HRT does it make you feel low or but unsettled???

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Iv been depressed and anxious for a few months now, I'm on sertraline and HRT. The anxiety has settled now after about 10 weeks on AD. Still feeling low though I'm not sure if it could be the HRT. Iv only been on that month.

Just today I feel unsettled, unhappy feeling. I was at a counsellor yesterday and talked about everything that worries me, a few things iv not really said before about bring unhappy with my marriage.

I'm hoping these feelings will pass once I start to feel more likely old self but it's worrying me that I might not go back to feeling like that.

I'm just tired of thinking about how I feel!!

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    Hi liz.

    HRT can be a funny one to sort. Some people respond well and quite quckly, Others, maybe not as well. I think generally it depends on tbe HRT and the person. I an on HRT after a break. Lord knows I didn't feel great without it!

    What I would like to add is that I visited a counsellor for 5 weeks and on that 5th week we discussed lots of things I had hidden away. Re-living them with her at the time was quite stressful. After I left, returned home, my mood was quite low. Prior to this I did usually feel ok about the session. Just wondering if that might have contributed to your low mood etc too?

    Just a thought.


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      Hi thanks yeah I think the counselling has brought some issues to the surface and I'm now worried about dealing with them.

      I don't feel like the HRT has made a difference. Iv only taken it a month but mainly put on it to level out my anxiety and depression.

      Thanks again hopefully I feel brighter soon x

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    Hi Liz

    I am also depressed and anxious since quite a while now, I figured I always suffered with some sort of anxiety but now its really worst. In January I finally gave in and started new AD's (Paxil) and mid February low dose HRT (1 mg) and upped a month later to 2 mg. Now I'm on 25 mg Paxil (or Aropax here in Australia) and 2 mg HRT and although I do feel better my mental side of things has still not improved to the state where I feel it should be. I haven't had any bad panick attacks anymore, and the bad hot/ cold chills and palpations etc are gone but my Anxiety is still present and I do still not feel cheery most of the time. I also have gone yesterday seen a counsellor and ended up being a crying mess, I am aware that there are some issues I have to sort or change, BUT its just hard when you riddled still with no energy and anxiety etc. There's occasionally a normal day where I do feel "happy go lucky" and on those days I think WOW thats how it supposed to be, you just live by the day aren't worried and fussed too much over other things either. And than BOM goes back to where it was. So sorry, I can't be of any real help, just letting you know you're not the only one feeling like that. Perhaps we need some adjusting of the AD's but perhaps also the HRT. As you I've gone on HRT primarly because of the mental state of me...

    Hugs xoxox Manuela

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      Hi Manuela. 

      Dont wish to interfere in your conversation with Liz, but reading through your message made me think that 2mg HRT doesnt appear to be enough  to make such a difference. I do appreciate that there are many  types and dosages will vary depending on the individual. Just wondered too if  your HRT is combined or just Oestrogen? I have been prescribed Estraderm 50mg patches after a 10 month break from them. Had a suspected TIA in the summer, last year.  The downward spiral into anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness was horrendous. I am on my second week, and although not feeling brilliant, I feel a little less anxious on waking everyday.  Just makes  us feel a little better to know as you say, we are not alone with these feelings. Oh, and strangely enough, the GP suggested if the disage wasnt enough, maybe some form of AD alongside might help me along. 

      Hope you continue to improve as time goes by.


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      HI Sue

      I'm on combined HRT. The 2 mg oral Estradiol is equivalent to the 50 mcg Estraderm. It is not 50 mg but mcg Estradiol smile - Saying all that oral estradiol depend on absorbtion of the individual so perhaps I don't get enough. I am having a script for patches as well the 50 mcg ones. Another thing my GP suggested was low dose contraceptive since I'm only 41 apparently higher Estradiol than with older ladies would not be a problem, and to what I read is quite common. I haven't decided on that but i'm seriously thinking about it. As with a contraceptive the ovaries would just be shut down and the hormone levels wouldnt go up and down up and down as they do in peri. My estradiol was postmenopausal in November yet still having bleeds and in January it jumped up to a relatively normal level again, FSH has been postmenopausal in 2012 so yes, I have been in peri for years just not knowing it... sad

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      Hi there, sorry I have not been on this forum for a while.  I have felt a bit better over the last few weeks but this week have been anxious yet again.  Im beginning to wonder if its my home life that makes me feel down.  My husband is not one for going out or socialising much, whereas I love to go out and about and see friends but it would be great to do it with him.  This is one of the things I have to deal with, Im scared that once I start the conversation things will not go well.

      When I feel well I dont feel as bothered about my husband not doing anything, I just get on with things and go out and about with my family and friends but it obviously does bother me deep down.

      Nothing in life is simple sad  You take care Manuela xx

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    Hi there,

    I found that using estrogen and testosterone has helped massively with low moods/ depression, more so that just estrogen on it's own.

    I don't think either help with my low-level anxiety though.


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