HRT : Femoston 1/10 mg; Patient reviews on effectiveness & side effects please!!!

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Hi ladies

I am 45 years old and around December 17 (infact just after my 45 birthday) started perimenopausal symptoms. I am still having my periods (albeit most short and usually non heavy but with clotting over the last 2 months:


crying spells

Joint aches and pains

Apathy and fatigue

Disturbed sleep pattern waking 1/2 per night

Eye and mouth ie itchy gums

Weight loss/and loss of appetite

Dry hair & skin

low mood etc

(no hot flashes yet!!)

The list goes on..........

After a bit of a battle I was been prescribed Femoston 1/10mg  by my GP on 16/02/18. I'm concerned about the risks and side effects of using these and have checked this site for more up to date information from ladies who are also beginning/using or have come off this medication. I would really appreciate some real experiences from others about Femonston and the pros and cons of taking and whether they have needed to change to something else and what please.

I have been referred to community gyneacology and hope that they will give to me patches instead.

Hrt is very new to me and I am nervous in using but desparate  to get back to some normality to work and raise my 9 year old daughter.

Really would appreciate your help.



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    Hi Elaine, I don’t think I can help  but I can say  that I was glad to read the Clinical Study undertaken by Professor John Studd.(2016)

     Also make sure any  gynaecologist is up to date with latest information.

     Hope you get good advice .


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    Hi Elaine,

    I use Femoston Conti1mg/5mg taken twice daily to spread the dose. I have previously had various other hrt,s. Femoston is a kinder hrt and helps with anxiety/panic attacks as well as a number of the other wonderful symptoms associated with the menopause. The aching joints are much better, as is my general mood, so I feel pretty "normal" on it! You will probably not be on the conti, given your age, and it does take some time for them to work......four months in my case.

    Good luck,


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      Hi Susan

      Thanks for responding on your experience it's really helpful hearing from others. Since collecting my script earlier today I've just been so worried to take them I think purely to the overload of information read about risks. I appreciate your view of Femoston being a kinder vision of hrt.

      Well I finally took the first tablet this evening. I heard that a Transdermally is more effective working more effeciently as opposed to ingested.

      It good to know that your are having the benefits in lessing your symptoms. Did you experience headaches at all ?

      Thanks again for responding.

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      Hi again Elaine,

      apparently there are approximately 66 symptoms, at least, of the menopause, and I would say that I had at least every one of them!

      So, yes, I had headaches, hot flushes, cold flushes (like ice water being poured through you), burning mouth syndrome, extreme depression, total insomnia, anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks etc, and the list goes on. Start taking your hrt, give it a while, if it doesn't make you feel normal again, as Zoe said, it can be trial and error, try another one. Your quality of life is what matters and if doctors hadn't tried to get me off hrt, as I had been on it for many years with no issues, I would not have virtually lost nearly two years of my life. When you find the one that works, you can forget all the rotten symptoms and live your life! X

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      Thanks again Susan,

      It like a storm of symptoms that just hit you, I been reading up on 66 symptoms. Appreciate the advice  and hope to see improvement over the coming weeks but realise this is early stages so will have wait (difficult when you having to get on with  your life!!)

      Thank  you X

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    Hi elaine

    I am 43 and started HRT in August 2017. I began with symptoms like yours.

    I began on Estelle Duet then changed to Femoston 1/10 and am now on Femoston 2/10. All tablets.

    Unfortunately it may take a bit of trial and error to see which HRT helps your personal circumstances, but Femoston 1/10 is a good one to start with. Give it 3months and keep a daily diary of how you feel etc see how you get on.

    Good luck x

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      Hi Zoe

      Thanks for your reply. It so helpful knowing your not alone or going 'MAD' as these a symptoms many women are suffering with.

      I'm on day 2 of starting tablets!!

      May I ask if you are taking any additional supplements as prior to HRT I am and still taking MenoSerene multivitamin tablet and Vit D2. 

      Thanks I'll keep a diary too.

      Best wishes X

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      The same here! I’m 43 and on femoston 2/10. I diagnosed with early meno a year ago. Can I ask you Zoe if you are on testosterone or DHEA? For how long we can use safely this hrt? I asked my gyn and said it is up to me. I don’t like the idea of patches...
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      Hi Vicky.

      How long have you been on Femoston for? How you feeling on it? Are you in UK?

      My nurse specialist says I can be on it as long as I want and boy do I want it!

      I only take Femoston, a good multivitamin and B complex. I was offered testosterone for the fatigue but decided to wait and see how things go.

      Have you had any endocrine investigation to see if there is a particular reason for early menopause?

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      Hi Zoe!

      I started Femoston a year ago, no side effects, better energy, touch wood.I also take vit D and magnesium.

      I have done a lot of tests but there isn’t any special reason for my early menopause. My gyn said that maybe it is just due to genetics or I just born with fewer eggs. I took Accutane for my acne when I was 20 and I think that maybe it is a possible cause but my dermatologist said that it is not proven. I am in Europe. Thanks for replying! smile

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