 Clidecjay

      Thanks for your wonderful kind words CJ, I am no sir though!! Struggling myself with some pain issues and barriers at the moment so I know what it's like to be so low and struggling, so all the kind words are a great help for me too! Hoping things settle for you CJ and best wishes and love to you!


    • morgan95866 Clidecjay

      I am doing pretty well now it seems , I still get pains in my spleen and a dry/sore throat occasionally and my lymph nodes haven't been inflamed or swollen too much anymore still feel wore out sometimes but able to go about my normal schedule, hoping I keep going in the right direction, glad to hear you are feeling better and thank you for check up! Prayers to you!


  • craig07920 morgan95866

    Hey Morgan,

    I had one particular swollen lymph node in my neck that bothered me throughout the duration of the virus, it is very normal to get this just want to reassure you. Also the pain around the rib / upper abdmon area is very common too, as there are loads of glands in there, they say the spleen (upper left quadrant) can sometimes be enlarged during the early stages but a doctor would be able to tell that very easily by examination. I didn't have a swollen spleen but still had pain in that area, that is normal too.

    This is by far the worst phase the first couple of months especially Morgan, just hang in there and make sure you get plenty of rest and don't try to push through too much right now - be kind to yourself as your body needs time to recover! Yes definitely things can get worse with stress, there is a real connection here, so hard to manage as the virus itself causes stress I know!

    But key thing to remember is that this DOES go away and that you WILL get better - don't panic if it still takes a wee bit of time, that can be normal, but you will get over it and make a full recovery I truly believe that. Taking vitamins and herbs really helped me, a good strong multi-vitamin per day, high doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), B complex (for energy levels and nervous system) and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng/echinicea/oregano.

    Hang in there and thinking about you and make sure you rest, drinking lots of water is good!


    • morgan95866 craig07920

      Thank you so much for the reassurance! I will try to keep my stress levels down and rest as much as possible, but two kids going on summer break that will be tough, one is 6 and 1 is 8. But this too shall pass! Thank you again for reassurance that this is all pretty normal for this virus.

    • craig07920 morgan95866

      Oh I know Morgan it's so hard to not worry and keep stress levels down when the virus makes you feel this way and you have responsibilities, especially being a parent. Remember that you will be well to have happy and healthy times playing with them again soon once this is all over, definitely think these things are normal for the virus and fully believe you're going to get better and make a full recovery - I know it doesn't help much when going through it every day and can't see an end, but thinking about you and just hang in there taking one day at a time and knowing that God will look after the bigger picture and bring healing - I truly believe that.

      Take care and thinking of you!


  • tabitha78139 morgan95866

    Hi Morgan. I’m in my sixth week of mono and my lymph nodes do go up and down. I think this is completely normal. One thing that has helped me is getting lymphatic drainage massage. It’s a very gentle process and gets the lymph flowing.

    Also, I believe stress does play a part in it. So staying calm is important. I know it’s hard to do with this virus.

    Try to remind yourself you will get well. 

    Take care!


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