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My Husband has been taking 30 *the whole pack* of the strongest nerofen codine plus tablets you can get EVERYDAY for a while. He is argumentative and verbaly aggressive after his codine binge and cant see reason. He is angry that im angry he is taking 5 x the normal dose. My house has become volatile, I have a new baby and an older son. Could this kill him? Should i be concerned? Is there any advise anyone can give me? Thanx to all


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    It's the ibuprofen that causes problems with the stomach lining so he'll probably end up with an ulcer on top of his addiction sadly
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    Hey Chloe, 

    any "overdose" of pain meds can cause irreparable damage to the internal organs, which can lead to death, however, this is not likely, many people on here take 2 - 3 times the amount you mentioned, on a daily basis and come to no harm, he will start to experience stomach pains, cramps, acid reflux, or even the start of an ulcer, this is due to the Ibuprofen burning the stomach lining.

    codeine usually has a calming, numbing effect, a mild form of high, although. I have experienced bad moods after taking them.

    you don't say how long he's been taking them, or indeed why, these matters need to be addressed as a person won't quit if they don't want to, if you can get him to the GP it's best, he will take him off the Ibuprofen, which he MUST stop taking at all costs


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    Hi Chloe. How long has he been taking this? You will see from the discussions here that the high levels of nurofen will cause stomach problems. When I started to take a whole pack per day, my stomach started to ache terribly. Have a look at Rob's posts here. they are really helpful. Unlike your husband, I don't experience mood swings. I do feel low however when I don't get the nurofen plus. Does your husband realise that he has a problem because, until he does, help cannot begin x Drew
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    Hi Chloe.

    I took neurofen plus for 9 years. I would consume a packet a day. Two at my lowest point (yes 60 pills a day)

    I never ended up with a stomach ulcer (miraculously)

    I did however end up in hospital, twice almost dead weighing in at 38kg's (I'm 164cm tall).

    I had crippling stomach pain that an endoscopy, colonoscopy multiple different scans and ultrasounds could never find this ulcer my doctors were convinced it was.

    The ibuprofen will thin out his stomach

    lining and he could and up with a perforated (bleeding) ulcer. His liver and/or kidneys could shut down. He could end up with colon cancer. Not to mention the thrashing his central nervous system is getting at the moment.

    He will be enormously defensive and probably very protective of his addiction. The stuff changes you. It suppresses your central nervous system, messes with your hormones and can permanently change the chemical makeup and funtion of your brain. I was a different person on the stuff. Lying. Sneaking around to pharmacies. Hurting the people I love more than my own self.

    I was blessed to have an amazing partner that helped me get off it and was so patient with me going through detox. I was horrible. A mess. I would still be on it today if it weren't for him.

    I have faith that you can help him get off it. He just needs to know you support him and aren't judging him. Addiction is a disease not a choice. Something that helped my partner be more understanding was researching the In's and outs of this addiction.

    I wish you the best, and I'm here if you need advice.

    Take care


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      Hi Nikki. That is so scary. I have been addicted for 2 years. 32 - 40 tablets per day. I wonder whtehr I've done any irreversable damage. What you said about the brian is frightening. I jsut want to get back to a time when I had never even heard of the evil Nurofen Plus. Drew xx
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      When was you last complete blood test. The kidney and liver damage can be seen in the results. It's a good idea to have a test every couple of months.

      My results have always been fine with the exception of raised liver enzymes due to alcohol.

      Bloody tests can be beneficial to know how far we have pushed things

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    Hi Cloe68299,

    I don't really know what I can say to help you. I've been addicted on and off (but mostly on) for 5-6 years now sometimes taking up to 90+ tablets per day.

    I actually ended up with multiple ulcers, and stomach and small intestine perforation. I very nearly died. 2 months later and I'm still taking tablets as it's so difficult to get a doctor to help.

    It's strange you husband gets angry on codeine. Is his anger due to bringing it up or is he just generally angry when taking them.

    Does he drink, that you know of.

    I'm not sure what to offer other than trying to help you by answering questions from a male perspective.

    Did he start using them legitimately, like for pain ongoing pain. If he did it might be worth looking into norspan for pain management which may help him to drop the nurofen


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      Hi thanx for the reply,

      He does drink, about 6 beers after work and he did not start for pain managment. Awful as it is he had taken ADHD drugs from a young age and after stopping in his 20,s moved on to oxicotin which he cant get, so now its anything with codine. My biggest fear was him dropping dead from the amount he takes. I feel releived hearing how much more people take but appauled at what it is doing to his body.


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    Hi Chloe, I would URGE you to get him to a doctor, if he has a problem, they can help and give him the codeine on a taper, no ibuprofen, just the codeine, they can give hm daily prescriptions, ANYTHING, t to stop him overusing. But the first problem is getting him to admit he has a problem and that will NOT be easy, I have been addicted to ten years and NOBODY knows, except my doctor and you people. My partner suspects but i think that he thinks it's beyond the realms of possibility. I'm a successful professional and he seems to think that 'these thing's only happen to people who are unemployed...etc. They don't, they can happen to anyone and I'm no better than anybody else. You have to get him to admit he has the problem. You know your partner best so only you know how to do that. But it haves to be sooner rather than later x
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