How we cured our scabies after 6 months ordeal

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Hola, I waited until we were absolutely sure we were cured before posting this as I know how unbelievable it is to get cured of scabies, but it’s possible and we did it.

We are a family of 3, my husband and I plus a little one age 2 when we were diagnosed of scabies.

We fought unsuccessfully for 7 months until finally I decided to get away from the usual toxic medical treatments.

This is what we did for 7 months and how we failed:

-          We treated only with topical permethrin (cream 5%). The first mistake we made was not to treat us all: as only our child was diagnosed. Second mistake:  when we realised that we all have to be treated we didn’t do it at the same time (our child was treated on a Fri and we were on a Wed) and I believe this overlapping in the treatment time was good enough for the scabies to move from our child to us and vice versa. Third mistake: we didn’t treat our faces and scalps. It was only when I realised that my child and I got them in those areas (noses and scalps itching like hell) that I decided to start using permethrin in faces and scalps. Four mistake: I didn’t take it seriously about treating the house, our house is clean and tidy by any standards for clean people and I thought that was enough so I didn’t change our bedding and clothes daily, I didn’t treat the sofas, carpets, pillows, cushions, mattresses, etc... Fifth and most important of all the mistakes: we treat our skin with permethrin only. After reading nonstop about scabies, their life cycle, eggs and hatching time we realised using the topical treatment as advice by doctors (twice with each application 1 week apart) is not enough to kill some of the eggs that are hatching during the time the permethrin is not acting on the skin, also permethrin DOES NOT KILL the eggs, therefore is not good enough a treatment.  

This is how after suffering for 7 months we were successful and got rid of scabies completely, it took us 6 weeks.

-          Cooking salt

-          Borax (pure borax, NOT Acid boric).

-          Hydrogen Peroxide  3%  HP

-          Coconut oil

-          Baby oil

-          Vaseline

-          Tea tree oil

-          Clove oil

-          Lavender oil

Treatment here:

-          We fill up the bath tub for a nomal bath with warm water and added 2 cups of Borax and 1 cup of HP.  We went in and with wet bodies stood up and proceeded to do an immaculate exfoliation with salt, using our hands (I couldn’t do this to my child, instead I added 3 cups of salt to his bath, in addition to Borax and HP) putting plenty of salt we exfoliated our bodies, after a minute of exfoliating our hands become amazing scrubbers, kept  putting plenty of salt in our hands and exfoliated every bit of our bodies, we couldn’t scrub our faces or scalp, instead we just put some salt on them. Then we lay in the bath for 20-30 minutes, scalp and faces getting washed constantly with this water.  After that we never rinsed our bodies with fresh water, never never, we wanted that lovely salt and borax drying out the scabies and eggs, then we dried air our skin, no towels, and we dried our hair with hair dryer.

-          Before bed we applied good amount of baby oil with clove oil, the combination was 10/1. Which means 100 ml of baby oil and 1 ml of clove oil. We applied this everywhere including or faces and scalps. Its a bit stingy on the face but it goes after a couple of minutes. We made sure it didn’t go in our genitals because its unbearable there. For our child I couldn’t apply this mixture, the first time I tried he screamed in pain so I only treated it him with baby oil combined with tea tre oil 10/2, which means 100 ml baby oil and 20 ml tea tree oil. We didn’t do a stronger combination of oils as we read that they could be very irritating.

-          So, this was our routine for 6 weeks: exfoliation with salt until our body couldn’t take it anymore because it was painful, it was 4 days for me, 6 days for my husband and never for my child. When we couldn’t do the exfoliation we put the salt in the bath, about 3 cups for our child and 6 for my husband and for me. Then we bath for 10 days in Borax and HP. At night we put the clove oil mixture in our bodies every night and in our scalps 3 times a week, tea tree mixture for my child in his body every night and scalp a couple of times a week. We rested our bodies from Borax and HP baths for a week and started again for 10 more days.

-          In between resting from Borax and HP baths we kept doing baths with salt or scrubbing when the body could take it and oils every night.

-          Important: we treated our noses and ears putting in a Vaseline pot a few drops of tea tree oil, a pot of 50 ml with 10 drops of tea tree oil, we applied this not only every night in our noses and ears but every time we felt itchiness during the day, we did this with cotton buds. I kept a pot of Vaseline and tea tree oil permanently in my bag so every time my child or I needed it was available. 

-          I also prepared many pots of coconut oil with tea tree oil, same combination as above and kept them in all the rooms of the house so if we felt itchiness we just opened the pot and applied this in the itchy area during the day. We also used this combination sometimes instead of clove oil mixture if we felt that our skin was a bit too stressed from the treatment.

-          After 6 weeks we stop the salt, Borax and HP treatment but have continued with the essential oils until today and for a long time until I forget we all once have this. Today what we do is alternate Baby oil with clove oil with baby oil with tea tree oil and baby oil with lavender oil 10/2 which is fantastic to repair the skin. We now put tea tree oil in the bath every night, we put 15-20 drops in a full bath tub. We treat our scalps occasionally: mine with clove oil and my child’s with tea tree oil. I do this just in case.

-          We treated all our house twice during this 6 weeks with Borax (borax in the carpets and mattresses), I put away all the cushions and unnecessary furniture or decorations, our pillows and bedding I either wash or hot dry every day, hot dry for an hour in the machine.

-          We also treated our shoes with borax, all our coats, hats...anything that I couldn’t hot wash.

-          I added half a cup of Borax to every washing. 

-          I slept with socks on my hands to help stopping contaminating my face with my hands and vice versa.

I hope this helps, 6 weeks treating our skins like this we were cured, it has taken us a couple of months more to get rid of the irritation in the skin, it’s not a visual irritation, it’s mainly the feeling of itchiness that makes us feel we still got them but we know we are now cured. During this 2 months of recovery we have all being seen twice by specialists who have checked us thoroughly under their microscopes and have done test and the conclusion has always been: we do not have scabies anymore. We also know we haven’t got them because when a new spot comes out it never turns into a rush after a couple of days what happens is that it disappears.  We get a couple of new spots here and there, especially in the areas that were affected 2 months ago but magically they disappear within 2 days which make us confirm it is the body healing and it’s a process that takes time. 

Be strong, get the responsibility of your own health in your hands and start acting now, if we got cured of scabies you can do it, ask me any questions, I owe all my knowledge to all the blogs I read and to all the suggestions people made, based on their and our own trial and errors we designed our treatment and we hope we can now help others (Remember!! We are not doctors, we were sufferers).

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