How to cope with no longer taking Zopiclone

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I have been taking Zopiclone for the last 2 years (through doctor and buying online) 

I recently decided to come off Zopiclone, 
I have tried to stop before as at the height I was taking 3 x 7.5mg tablets per night. 

I am really anxious about coming off them but I feel it's time, 

I just wanted to see if anyone has any coping tips to get me through these first few nights or as long as it takes to get back to natural sleep. 

Thanks in advance

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    I have only been taking it for 4 months and stopped it the other night but the tremors and spasms are quite alarming dont know whether to cut down gradually or cold turkey as I hav not been on them for long


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    Hey Julie I'd recommend the Ashton plan I'd go to your doctor and tell them about buying online too. It works really well you'll have a good few days of feeling awful if I'm honest but it's worth it. I used to be on a stupid amount (at worst 20 7.5 mg a day) but it's worked really well. Can carry on working etc and lead a normal life! Finding diazepam is making me sleep better rolleyes good luck Julie I hope you can get sorted xx
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      Hi Katie

      Thank you for your advise. Good to know I'm not alone. 

      I'm not sure if I want to swap one drug for another. I'm not convinced cold turkey is working but night two no Zop and I feel ok........ For now.

      Telling my doctor I've been buying off the internet is a no go..... Coward I know but would rather go cold turkey than being lectured at sad

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    Hi there julie, I too am currently coming off the zoplclone been on 7.5g a night for about 8 years and have been putting off stopping but now feel I must or reduced my dosage by half on new years eve and have stuck with that for a week....having a bit of a rought time with it but not about to give in anytime soon if I can really help it. Had some good words od advice and encouragement on this site, good luck to you.......

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      Hi Robin

      Stay positive and don't think of bedtime, thinking about bed always set off my anxiety.

      How long are you sleeping each night now on 3.5?

      Just realised I'm asking some very personal questions..... Private message me and we'll chat.

      Julie smile

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    Hi Julie,

    How is it going with your withdrawing from zopiclone, I was told today by my doctor that taking zopiclone increases your chance of sudden death sydrome !!!! I am going to stop taking 3.75mg a night for the last 4 months .  I was thinking of cuting that in half and slowly going down to 0mgs any advise.  I am scared .

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    Hi Julie, was wondering how you are coping coming off the zopiclone, and thanks for the private did me some good   Robin
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    Quick update - So I am still Zop free smile

    The first few weeks were awful!! Could feel the drug physically leaving my body.

    In about week six I had a slight set back to the point I was laying awake for 12 hours, I was ademant I wasn't going back on the Zop so I went and got some Sominex and it worked a treat.

    Im not going to sit here and say it's easy but......... You can do it!!! 

    Nancy - don't be scared, I promise you will get to sleep naturally very soon.

    Chris - pleased I could help

    i know how hard it is too come off them but if I can help one person to come off them and them another then that's fantastic. 

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    4 months on and still off the Zop!! 

    I thought the day where I could sleep unaided would never come!! 

    To to all who are scared..... Trust me when I say "you can do it"!!

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      hi julie, well done, it's so encouraging for others to read your posts. I am seven weeks into my slow and gradual withdrawel from zopiclone and it,s going ok smoother than I had anticipated, from 7.5mg per night I now take 2mg, and in another week or two I will try to cut it out altogether, it was a bit rough to start with but now feel I am almost out of the woods so to speak, and feel that I am in control not the other way round. Looking forward to my posting on here that I am free of zopiclone.........

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    Hi Julie I've been taking zopiclone every night for the past 18 years and started getting off it last night. Needless to say I didn't sleep but I'm ok with it so far, I was on 7.5 for many years but reduced to 3.5 about 8 years ago. Hopefully the transition won't take too long. I don't know if I should stop cold turkey or start every other night, if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. It's really nice to talk with people who are going through the same thing, I don't feel so alone.
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      hi carmel, personaly I would recomend coming off gradually reduce your dose every couple of weeks or so untill you feel confident to stop altogether......good luck

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