HRT and still monthly periods?

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Please I would like any advice especially from ladies under 40's that going through perimenopause and still have regular cycles!

?I am only 32 but I am already perimenopausal and I am desperate for help. 

?I would like to know if the doctors could prescribe HRT if you are still have monthly periods but severe menopause symptoms. I have read that perimenopause may last 10 years but I cannot bear all the horrible symptoms not even a month. The last 2 years are horrible< nightmarish and the climacteric? has aldready destroyed me.

?Every morning the moment I open my eyes, I am so depressed and I am afraid what will the day bring?. I am not happy anymore, ? feel like a ghost between  living people I do not want to live like this.

?Next week, I am going to have a surgery to remove a cyst ( endometriosis probably) but I am determined to ask HRT after that. My body needs estradiol. 

?I am so unlucky feeling like this so young. I am extremely sad crycry

?for what reason I am penalized by nature??!

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    Hi Evi, my GP offered me HRT and I still have monthly periods, I just told her how bad I was feeling and my FSH level was 21 so she said I was in peri, in the end I have decided not to take it because reading the posts on here a lot of ladies take it and still have symptoms so I’m going to carry on without for now. x
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      Hello Caroline

      ​ My last test was in January and my  results on day 3 of my cycle was 20,5 LH 18,3 and estradiol 23!

      ​Do you remember if your estradiol was low when the fsh has reached 21?

      How long are you in peri?

      ​Thus, according to other posts you have read, you believe that HRT is ineffective while we are still having regular  periods?

      ​I have everything on the list about the symptoms! 

      ​My life is a torture...How do you respond to your everyday life​? Ηow can you stand?

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    I started my meno at 40 and I had regular periods but with a lot of pain and all the meno symptoms! My gyn gave me almost immediately hrt for helping my body not to struggle. He said that due to my young age without hrt, my skin will age almost immediately and at 10 or less years I will have osteoporosis. Hope it helps. 
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      Hello Vicky,

      ?my symptoms are unbearable at this phase! I "admire" myself that I am still alive depsite the fact I am suffering with meno horrible symptoms for the last 2 years and PMDD for the last 6 years.

      ?But now I am totally tired and exhausted...I think I have no other option. I have to try some kind of treatment!

      ?I am scared a lot for osteoporosis , I have pain in my knees, elbows, stiff joints, digestive issues, hypoglucemic attacks, hysteria along with depression, crying outbursts and suicidal thoughts, loss of libido, fatigue, scalp formication and crawly skin...nightmares and vivid dreams .......

      ?I am afraid a lot of the long term effects of my hormonal chaos but I have to focus on the short term and I am seeking for pain relief!

      ?Have you seen improvement on HRT, Vicky? any side effects?

      Are you still menstruating on HRT?

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      Hello Vicky,

      ​I am afraid a lot the long term consequences ( osteoporosis, diabetes) of estrogen deficiency but at this phase I already feel awful...

      ​I am sick all the time! My joints are stiff and bones are aching ( knees, elbows etc) I have digestive issues, emotional outbursts either crying either hysteria, itchiness and formication on my scalp and other parts of my body, fatigue, loss of libido, loss of energy, hypoglycemia, panic attacks, needle pain inside my uterus before or during my period and on midcycle, vaginal dryness and burning  some times of the month...Generally speaking I have all the meno symtpoms in a severe degree.

      ​The paradox is that my normal flow is coming every 28-29 days.

      ​Only last February and March I notice a drop of blood( spotting )on the 24 day then nothing and the normal flow came exactly on 28 day of the cycle!

      This month I did not have any spotting, normal flow on 29 day.

      ​Next week I am going to have a surgery for an ovarian cyst and I am afraid a lot because if they cut my ovary my symptoms will be worse. 

      ​I do not know what is happening with my body and my hormones. I do not produce estradiol, testosterone which converts into estradiol? Is it autoimmune? No doctor is able to give me clear answers and help.

      ​I feel so alone and depressed in a chaotic universe...I do not feel human anymore, I feel like abnormal genes and nothing else. I am not a woman of my age.sad​ 

      ​Have you seen any improvement with HRT, Vicky? Any side effects? Are you still menstruating?

      ​I want myself backcrycry

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    I saw an improvement almost immediately!

    My poor body was suffering from the low estrogen! I had almost every meno symptom with regular periods and I started to develop insulin resistance. Fortunately I have no osteopenia or osteoporosis. 

    Your condition is not a normal meno, it is called primary ovarian failure and you need treatment. The sooner the better! I am 10 years older than you and my gyn said that estrogen is a necessity for me! For you is a basic hormone for your body to function properly. 

    I tried 3 types of hrt, I had some side effects as sore breast but nothing more serious. Yes I have monthly periods on hrt. It gave my life back. Hope it helps. smile

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      Hello again and thank u for your answer!

      ?Definitely my condition is not normal meno! But I am confused because POF premises absence of periods.

      ?In my weird case, I still have regular menses and I can feel painful ovulation but much much earlier. I have felt that I ovulate on the last day of my period many times! Crazy eh? 

      ?I can see ovulation liquids like the white liquid of eggs every month. That means that my ovaries are still working somehow but they are trying too hard! 

      ?It is certain that my ovaries are not working well for some weird, idiopathic obviously reason and I need as you said treatment and help. I need pain relief. It 's been 2 years of unbelievable nightmare.

      ?And as if that was not enough?, a solid cyst must be removed from my ovary. Maybe that cyst destroyed ovarian tissue and contributes to my awful meno symptoms. Who knows....

      ?What do you mean by saying that you developed insulin resistance? What symptoms  of insulin resistance did you have?

      ?I am experiencing severe hypoglucaemic attacks..... I am afraid of diabetes

      ?I want my health and my life back too. I am so depressed. I am not me and I cannot live in so much pain anymore

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    Hi! POF doesn’t mean the absence of periods. It means that ovaries don’t work properly or try hard until they fail. 

    My gyn made my diagnosis based more on my symptoms and less on my blood tests. My FSH was 12, after 3 months 21, the next month 32 and so on.

    I am not diabetic but my blood sugar was elevated, about 110 and my endo said that it is due to low estrogen. My estrogen was about 21. 

    I am symptom free now and everything seem to be under control, hope it lasts! smile

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      Hello again Vicky!

      ​On April 2017, my fsh was 9,99 lh 10,4 and estradiol 48 

      ​Last January fsh 21 and estradiol 23.

      ​What about your LH value VIcky? Was it high, too?

      ​It is very encouraging that HRT helps you so much without any side effects...

      ​If my operation goes well, I will ask for HRT treatment!

      ​I am not diabetic too but the dentist last summer told me that I may become diabetic according to my teeth condition...I told him that I am facing hormonal problems and I often have severe hypoglycemic attacks.

      ​ fsh 32 along with estradiol 21 you must be suffering a lot, like me Vicky! 

      ​Sorry for my recurrent questions but did you ever have any history of ovarian cysts?

      ​To be honest, I cannot believe what damage can hormones do to our bodies!

      ​I feel like a 90 year old womancrycrycry

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    Hi again!

    Yeah, my LH was high, I don’t remember exactly, I had no history of ovarian cysts, only an unexplained infertility. My periods are always regular like clockwork and no gynecological problems at all!

    I recently read that accutane, a drug that I took many years ago for my acne, maybe contributed for my early meno. Who knows?

    My biggest fear is about premature aging. Fortunately taking the hormones we can handle it.

    I think I will take the hormones and all the risks until I die. I had no life without my estrogen, I was almost suicidal and I was suffering for 3 months... Hope it helps! 

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      So you still had regular periods but like in my case the perimenopause phase was gradually worsening without absence of periods! Did you had ovulations? I feel them but during peri, they are very painful

      ?I share also the same fear about aging but I am trying not to think about it, because due to this unexpected experience, I have realized that no one knows the day that he/she will leave this world...

      Since my PMDD started I noticed my first white hair and have some red spots very tiny on my skin ( ithink same are cherry angiomas and some other even more tiny and imperceptible) They are located especially on my arms my stomach, my breast...Otherwise everyone told me that I look younger than I am.eek

      ?But they do not believe me  that my body is like an 90 years old woman due to estrogen deficiency.


      Did you have acne all of your life?

      ?I had acne around 13-14  years old and I used like a maniac a cream called clerazil ( if you ever heard it) it smelled awful but it helped me immensely during my adolescence

      ?After 15 years old, my acne was vanished.

      Acne problem was  re apperead before 4 years but only on my jawline area and it happened occasionally. I did not take anything for it and now I do not have this problem..but I have understood on my own that it was hormonal acne because the jawline area is hormone related part of the body.


      I completely relate with you! I have no life for the last 2 years due to my premature perimenopause.

      ?At least, think that you are lucky that you never had any surgeries or other guneocological problems and you were suffering only 3 months and you found immediate help. 


      ?In any case I need treatment despite the risks and I hope only in HRT.

      ?Keep in touch VIcky! I hope that you can stay on HRT for a long time without any side effects. You are young, too... for facing these kind of problems.

      ?I believe that the stressors of life, the food, the modern habits and the environment has altered our genetics predispositions and we are suffering much earlier than older generations. Unfortunately, we live in a world that focus only our appearance 

      According to the "system of media" it is imperative to stay young, fresh and gorgeous for all your life which is irrational ..... and this adds more stress on the psyche of women...

      ?It is really difficult the role of women in our modern societies...Unfortunately, we are victims from many aspects

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    Hi! Yes I had ovulations during peri but the last months I think that I had cycles without.     I had acne during my teens but no big deal and only a few years. I really don’t know why a dermatologist gave me accutane. 

    I was always good looking and athletic, so the idea of premature aging makes me insane! Sometimes I think that if we cannot change something, we have to accept it. I am obsessed with why me question and I’m afraid I m wasting my life.

    I have no symptoms at all, everything normal thanks God. Only my family and my best friends know about.

    People that don’t know they cannot see any difference. I think that it is due the hormones. I was too sad and depressed when I diagnosed but things get better. smilesmile


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      I am very glad that you have no symptoms!!! These are great news!!!! I can hope in miracle, too...

      ​I am younger than you and I am wondering all the time why me...but I hope with medical treatment that I will accept it more easily because my hormones are making me more vulnerable to everything and especially to persistent negative thoughts. 

      I do not know what do you mean by athletic but I have read in other forums that strenuous gymnastics may lower estradiol level in women....

      ​During my adolescence I used to be very thin which has an explanation because low hormone during adolescence affects the the college I put on a little weight and I was normal and when my PMDD started around 26-27 I took remeron for some years which helped with insomnia but I gained some kilos because I was craving junk food all the time because of the antidepressant...

      ​Another symptom I had on remeron was restlessness...I wanted to pacing all the time.

      ​Well, in my case I believe it is genetics, idiopathic? and maybe some stressful and uncomfortable incidents in my life accelerate the procedure...I have a tendency to ovarian cysts but I do not know if my hormonal imbalance is creating the cysts or the cysts are destroying ovarian tissue and affect my hormones..

      Yes, I understand your fears...  for good looking and healthy people aging is a constant fear because we are focusing too much on our appearance and we thought our health given. As I said we live in the era of image which contributes to fears about aging..

      All my life I was grooming myself but since the peri hell started some days I do not even care about my hair or my style..

      ​One last question Vicky, sorry if it is personal....what about the loss of libido.redface.You understand, I am too young...I was wondering if the HRT helped in the retrieval of sex drive and interest

      Keep us posted about your progress, Vicky! smile

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    Hi again!

    I have a healthy life style, I am fit and my weight is always normal. I go to gym daily and I have low body fat. 

    Trying to find the causes makes me feel sad and I try not to think so much about.

    I am afraid of breast cancer risks due to hrt but for me there is no other way. My body doesn’t produce any estrogen and I cannot survive without. 

    As for libido it’s ok. When you have your hormones back to normal, your sex drive is back, no problem with me. Actually I find myself more motivated for sex than before maybe because I don’t have any more sleepless nights and no more fatigue. 

    Another conclusion I made is that gyns don’t know!!! I heard so much nonsense trying to find the suitable therapy. If I didn’t decide for my own, maybe I would be ill now. 

    Hope it helps! smile


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    Hi evi, I was told by my Dr if you take HRT your periods will not stop you will continue to have a bleed while on it.
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      Hi evi, no HRT for hotflashes was never bad enough to take it, and I'm scared for to take it even so..I have been going through it tired of it but what else can I do, just taking each day as it comes my symptoms now in post is hot and cold palpations no sleep dry out every where and Anixety just have to wait and see as time goes on that's all I can do.i went through peri with some frighten symptoms but I got through it and now still going through bit crap.

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