hypercondria becomes alive at night !

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Im so sick of this and i need to have a rant i really belive im dieing i might be but who knows and this is whats scaring me !

i was ding well i even went out the house today yeeey !

my breathing problem started again (not panic attack ) my one odd breathe that anges to come back when it feels like it which now im thinking i have some sort of spasm in my throat or chest or something because my twitches have been all day now everywhere both sides of neck my legs my lip my cheek !!! arghhhh 

i have the headache thats stayed for days and the fullness/wet feeling in my ear and the wet feeling on my head i really think im having a brain anyrsm or clot on my brain right now i keep hearing/feeling pop/a thump in my head like when a door closes but its something in my head /ear im going out of my mind i feel like somebody has smacked the top of my head all the time i have had migrains and sinus infection this is nothing like it if anything this is at the top of my head like litrally on top in a patch and im so scared im not going to sleep i know it and im not going to be able to focus on anything else and i stupidly even though i know this gets to me typed anyrsm on google ! i even read news paper articals about people that dint know they had them and im freaking i know i go on and i know my posts are probs getting too much but i just feel im not going to be here tommorow cry why does it do it on the night everything gets worse on the night 

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    Im going through the same thing at the mo thinking i got somthin wrong in my head too i have had a head ache across my forehead for 5 weeks .doctor says its tension . Your not going to die tha ts just the anxiety taking over the devil getting into you head. I find to get to sleep think of a black back ground nothin else . Just hang in here deep breathing in through the nose out through the mouth
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    Hi Steph, 

    Really sorry to hear how you are feeling right now, sounds like you are going through it big time!

    The intensifying of anxiety at night is unbelievably common so don't worry your not on your own! Many think it is the body being tired while the mind is still very much in overdrive combined with the fact that probably have a good bit more free time in the evening with less to occupy you and keep you busy. 

    As you know anxiety is all about our mind telling the rest of the body that something is wrong and that things are bad when in reality they aren't and with this comes the hypercondria which is horrible but again perfectly normal with anxiety sufferers. You have probably seen it on here but googling is a big no-no, the more we read online the more bad thoughts we have to fill our mind with which can only be a bad thing. 

    I know it is going to be incredibly hard at first but the key to improving things is to work on breaking the cycle. Think about things realistically! You have told us that for a large perfectage of the day when your mind is kept bust and distracted that you feel much better. Any form of serious illness generally wouldn't behave like this, if you was seriously ill you would most probably know about it around the clock. The truth of the matter is that you other than the horrible anxiety you are highly likely to be perfectly fit and well and you need to keep telling yourself this! Push the horrible demons telling you otherwise right out of your thoughts!.

    A good few people have found that the best way to deal with stuff like this at night which again involves "breaking the cycle" and this is simply distraction techniques. Try and keep yourself busy for a few nights. Either watch some trash on TV, read a book, play a game on a laptop or smartphone, do anything that will grab your attention and help keep your thoughts away from all of the horrible stuff that you are putting yourself through. I've even heard of people getting up and cleaning the bathroom at 11 o clock at night. In the short term it probably isn't what you would want to be doing as i'm sure you would prefer to relax and nod off to sleep however this is only a short term thing until you have broken the negaative cycle. After a few days of pre-occupying yourself and getting these bad thoughts at bay you will soon see for yourself than things are actually fine. You are fine and it was just your mind in overdrive. You will see that nothing what so ever is going to happen to you and that you can now allow yourself to stop thinking about it any more. 

    It is all really, really tough. I understand what you are going through, most of us do! Our mind can be a horrible thing but we can beat it! Stay positive and try and be as realistic as you can with yourself. Stay away from Google! It's horrible and will only make you worse!!!....Keep yourself busy when you need to just for now to break the cycle!

    It will get better Steph! Don't beat yourself down about this! It is just a temporary inconvenience and even though it is a battle you will figure out ways to get past it all bit by bit and eventually you will look back and feel silly that you let it get to you in the first place. In the meantime your not on your own x

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    are tbe any medication that your taking that could be cause this as a side effect? how old are you and do you have any other history that maybe able to be related?

    the reason things are worse at night are, 

    1 your aloneband not busy pre occupied so its more noticable

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    well i had 4 hours sleep so i stayed up abit and then went back to sleep so iv had 8 now but i woke with the pressure feeling in my ears and head again and the thumping in my ear still keeps happening and cold shivers down my head and spine constantly  getting that in my chest and throat too which then my breathe suddenly sucks out of me thanks for all your replys im trying to get a doctors appointment today to check my ears and hopefully will get some med for my anxiety again cause i feel im going backwards now it making my depression creep back too one thing i had just started to feel myself starting to feel really down !

    hate this cycle and hate the fact i can be ok one minute and back to the begining the next sad its been going on too long 

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