How to make a home made liquid to taper off mirtazapine

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A few people have asked how to make a home made liquid to taper off mirtazapine. This is how I did it. It allowed me to make drops of as low as 0.1mg. You need a pill grinder, a 1ml syringe with 0.1ml markings, A small bottle, An acurate measuring jug or container, some maple syrup or similar flavouring.

I made 60ml each time. Each ml = 1mg of mirtazapine.

Grind up 4 x 15mg mirtazapine pills using the pill grinder. If you have the normal pills, the pill coating does not grind so fine as the mirtazapine inside, but don't worry about that. Measure out 30 ml of water and mix in 30ml of maple syrup. Put into bottle and shake. Pour in the mirt and shake. Keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. Shake vigorously before using syringe to measure the required amount of the liquid. 1ml = 1mg of mirt, so very easy to do. The mirt does not disolve which is why you have to shake the bottle well each time you dose.

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    How are you doing now that you've been off, evergreen?  How long has it been now that you've been off?
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      Nearly a month! I'm doing great. Still have insomnia without temazepam, but everything else is better than I've been in ten years. How are you?
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      That is such great news!  So you're doing better than you even were before going on mirt - awesome!  

      Me, at 13.5 mg, had a rocky time this past week due to situational triggers, but prior to that was doing quite well.  Doing the final part of cross tapering onto the SolTabs.

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      Hello evergreen, well it's been 3 months and I hope your still doing well. Is everything still goiter okay. I have liquid now thank, you for your posts. I am down to 7.8 and getting better everyday. Thanks so much for your recipe for liquid mirt. 

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      You're very welcome. Yes, I am free of mirt and did not have any severe WD symptoms at all. In fact none once I was off it. I then became very ill and found I had Graves disease, so nothing to do with mirt WD. I am being treated for the over active thyroid which was caused my Graves disease and am feeling loads better. Sadly, my insomnia has gone from bad to worse and I cannot sleep a wink without sleeping pills. I take temazepam and zopiclone alternatively to avoid dependence on either one but the zopiclone has given me a strange and very annoying side effect of jaw, tongue and teeth tension which lasts for days after every dose so I may have to knock that one on the head. Well done getting down to 7.8mg. I am pleased the liquid is helping you. Good luck!

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    Great post Evergreen smile  


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      Calmer, I know you did a big jump down in dosage - where are you at now and how did that drop go?!!
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      Actually, maybe it was Frances that did the big jump and not still doing 5% every other week?


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    This was my exact taper by day

    05/11/2015 30mg

    06/11/2015 26.25mg

    07/11/2015 26.25mg

    08/11/2015 26.25mg

    09/11/2015 22.5mg

    10/11/2015 22.5mg

    11/11/2015 22.5mg

    12/11/2015 22.5mg

    13/11/2015 22.5mg

    14/11/2015 22.5mg

    15/11/2015 22.5mg

    16/11/2015 22.5mg

    17/11/2015 22.5mg

    18/11/2015 22.5mg

    19/11/2015 22.5mg

    20/11/2015 22.5mg

    21/11/2015 22.5mg

    22/11/2015 22.5mg

    23/11/2015 15mg

    24/11/2015 15mg

    25/11/2015 15mg

    26/11/2015 15mg

    27/11/2015 15mg

    28/11/2015 15mg

    29/11/2015 15mg

    30/11/2015 15mg

    01/12/2015 15mg

    02/12/2015 15mg

    03/12/2015 11.25

    04/12/2015 11.25

    05/12/2015 11.25

    06/12/2015 11.25

    07/12/2015 11.25

    08/12/2015 11.25

    09/12/2015 11.25

    10/12/2015 11.25

    11/12/2015 11.25

    12/12/2015 11.25

    13/12/2015 7.5

    14/12/2015 7.5

    15/12/2015 7.5

    16/12/2015 7.5

    17/12/2015 7.5

    18/12/2015 7.5

    19/12/2015 7.5

    20/12/2015 7.5

    21/12/2015 7.5

    22/12/2015 7.5

    23/12/2015 7.5

    24/12/2015 7.5

    25/12/2015 7.5

    26/12/2015 7.5

    27/12/2015 7.5

    28/12/2015 7.5

    29/12/2015 7.5

    30/12/2015 5.625

    31/12/2015 5.625

    01/01/2016 5.625

    02/01/2016 5.625

    03/01/2016 5.625

    04/01/2016 5.625

    05/01/2016 5.625

    06/01/2016 3.75

    07/01/2016 3.75

    08/01/2016 3.75

    09/01/2016 3.75

    10/01/2016 3.75

    11/01/2016 3.75

    12/01/2016 3.75

    13/01/2016 1.875

    14/01/2016 1.875

    15/01/2016 1.875

    16/01/2016 1.875

    17/01/2016 1.875

    18/01/2016 1.875

    19/01/2016 1.875

    20/01/2016 0

    21/01/2016 1.875

    22/01/2016 1.5

    23/01/2016 1.4

    24/01/2016 1.3

    25/01/2016 1.2

    26/01/2016 1.1

    27/01/2016 1

    28/01/2016 1

    29/01/2016 0.9

    30/01/2016 0.9

    31/01/2016 0.8

    01/02/2016 0.8

    02/02/2016 0.7

    03/02/2016 0.7

    04/02/2016 0.6

    05/02/2016 0.6

    06/02/2016 0.5

    07/02/2016 0.5

    08/02/2016 0.4

    09/02/2016 0.4

    10/02/2016 0.3

    11/02/2016 0.3

    12/02/2016 0.2

    13/02/2016 0.2

    14/02/2016 0.1

    15/02/2016 0.1

    16/02/2016 0

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      You can see that on 20th Jan I went to zero. I was going to alternate days but it was a disaster, so I reinstated and did more gradual taper.
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      Hello evergreen. Why does your chart go from black lettering to red is that where you went to liquid? Did you notice any differences in taking pill form and liquid?   Thanks for all your information and good going.
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      It all looks black to me. No difference for me between the liquid and the tablets.
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      Hi evergreen at the rate you tapered did you not experience a lack of energy? Or with bigger drops did the taper become easier. I am down to 9.2 from 15 and Iam still dry cutting and want to changing to liquid I don't know for sure if I have my taper percentages correct. Congratulations because I know this is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Very good Evergreen. 
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      In my case it was complicated by the fact that I had an undiagnosed physical disease. I did not experience any WD symptoms from the mirt tapering at the rate that I did. I had tried to come off it much faster in the past and had awful, completely unbearable WD symptoms. But apart from day 4-5 after each dosage cut, I had nothing. Good luck with your taper.
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    Hi Evergreen,

    Thank you for the idea how to liquid taper Mirtazapine. It is really helpful. Can i keep the liquid for more than two weeks if i don't add maple syrup. I am so glad you are still doing great. It gives hope.

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      The reasoning behind not keeping it too long is that the drug breaks down. Some people say homemade liquid should not be kept more than four days, but I stretched it to 2 weeks.

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