How to manage having completely gone off food?

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So I've got some major nausea and vomiting issues and have done for 4 years which have got dramatically worse over the past 1-2 years. All routine issues have been ruled out (thyroid, diabetes, lactose or gluten intolerance, h.pylori, anaemia, deficiencies) etc. The symptom I'm really struggling with is having gone completely off food. I'm still hungry so it's not lack of appetite as such just the idea of most foods make me feel sick and I have to force myself to eat although that often makes me gag as well.

How can I manage this? What are good things to eat? I'm quite worried though as it's been getting worse and I'm struggling to finish meals now.

(Young female with no known medical conditions. Healthy weight)

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    Try to eat Greek yogurt, I've recently started to eat this with Apple and it's helping my gastritis a lot, or try bananas, try sloppy foods. What have the doctors said?

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      I haven't found the doctors very helpful. They haven't said much. I complained about it so they've referred me for laparascopy to check for potential endometriosis (which you can get in the GI tract) but no mention of any actual gastro investigations.

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    There is something called 'gastric emptying study', that shows, if (for whatever reason) food is not transported quickly enough from stomach into intestine. This symptom (I don't call it 'diagnose' since it doesn't say why it exists, like fever is a symptom not a diagnose) is called: gastroparesis.

    If that was the case, some medication (e.g. domperidone) can be trialed.

    Also a fiber low diet shows success (but is bad on intestine since that one like fiber for some bulk and movement...)

    (we did medication and diet with no success, only a laparoscopy and cutting adhesions along colon helped and now taking very often very small meals and suppressing nausea with ondanstrone.)

    You didn't have a gastro- and colonoscopy with these symptoms? Sometimes there is something visibly wrong in the oesophagus. Barium meal maybe? Did you have that?

    Good luck!

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      No I haven't tried any of those things. I'm struggling to get the GP to refer me for gastro investigations. They often brush it off as psychological but I know that's not the case

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    I've had the exact same symptoms as you, and i asked to get tested for H pylori and it came back positive. My doctor wasn't happy with the amount of weight i had lost so sent me up to A and E to get more tests, they set up an emergency endoscopy appointment for me wich i had done this tuesday, and they took two biopsys one was tested for Hpylori which came back negative, which is strange because i wasn't given the treatment to get rid of it. After lots of researching, i found out if you have taken any antibiotics before the procedure or any acid inhibitors it can produce a false negative reading. I'm 100 percent positive thats whats causing all my symptoms, so i'm going to demand they give me the treatment, which i should have got in th first place. After the endoscopy i feel my symptoms have got ten times worse, i can't eat anything now only liquids. I urge anyone who's not been tested for H pylori to demand a test, and take the medicine before taking the drastic step of getting an endoscopy.

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      Sorry i just noticed that you had already mentioned that in your post, hope you find an answer, i feel your pain it's awful, my daughter is in the same situation as you, the doctors completely brush her off and offer anti depressants, she's been having the symptoms going on 4 years, and we've had to research everything ourselves, to no avail.

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      Yeah I'm really fed up of them telling me it's psychological. I know it's not and they have done no formal investigations. Just because something isn't routine like diabetes or thyroid problems doesn't mean it's anxiety. I hope she gets an answer too!

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      I know it's shocking, I think through researching our own symptoms we can come up with more ideas than the actual doctors can, but its terrible that its come down to that. Have you had any scans or endoscopy?

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      Sorry i just noticed you had said they haven't even referred you to a gastro yet, my daughter went up to A+E a few weeks ago, thinking that they would eventually refer her to Gastro, but still nothing, dont give up, i would just ask them outright to refer you, thats our next step.

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      Yes it's really frustrating. It's ruining my life and I'm at the point where I'm not so worried what it actually is, it's more I just want answers and I want to know if there's treatment.

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      Don't give up keep on at your doctor and demand to be referred to a gastro, there will be answer, and there will be a cure. I'm going with my daughter on wed and i'm going to demand she gets the help she's needing, we are absolutely sick to the back teeth of being told its all in her head, please don't give up hope, just tell them your not happy with what they are doing to help,


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