How to stop a fairly painless live migraine?

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I've been detoxing from Frovatriptan and Sumatriptan which I use A or B alternate months to prevent migraine that I'd otherwise get for 3 days each week. Trouble is my body gets used to it, so in order for them to work I come off of them once a year for a month, so this month has been a write off for about half of it, mainly spent laying down in the dark.

I've never found anything successful to stop a migraine whilst it is happening. Has anyone had anything work like this they could recommend?

I've tried off the counter meds in the UK and in Europe. Without success.

If it is any relevance I get..

Motion delay and image distortion

Hearing amplications and deamplications

Dizzy, esp with daylight

Travel like sickness

Memory issues and retaining information

Medium pain but can sleep

Heat waves

Loss of a full taste


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    Hi Simon, I totally understand...I have a complex history of Migraines since 1998, they changed, worsened, got better, got worse up to 4 days a week, then hangover from meds, then bad enough to have lost my vision 3 times(only a few minutes but, triggered panic attacks) currently stuck in a type of on-going Migraine(daily), where the head pain leaves at times but, other symptoms remain & have a permanent feeling of being out of body, with big black floaters & visual issues, some days so bad I can't function, it will be 1 yr in June with no break of THIS, going through testing w/ Neuro right now...SO, If you ever need to talk, I get what its like & am here ANYTIME...I was wondering if you have ever tried journaling to try to find what triggers your Migraines? Have you tried switching Triptans? Even though they are the same type of med, switching might work, it is done with other meds, either you switch on a regular basis(every other month maybe) or once they seem to not work as well, I have used (some generic other name brand, sorry for repeats) Almotriptan, Maxalt, Sumatriptan, Relpax, Eletriptan, most Triptans, some work better than others but, have been able to keep them working...there are a few new drugs on the market for regular treatment of Migraines(oral, injectables), some are having success w/Botox, others try things like Beta blockers, anti-depressants & anti-seizure meds, a preventative but, avoidance is the best & treating symptoms can help, TRIGGERS; chocolate, dyes, meds, caffeine, bright/flashing lights(screens), strong smells(perfume, cigarettes, exhaust, paint/nail polish, foods, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration(triptans/nausea meds can dry you out) & etc..etc..can be triggers!! I have used hot &/or cold packs, OTC naproxen( RX anti-inflammatories or topicals), anti-histamines, massage, use nausea meds too, using a fan/heating pad & layered clothing for hot & cold flashes, wear sunglasses(even watching tv), keeping regular eating & sleep schedule(having small amounts of food, will keep you from getting run down, even smoothies/slushies(they have no smell to avoid nausea & if you use ice or water it helps with hydration & calories) you may find MORE advice on this site....Have you ever seen a specialist? Maybe it could help?! I wish there was more I could do to help you but, hopefully some of these things can work for you!! Good Luck & BEST WISHES💒🎶🌈♾🐾🍀☮

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    hi simon

    i also have been suffering from migraines for many years and have tried numerous preventatives but nothing has really worked but the only one that does work when i actually have a migraine is zolmatriptan (zomig) 5 mg tablets on prescription again you have to be careful of rebound headaches but have you spoken to doctor and been refered for a MRI scan to rule out any other issues i get sickness which is common but not some of the other symptoms you suggested thats not to say others might get them also. i am being referred to a headache doctor who also suffers from migraines so at least she can understand what im going through which is helpful that others can appreciate how debilitating migraines are.

    so dont suffer there are plenty of other medications you can try hope you can find one that suits you.

    good luck


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    I have had chronic migraines for almost 20 years so tried pretty much every preventative med and med to take when a migraine strikes.

    I currently take topiramate and have been taking this for 14 years. For me this is my miracle drug and it changed my life from being bed bound with daily migraines.

    As soon as I get a migraine coming on I take paracetamol with a large glass of water. I eat a banana and have a coffee.

    Taking painkillers with caffeine can increase their efficiency and eating a banana is great for headaches as they have high levels of potassium and magnesium.

    Once i finish my coffee I pop a heat pad into the microwave and lay with it on my head.

    During this time i will listen to a mindfulness meditation for pain quietly.

    Laying down can make throbbing head pain worse for me so I find propping myself up on the sofa to lay down is a lot more comfortable and my migraine goes a lot quicker.

    Definitely work out your own triggers as lindalee said, we are all different so keep a diary of yours. MSG and artificial sweetener are two really bad sneaky ones of mine as they lurk everywhere.

    Cut down on sugar! Sugar is in everything but just try to cut down your consumption GRADUALLY(you don't want sugar withdrawl headache) and you will really notice a huge difference.

    I opt for natural alternatives like agave syrup or maple syrup.

    Lastly, watch the amount of painkillers you are taking as it's incredibly easy to get analgesic headache from overdoing them. I had this years back and the only way to get rid of it is to stop taking painkillers all together for a while.

    Hope you find some relief


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      hi rachroux

      yes i have had migraines since 11 years old and as mentioned in previous replies have tryed many different preventatives and topiramate was one of them but didnt reallyhelp me have also done the diary journal of what triggers them i have had MRI scan and seen a neurologist .paracetamols dont even touch my heads but i also have a magic relief prescription tablet zolmatriptan i dont know what i would do if i didnt have this you take it as soon as you feel a migraine coming on and then it usually helps within an hour but i dont like taking tablets at the best of times and so i try not to take it but by then its got too bad and i cant stand it any longer but then it takes longer to work . i too have had to take time off work due to severity of the migraines which make me sick sometimes , i am being referred to a headache nurse who i saw over a year ago and she was very understanding and said we can try different methods if one doesnt suit so hopefully she can suggest something else to help. i hope one day there is a cure but migraines are very complex and there are so many different triggers but hope all sufferers can find their own way of getting through and find what works for you.


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