How many people have gotten rid of blepharitis completely?

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Blepharitis if you research online, it will say its not curable but could be manageable.  Lynda79 had wrote about wetones that she used to kill her blepharitis.  She said a friend of hers used some product that had this ingredient and got rid of her blepharitis.  She said she looking for same product but couldn't find it but saw the same ingredient in wet ones and thus used it and got rid of blepharitis.  I recalled she said it took 6 months i believe to get rid of it completely and it has never came back.

So that means 2 people have confirmed to have been cured of blepharitis.  Has anyone else here cured blepharitis or know anyone who has?  Has anyone here had blepharitis as told by their eye doctor then went to their eye doctor to find out it no longer was there anymore in their eye but then later on whether few weeks later or month etc blepharitis came back and their eye doctor can confirm it?


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    Also another question.  I know if you have blepharitis, i read most eye surgeons wont ever do lasik on your eye.  But what if you cured your blepharitis and the eye doctor dont see you have blepharitis anymore.  Would that change?  
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    Hi drewlizard, 

    I have suffered from blephartis for almost a year before I found something that worked for me. I have read all kinds of articles and forums. I have been to the eye doctor on several occasions and nothing was helping! I thought that there wasn't any cure but I got the courage to keep reading and keep searching for something to help me. I started taking probiotics, eating almonds, drinking yogurt to regulate my system. There were times where I wouldn't go to the bathroom for days, even weeks. I thought it was no big deal but it was. After I started to do this I regulated my system, my blephartis started clear up! I couldn't believe it! I addition to regulating my system, I use ocusoft lid scrubs every night before bed. I am able to wear makeup again and finally found relief. Not everyone is the same but I say it's worth a try because it has worked for me and numerous other people! Good luck! And don't give up!!  

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      So you are saying you had saw an eye doctor that diagnose you for blepharitis.  Then after all of this stuff you did, you then went to an eye doctor again and they confirmed with you they no longer saw blepharitis in your eyes?


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      Yes. I went there and she said my eye lids were no longer inflamed! You have to find something that works for you and stick to it every day! I am only telling you what worked for me and to give it a try! 
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      how long did it take for the blepharitis to go away?  How long are you blepharitis free for?


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      I suffered for about a year. As soon as I started taking probiotics and cleaning out my system, that only took maybe 2 weeks of that. 
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      Hi.  But was it after 2 weeks you say the eye doctor and they confirmed from checking your eye... you no longer have blepharitis?   How long have you been blepharitis free?  To me, i feel like if you dont feel like you have blepharitrs anymore and dont have anymore symptons yet dont go to an eye doctor to check... then i dont really count that as blepharitis free unless you confirm with a doctor.
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      I'm in the UK....was diagnosed with blepharitis but a consultant at the hospital. Went back and forward to hime for almost 3 years and he tried everything from steroids, to name it....nothing helped it.

      Then I tried the wet ones and it worked along with a few other things.

      I do believe it is a chronic disease and cannot be fured but can be may come back again and as soon as you see the signs of the first symptoms coming....jump on them anbd start whatever it was you were doing only do it really regularly....I know now that mine has gone {for the moment}I've relaxed with my routine a bit....not doing things as regularly as I was.

      I went back to the consultant who said he couldnt see anything and discharged me, he also said that if I had any aother problems go to my GP so he appears to think it has gone {for the moment anyway}

      I also went for my eye test to the Optician.....its a regular yearly thing.....he said I needed distance glasseseek and my reading glasses should be stronger!!!  So got my distance glasses and a few weeks later they seemed blurred!!! I went back and got some info fromn people behind the desk, didnt work, went back again, didnt work, eventually I said I want a re-test so when I kept this appointment the first thing he said was "your eyes aren't as inflammed as they were the last time I saw you" He tested them exactly the same way as before.......I didnt need distance glasse nor did I need my reading ones strongersurprised

      So thats my storey



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    Hi Drewlizard!

    I am a convert of the Wet Ones thanks to Lynda!  I cut them into small pieces and keep them in the packet so they stay moist.  I use them once in the morning and once before bedtime.  I found that it was helpful to wrap a small piece around a cuetip swab and brush the underside of my eye lid at the eye lash root base as well as doing the top of the eye lid at the eyelash root base.  I use Systane Balance Eye Drops 3 x per day to keep my eyes moist.  This helps to wash away any bacteria that's accumulating as well.  I also found an eye wash that's very helpful called TheraTears Eye Wash.  It is a foam cleanser.  I use this 2x per day.  I put it on a cotton piece and wash each eye with a clean piece.  The cosmetic cotton rounds for removing eye makeup work well.  Then I rinse off the cleanser.  The product recommends that you try and leave the cleaner on for 60 sec. and I do try and do this too.  I have pretty well cleared up my eyes and am back to wearing eye makeup again.  I am vifilant with this routine as I feel that Blepharitis could start up again if I do not.  I hope this is helpful to you.

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    Re:  Wet Ones!

    I just had an allergic reaction to these.  My eye lids became very red and inflames and my eyes would not stop watering.  My dr. said my eyes were not infected, but my corneas were irritated and inflamed.  She thinks I developed a form of "dermatitis" on my eyelids.  She gave me an opthamolgic eye drop for allergies to use and my eyes are clearing up.  I have to make sure that I do not get soaps or hair products on my face.  I am going to switch to products, including makeups, that are chemical free.  I have switched laundry detergents and fabric softeners to those that are dye and fragrance free.  I have to watch for products that contain PABA, phenylenediamamine, para aminoaniline, aminobenzoic acid, benzonium derivatives and relatives.  I can't believe how many products contain these and other related chemicals.  Is it possible that blepharitis is a condition that's developed over time to soaps and dyes in our products and is allergy related?

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    What make of Wet Wipes do you recommend?
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      Marlene, I had an allergic reaction to the Wet Ones in a red package.  I too would like to know if there are other ones.  Maybe I used the wrong ones.

      Either way, the ones I used were very drying to the skin.

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    I have severe case for several years. A doctor once refused to treat me and told me I didn't belong in his office he was an allergist ENT. Dermatologist, eye docs, urgent care, no answers,

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    Doctors are never concerned and offer little help for this condition. I am a flight attendant and I believe bacteria and germs on planes caused mine.

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