hundreds extrasystoles in a day

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I'm 35 years old and for 10 days now i've been having continuous extrasystoles... literally one after another and it's becoming debilitating, i'm exausted!

I've seen doctors and be to the hospital twice... they can only tell me \"it's normal\" \"everyone has them\" .. are they expecting that i go home and waiting to go away randomly? ... so going to the doctor is useless!

they usually happen when i'm sitting or lying on my left side or back; rarely happen when lying on my right side and never happen when i move (last night at 4 i woke up with them and started jogging to stop them!!!)

A cardiosurgeon, friend of mine back in italy, told me to take potassium (tablets or eat bananas and tomatoes) that is good for heart and magnesium (nuts, which are good for all minerals) which helps with stress and anxiety. I'll arrange to be checked from him.

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    UPDATE - Diagnosis and CURE


    I've been having what has now been identified as Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) for 2 months and half and i finally found the reason!!

    Hiatus Hernia: stomach slipping in the esofagous causing acids reflux! Acids can cause irritation the esofagous and reach the myocardium which trigger the PVCs.

    I'm taking a proton inhibitor (Panthoprazole) and following a strict diet: avoid fat, proteins, coffee, chocolate, alcool and acidic vegetables and friuts (like tomatoes and oranges) so anything that can cause irritations or cause long digestion. Small frequent meals and preferebly walk afterwards.

    Sleep with your torso lifted (to avoid reflux at night). ALL THIS FOR AT LEAST 2 MONTHS!! But you'll see the benefits after about a week depending on how well you follow the diet.

    Also i found some relief taking maalox before going to sleep, but again it doesn't work in just one day, you'll need few days!

    PLEASE suggest this to your GP, considering that their reaction is usually \"it's stress\" or \"you're not going to die\" and that THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS WEBSITE OR IN THE GPNotebook website as cause of palpitations! .. they cannot think outside the box and they only mention betablockers!

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    I'm sorry but the reply is the strangest thing I have read in a long time. There is no way gastrointestinal acids can reach the myocardium and trigger ectopic beats.

    Healthy diet, exercise and good sleep patterns are a good idea for a healthy life and these may help your reaction to ectopic beats but a proton pump inhibitor will not be helpful for purely ectopic beats.

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    I ger extrasystoles after eating a fatty meal and start burping,i guess it has something to do with my stomach iam taking omeprazole and betta blockers,i also get them when i sleep on my left side.
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    Hello there,

    When i first read your post, i was shocked! Same things in every details happening to me. 

    They appear usually when i lay on my left side, less in right side, and never happens when i'm moving. And doctors say yeh you're fine they are happening to everybody but you feel just deeper.

    Well it seems you posted this over 1 year ago, if u get my message please, did your diet work or what happened in this last year? Did you find anything realted to cure or stop? I'm also suspicious about my stomach cause i have a bit reflux too.

    Hope everything is okay with you.

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    Some people never get them, so they are wrong saying 'everyone has them'. They are not 'normal' and can be frightening. My analogy to cynical medical staff is-''if you were sitting alone watching tv and an invisible man came and wobbled your arm, you would have to be sitting there being 'Arm conscious' to notice it! 

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    just got back from the doc for this... he listened to my heart, ordered an ekg, and i was sent home with a clean bill of health.  I'm 35 too.  I've had these quality of life draining ectopics for almost 20 years.  Not until recently, 12 days ago, I've had them pretty all day like you.  I'm going to cardiologist soon... Sure feels like something is terribly wrong.  do you drink and/or get good, proper sleep?  I've been stressed at work and been drinking more than I should at night and that leads to s****y sleep which leads to bad ectopics.. 

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