how to stop ppi medicine ? please help me iam in deep trouble

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i am taking ppi meducine for 1 yr now which causing other problems like severe abdominal pain indigation . please i want to stop ppi medicine but my acidity level is too high pleas help

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    Hi susant 

    i was on ppi for 5 years. I stopped cold turkey because I was having chest pains blood pressure issue, diarrhoea all the time I was taking them. which all caused health anxiety. Prob the wrong thing to do but they are not supposed to be long term.

    i looked in to self help, so I cut out wine, tomatoes, oranges, chocolate, coffee.

    anything I knew would trigger reflux, I also introduced manuka honey. And now 10 months down the line, I only take gaviscon when needed. I have little bit of wine and the other things and they don't cause me to much problem. 

    We all need acid in our gut to break down the food. Ppi long term can make things worse long term. 

    The problem needs addressing we shouldn't be taking these long term.

    im not saying stop them like I did but I felt so poorly I'd had enough. Gp was throwing all kinds of tablets at me, which was making me ill 

    I got so low with it all I'm now on a low dose of A/Ds for health anxiety. Which I think the ppi caused, 

    stress and anxiety made my acid reflux worse, but now I feel calm and it's the best iv felt in a years or two. Hope my story helps you.

    good luck. 

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      hi julie its good to hear u able to stop such medicine . i will try to so but the fact is that i am very tensed, panicked , anxiety level is very high & also stress . i know its making it worse cant realy help it . but did u ever felt abdominal pain during ppi medicines? i am having abdominal pain which making me stress ful . i am panicked cus i started to think i dont have much time .. hope i am not alone who is facing this

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      Yes I had tummy pains for 5 years while taking them. 

      I had to run to the loo every morning. But only in the mornings.

      your not alone. Google ppi medication the mail did a write up on a lady who was on it. 


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      Yes you have something there.

      PPI's are not ideal, in the medical literature they have been linked to some rather serious consequences. The evidence is not entirely clear yet but several of my medical pals have stopped taking them. I get by on a dose of 150mg ranitidine morning and evening, suplimented with the occasional Gaviscon but these things are very individual. Should the PPI's be the only thing to work for me I would take the chance and continue. Remember on some occasions,  gastric acid reflux can lead to Barret's Oesophagus which in turn can lead to C.A oesophagus. So it's more than just heartburn were talking here.

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      hello david u r right that is also a big thing barrets oesophagus i am also worried about that in my case it was severe acidity so i cant just stop it . the problem is i am having pain in both side of my abdomen specialy right side all time left side pain sometimes stops .i am worried bcus i am only 28 so i fear how long i can take this med
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      Hi Susant59053,

      I respond to you directly on this one. You do have a problem, but needs must. Unfortunately the bad news is that the evidence for taking anything to reduce acid helps prevent B.O or oesophageal cancer is very slim indeed. Not fair at all is it. My advice to you is the same as I give to myself. Go for what gives you he most comfort, even if it is big doses of PPI's, watch out for possible side effects from the drug, and have the doctor look down your throat every few years to see nothing nasty is happening.

      You did not say if you had investigated a surgical option. LYNX is a relatively new procedure which appears to work well. A small band of magnetic beads are placed above the stomach to surround the oesophagus like a bracelet. The beads close the oesophagus and do the job of the faulty valve. It's a relatively quick job to insert, and can be removed if nessesary. That would be my option if I were a candidate. Good luck!

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      You say that they are not supposed to be taken longterm? Which drug is supposed to be taken longterm? NONE!

      I wonder how you would explain to me to not take them longterm. I've got acid reflux every 5 minutes. So every 5 minutes I feel acid in my esophagus. How am I and other people which have such symptoms supposed to live without those drugs? So please, do not make stupid conclusions...

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      I think before you assert your opinions you may care to check your facts first. I don't intend to give you all the drugs you are required to take lifelong, there are just to many. Antihypertensives are but one in a long list.

      I would agree with the idea that we should take as few medications as possible, and the point about PPI's is just that some people can do well on other acid suppressing medication. If you are not able to do that then take them by all means. Gastric reflux tends to be a recurring problem, and most people have to take medication for life. The conclusion that PPi's can cause long term problems needs consideration, and the onl " stupid conclusion " was made by you when you said "No drugs are taken long term


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      hi julie need some advice on how to stop ppi . i am still on it 3months ago my second endoscopy showed few erosion in fundus (stomach) , so i had to take pantoprazole for another 3 months . which i took but still having stomach burn . i just hate this drug. i don't understand even on ppi for so long how the hell i got those erosion. 

      i am trying to come off them but every time i miss a dose i get horrible acid . sour water fills my stomach . i am also taking med for anxiety. so really  need to come off them without the rebound . any help

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      I don’t think I can be of much help.

      i didn’t taper I came off them cold turkey because they stopped working for me and I’d been on them for years. What I did tho is go on manuka honey 

      I would take it in the morning on toast and had a teaspoon at night before bed. And not to eat the trigger foods which are tomato based and pastry, white bread, and I limit wine too. But I also have gaviscon when needed. 

      Im also on anxiety medication. Anxiety increases acid.

      Dont blend over to much, bend at the knees, extra pillow, 

      chocolate and coffee relaxes the osteoporosis so I limit that too.

      Have you tried half Your dose then quarter. Over a few weeks.

      and cut out your trigger foods.

      i still get reflux but that’s because I havnt been careful on what iv eaten 


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    Hi Susant, I understand your dilemma, but if your problem is stomach acid being in places it should not, you have the following options.

    1. Put up with it - disadvantage is the discomfort and possible complications 

    2. Have surgery on the valve which may be causing the problem - disadvantage, the       tests and operation are costly if you have to pay, and they don't always bring the hoped for cure.

    3. Ask your doctor to change you to another kind of medication, some of the older ones are quite useful if used in higher doses. Disadvantage - PPI's are the most powerful so the others may not work well enough to help. Taking antacids may help to augment the PPI but not a good idea long term.

    Sorry there are no magic bullets to offer but that unfortunately is life!

    Some other thoughts though, a couple of extra pillows on your bed may help, attention to what you eat and drink could be of use, and as always watch the alcohol intake, and lastly DO NOT SMOKE! 


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    I took PPIs for close to a year.  In my case trying to stop cold turkey gave me terrible rebound.

    If you are on a high dose, start by getting prescription for a lower dosage (20mg instead of 40mg). And start taking 20mg for couple of weeks.  Then start skipping a day for 2 weeks, and then 3 days.  In the days you are not taking PPIs I was taking Zantac/ranitidine (300mg max per day, broken on breackfast/lunch/dinner/bedtime - 75mg  each). The just stop PPIs and continue w/ ranitidine.

    If you are taking PPI twice a day, I would suggest you do either the night or day one first and then the next.

    Slowly and with patience you'll get there.

    I was also using Gaviscon Advance to help me with my reflux.

    PPIs only helped me for a short time and later when I switched to a different was getting really bad digestion cramps and feeling drained.

    Wish you luck!

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      Hi DWKingsmill.

      you gave some good advice.

      we all thank you for that.

      we all are on here for a reason and try to give good advice, but some feel the need to be nasty so I won't bother again.

      i was only try to tell my experience with PPI.

      hope you are well 

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      Hope I'm not too late, and that you are still at least reading some of these postings. Sorry to hear you are bowing out. Yes I also notice when some people get frustrated by not being able to articulate their ideas, they resort to " Ad Hominem" attacks. Asic did that when he suggested that no drug is intended to be taken long term, and anyone who did not know that was STUPID. Personally I prefer to combat ideas with which I disagree, without relying on personal assault, however I do understand your viewpoint, and one wonders if it is worth engaging with such a limited individual. 

      Good luck to you in return.


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      Hi DWK.

      im still here.

      i not going to be put off by a one individual.

      we are all on this forum for a reason

      iv been on medication for reflux for years,

      so I thought I'd try and self help by stopping smoking, making a diary on the food and drink I ate and which triggered the reflux, and it has helped I still do have bad days where nothing helps. 

      yes there has been nights when iv been up coughing and dare not be sick and crying like a baby because of the servere pain in my chest and throat and nothing helped so yes I do no what it's like. 

      I may have to take medication again in the future who knows?? 

      And for (LONGTERM ) medication if it wasn't for my dad taking them he wouldn't be here today.

      so whoever is reading this we all have a story to tell, and hopefully to help each other. Not to slag off the ones who are trying to help.

      i was brought up to the saying: if you haven't got anything useful or nice to say don't say anything at all.

      Hope we all can get sorted soon.


      you have given some good advice and if it helps just one person that something. 

      Thank you for the reply have a good day 😃

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      Glad you are hanging in there. Stopping smoke in is one of the best things anyone can do for their health. I'm always surprised when people continue when there is such overwhelming evidence of the harm it does.

      I hope you don't think I suggested that anyone stop taking medication if required. To clarify if perhaps I did not express myself adequately.

      It is a general rule in good medical practice to take the lowest dose, of the best tolerated and efficacious drug available. Cost I hardly need mention, is often a factor in the choice. I did make the point that the evidence for PPI's or anything else preventing the serious consequences of continued gastric reflux is slim, but if taking medication is the only thing that works, then one needs to take them, and often for the rest of life, should the reflux continue. This is one of the reasons I have brought up the topic of surgical intervention. The curative statistics for surgery in this condition is quite good. The majority of people who have the procedure, and there are 3 or more ways to perform the surgery, enjoy either complete remission of symptoms, or drastically reduced dependence on ant-acids. So if a person is a candidate for surgery and the reflux is a big problem, it should be considered.

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