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Hi, I have been having this humming sound coming from the back of my head as best I can describe, for 3 months I thought it was something in the environment as it doesn't sound like it's coming from inside me but then I realised it was me. I've been to all sorts of specialists and the best they come up with is tinnutus or stress. I'm pretty sure it's neither although I am now stressed to the max as to what it is, I've had it for close to 18 months now. It went away for 3 months lat November and I thought it was gone but came back last week. It's strange in that it's only noticeable in complete silence. If I shake my head it goes away until I stop, if I block my ears it goes away for a few seconds, if I stick my fingers in my ears it goes away for a few seconds, if I bend over it goes away until I get up again, if I lie down or put my head back it's worse, it's at its worse after I drive and turn the car off (sounds and feels like my head is roaring until it settles down after a minute or so), if I'm lying in bed and move the covers around mt ears it briefly starts to roar until it dies down. Anyone had anything like this? I can handle the sound (and vibration almost), but I can't handle not knowing what it is as I'm afraid it's something serious like a bruit or something vascular that could kill me at any moment. I've had an MRI but without contrast so I'm told that was a waste and all sorts of hearing tests which are excellent. I do have the ringing tinnitus worse in my left ear which is where I 'detect' this hum from also but I have detected it slightly in my right ear also form time to time. It's mostly noticeable when I stick my finger say in my right ear for a few seconds, then I let go and it roars like mad for a few seconds in my left ear. If I stick my finger in my left ear it makes it go away until it slowly comes back and I only just pick it up in my right ear but only sometimes, so I feel that my left side is worse. Again, I'm scared it's something serious and docs won't take me seriously and most have told me to give myself a break. Anybody know what could react to driving, sticking fingers in your ears, bending over and having it go away???? I don't think it's related at all but in the last 3 months I've developed acid reflux which is worse when I'm hungry and goes away when I eat or go to sleep, like almost the stretching out helps it.......I read an artery in your abdomen can cause the humming sounds but can it be associated with acid reflux like symptoms???Thankyou

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    Hi Claudia

    Sounds to me like Tinnitus as I have very similar symptons, I also suffer badly from Acid Reflux but do not know for certain if the two are related. I do know that both are made worse by stress and anxiety. For me having these problems is what started my anxiety and not the other way round, vicious circle I think. I have had all the test, hearing, MRI etc but all are clear. Also had Endoscopy, barirrium swallow etc for Acid Reflux. I just try and eat sensibly and keep as calm as I can because I can't see any way of resolving these problems.  Hopefully we shall be able to learn to live with this.

    All the best


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  • Posted in the same boat as well. Mine started May will be 2 yrs ago the fay after having a catscan with Loooots of stress involved..mine has never completely gone away, but some days it's worse. Last two nights has been some of the bad ...actually shrieking..drives me batty. But like Robin, learning to just deal. I do notice stress, salt, sugar, cheese, noise, all makes it much worse..learning to try and destress. It is what it is. No cure..what can we do but just roll with it and appreciate the good days. .wish I was more help..but maybe yours will lev an not come bak..mine is slight hearing well. I 2 Hav acid reflux..

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    Wow, thanks guys for your replies. I'm amazed at how many have these issues with no answers. To be very honest I wouldn't care about it if I knew it was my ears. My stress over it would go away overnight, but therein lies the problem as whats causing my stress and fear is that it's something else like a tumor or veinous hum or a bruit that will burst any second and I'll die and docs are very quick to send you home. There's no way to prove tinnitus so it doesn't help but I can rule out other things, but again docs are reluctant to have those tests done and also I dont want to come across as mental. Can I ask what symptoms you have like mine? And if the finger thing or car thing is the same?Also, how do you describe your hum?

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      Hi Claudia - I started hearing the buzzing noise mid Jan 2018.  Had a viral flu and then bad cough/congestion.  Started feeling my ears were full so went to the clinic and they gave me nasal spray and said to take over the counter decongestants.   I then went on vacation and the flights made the buzzing worse.  It is now mid March - no relief yet although some days aren’t as loud.  Saw my family doctor yesterday and have a referral to see ENT specialist.  Not sure how long it takes - could be weeks/months.   Hope the longer I exit to be seen it doesn’t get worse or become permanent.

      Some days feelings like a 1000 crickets buzzing in my ears or like s high tension. Wire.  My doc thinks it is still the fluid in my ears that hadn’t drained yet that is causing the tinnitus but she also said sometimes it becomes permanent.  Sure hope not.  Drives you nuts.

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      Hi, I hope so for you it is something they can find and simple like that. I too have the buzzing/high pitch ringing and have learnt to live with it over the years and doesn't bother me anymore, in fact I think of it as a part of me and it almost brings me comfort but I know it's from a previous possible flu as well and just never went away. This tho is totally diff. A hum or roar is nothing like the ringing and is quite ominous and invokes fear because of it's low rumble.18 months late I have no answer for it.....

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