How much bleeding is normal after hysterectomy?

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I had a laparascopically assisted vaginally hysterectomy just over 3 weeks ago.

I've recovered well so far, and am able to go out and walk for about 30 mins. I'm not in any significant amount of pain.

My initial bleeding stopped quite quickly, within a week or so. However the last few days it's restarted every evening. I'm getting a gush of bright red blood, which settles down to less overnight, then just spotting by the morning. It then stops for a few hours to return again in the evening. The total amount is probably not that a light period. This has happened for the last four nights.

I'm not feeling unwell or in any pain (aside from occasional pains in my bowel which are not that bad).

The information leaflet I was given says I might bleed slightly as stitches drop off, but I've not seen any knots, and this bleeding is more than I had right at the start.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be concerned or is this normal?

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    Hi Louise.

    I had my hysterectomy the 22nd. of March 2018. You will experience light bleeding.

    The moment that I had begun to be concerned is when I was gushing blood. I was the patient that didn't listen to the doctors. I started walking in the mall and cleaning after 2 weeks. It's week three, it's concerning you, call your doctor to inquire. I have experienced this, but I would feel better if you call your doctor to relieve your worries.

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    Hi there, I agree with Louise, to be safe and to put your mind at rest talk to your GP, I had the same op as you almost 5 years ago, I know I bled slightly for a few days then a bit later on I lost some blood which was darker and knew this to be what they call pooled blood (stale basically), at 3 weeks you shouldn't be getting blood gushing but I'm not a doctor so he/she should be your next port of call.


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    Hi again Louise.

    Would you keep us abreast of what the doctor tell you?

    What I've noted about this group, is that there is a lot of concern and support within the group and it's participants.

    Feel better and take good care.

    Kay / hot tempered

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    Thanks Kay and Phoebe for your replies.

    I think I've maybe been doing a bit too much as I've been feeling pretty well and not tired at all so apart from avoiding lifting heavy stuff I had returned to most other tasks/chores etc. Today I've gone back to being how I was in the first few days, and have stopped doing light chores etc. Just in case I've been doing something that's pulling on the internal stitches too much.

    I'm thinking it can't be anything too serious as the bleeding isn't constant. But it's very strange the way it comes on every evening.

    I'll let you know what the doctor says tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.


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      hi louise

      I had a tvh last jan 2018 and my professor Urogynacologist told me no housework till after 6 wks checkup.

      it takes up to 12 wks for the vaginal cuff to heal otherwise yiu are at risk of vaginal vault prolapse later on.

      please rest and no housework. one chance of healing, look after you.

      good luckxx

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      Thanks for your reply Welshgirl. I'd been careful not to lift anything heavy but had been putting out washing on the line (one of my teenagers carried the washing basket out). But obviously the bending and stretching to reach down to the basket was not good for me!

      I have been very lucky that I've felt back to normal within about ten days. But obviously I'm not back to normal at all on the inside!

      I hope my message might at least warn others who are lucky to be feeling very well during the early stages to be very careful what they do!

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      I definitely did not hang out washing fir at least 4 months after.

      stretchi9 and bending shouldnt be done especially at such an early time like yourself .

      you really need to refuse to do any housework that involves bending ir stretching fir at least 12 weeks.

      I dont mean to sound negative but yiu are at risk if failure if the tissue are out under you mych strain to soon.

      please take care as 1 chance of recovery. I know all to well as I've been through 2 anterior and tvh.

      I'm slim and healthy but my first one failed even after 8 wks of pure rest.x

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    hi there. i am having the same problem. i had a laparascopic hysterectomy 5 weeks yesterday ( kept my ovaries). never had any bleeding apart from light pink and brown discharged. when i woke up early morning 2 days ago, i went to used the toilet and noticed fresh red blood . yesterday, i was worried because the bleeding is heavier as if i have a period ( again, i only bleed when i used the toilet) . went to see my doctor yesterday and she took a sample of blood down below to see if there is any infection. also took a blood test. i am now waiting for the result. ☹

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      Sorry to hear you have the same issue. Please let me know what your doctor says. But I hope you stop bleeding soon.

      I spoke to my doctor yesterday. She asked what I'd been doing (in terms of housework etc) and felt I'd probably been doing too much and have pulled the stitches apart when bending and stretching.She advised me to go back to how I was in the first few days when I came out of hospital, apart from she said to keep on with the walking I've been doing. So basically I'm doing hardly anything round the house other than making myself a cuppa .

      But the bleeding has now stopped. So hopefully that's doing the trick.

      If it comes back I have to go to see the doctor.

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    HI there. I am new to any sort of chat group but thought it to be helpful if i joined due to many questions that have and still arise. I made a call to my doctor 2 days ago because i started bleeding with severe cramping. Today marks 3 weeks from a laparoscopic hysto with removal of uterus and cervix. Ovaries were left in. First two weeks were what i expected from a surgery until about 6 days ago i started cramping and bleeding. First bleed was heavy. Over the next few days it has been lighter and not frequent. 4th day from initial bleed i called doctor and he replied it was normal recovery process. My only concern is i am experiencing major cramping. At times can feel as bad as labor pains. I have lost conscientiousness twice and feel dizzy with fatigue. I am curious to what your recovery status is currently since its been 6 weeks from this post.

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      I would definitely see you consultant if your passing out with pain. this us not normal.

      I only had mild cramping for a few days and nothing much after that. are you doing too much?

      6 weeks p,us of rest is the best remedy . good

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