How to recover from Heller Myotomy operation?

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2020 is a very difficult year, both for the country as well as for individuals. I suffered from Achalasia for a few years, and succeeded in getting a Heller Myotomy operation at the end of July. I think the doctor has done whatever he can and the achalasia problem is not serious any more. However, after the operation, I feel that there is a big knot tied in my stomachand the constant discomfort is always there. Plus the acid reflux, it is very difficult for me to sleep well during the night .I tried to swim more than twice per week and exercise as much as possible, yet not much has improved.

Any one who has gone through the Heller myotomy can provide some advice about how to recover from it as much as possible?

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    How are you doing now? I underwent a laparoscopic Heller Myotomy with DOR fundiplication on 12/10/2020 and feel about 80% recovered. Was yours an open Myotomy?

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      I did a laparoscopic Heller Myotomy with 270 degree fundoplication on July 25 of 2020.

      I think I have recovered from the surgery, but my acid reflux is always there. I feel that there is a knot inside my stomach and I feel very tight . It is uncomfortable all the time. So any suggestions to get over these symptoms? thank you.

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      I had my surgery in 2015, and although there is the instant relief of the chest pain when swallowing, unfortunately I have found that none of my other symptoms have gone away.

      Personally, my main and worst symptom is a weird and excruciating type of wind pain - I'm always having to force out burps, and this causes a lot of pressure on my lower esophageal sphincter, which throbs with pain/feels tight a lot of the time. I usually drink a lot of water, take Rennies/Gaviscon, and put a hot water bottle over my stomach to ease the pain and help with the wind (sort of like you would with period pain, I guess.)

      If you are not on any medication for your reflux, you should probably return to your GP as they may give you Omeprazole or the like to help with the acid.

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    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with me and I am having the similar pain and tightness you are suffering. The pain is there all the times and I have to put a heat pad on my tommy in order to ease it. I think this is because the doctor has done a 270 wrap so the whole antonymy of my body has changed. The acid problem is serious too, I am taking rabeprazole to deal with the acid reflux. What is Rennies, is that a counter medicine or can I buy it in any pharmacy? could you please share a link of this medicine?

    Thank you very much.

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    arnica tablets helped me with recovery from the physical operation. for the acid reflux I use a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar (sounds crazy but...) in water morning and evening and that has been the biggest help for the reflux. Also making sure my oesophagus is empty before I go to bed is important... The proton pump inhibitors didn't work for me but Zantac or ranitidine helped before I opted for natural remedies... I had my hellers myotomy in 1998 so I've had plenty of time to experiment and find what works for me.

    Constant lack of sleep is torture, so don't be hard on yourself... I only have around 1 or 2 bad nights a month now so keep persevering, it can get better...

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      Thank you for sharing the experience with me. I thought my Gerd ( acid reflux ) is caused by too much acid in the stomach so I always avoid as much as acid as possible. However your post gives me some inspiration and on internet , it is said sometimes Acid reflux is caused by too little acid. There are also articles about the Apple cider vinegar’s possible benefits . My question now is when do you take in the Apple cider vinegar, after the meal I guess?

      "1.Apple cider vinegar may introduce more acid into the digestive tract. If your acid reflux is the result of too little stomach acid, this might be beneficial.

      2.The acetic acid found in the vinegar fights against bacteria and other foreign bodies."

      Any way, I purchased on bottle of apple cider vinegar and am going to try this out.

      Another thank goes to the recommendation of the arnica tablets. Although I had the operation in July 2020, I still feel that I am not fully recovered from yet.

      However, all in all the Heller operation is worth taking, I started to gain weight after the operation and build up my strength. Since the operation I have gained 5 kg in weight. The challenges now is not to make the post -operation period more comfortable and more enjoyable.

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    I take my vinegar first thing in the morning and again before I go to bed in a small cup of water. I've noticed since being on the vinegar I haven't had any oesophageal thrush either. It seems counter intuitive to me to but I'm happier and I hope you have some success.

    Its brilliant news you're putting on weight and hopefully you can slowly get back to feeling more like a human, and a stronger more enlightened 1 to boot 😃

    You attitude is awesome, so I'm sure you will find something that helps... On that note, I had my first group chat with the achalasia action group today and I would highly recommend you join us... we all share similar experiences but as no 1 is the same there are many different approaches. hopefully if we try them all (or at least the 1s that appeal) we will find something that meets our particular needs.

    manuka honey was raved about today so I'm looking into that and it sounds worth a try next and probiotics containing lactobactillus is on the list now too.

    Patience and perserverance are key and I ve really found extra strength from the group.

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      Thank you very much for your encouragement, and I have ordered the vinegar and will try it as soon as it arrives. Does it tasted sour or sweet? Will the normal apple cider do the trick as well?

      I will try to take in more Chinese vinegar as well. As I read acid reflux may not be too much acid, sometimes is due to lack of acid in the stomach.

      I have bought the honey long time ago and take it when I remember it. Other than that, I have a small tip which is when you have too much acid getting out from the stomach, take a piece of cracker ( salty one ) will help.

      Have a nice and healthy day!

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      Hi, Paulsz, I am following your steps.

      May I ask how did you usually take the vinegar, do you swallow a spoon of apple cider vinegar directly and drink water, or do you dilute the vinegar in the cup of water , then drink the water? so you take vinegar twice, one in the early morning, another is before the bed time, is that right?

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      Hi, May I ask how you take your vinegar? you dilute the vinegar with water or just drink it directly from a tea spoon , with no water ?

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      hi there,

      how do you join the action group?

      i could do with as much advice as possible.


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