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have just come across this site, having been prescribed mirtazapine recently. have had probs with anxiety and depression for long time (20 years!) and tried lots of different pills. only one i could tolerate (for 7 years) was low dose of nefazodone (dutonin), then it was withdrawn from market. always had terrible side effects with other antidepressants which led me to abandon tablets at an early stage.

because of this, i decided to chop up my 15mg mirtazapine tablet into quarters and i took one quarter at 10pm the night before last. by 10.30pm i was almost asleep standing up and went to bed at 11pm, not waking until 12 hours later! felt out of it for rest of day and even went back to bed around tea time for an hour or so. not taken any more tablet yet and having read postings on this website, am really not sure where to go from here. had i taken a whole 15mg tablet, i could have been asleep for 2 days!!

would really welcome comments from other folk on intolerance/hypersensitivity to medication for depression. other people all seem to be on much higher doses. have other people experimented with weaning themselves onto medication as I have (i have also tried using liquid medication, so you can increase the dose very gradually). but not all antidepressants come in liquid form. any similar experiences/opinions welcome.

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    Hi, I am new here too and mainly because I wanted to know if I was the only one to have such a drastic reaction to mirtazapine..... you are not alone !

    I was recently changed to it after being on efexor for some time and the first night I took a 15mg tablet and within 30 minutes I had to yell from the kitchen for my partner to come and get me because I thought I was going to pass out, the room was spinning and I felt totally drunk. I slept for 12 hours on the sofa where he managed to get me before I completely zonked out and then the next day my head was in a total fog and all I wanted to do was sleep, I felt as if even if someone had shouted \"fire\" I still wouldn't be able to move.

    The next night (and for several nights after) I only took half a tablet and gradually the drastic reactions have worn off and I have now been on one 15mg tablet per night for 5 days and don't feel too bad I still won't drive because I find I have a very short fuse, I can go from 0 to 10 on the irritation scale in a matter of seconds.

    Anyway I saw my GP yesterday to discuss my dosage because he initially wanted me to progress to 30mg within 2 weeks and he agreed that some people do have severe reactions to the sedative nature of it so he has asked me to persevere on 15mg for another 2 weeks to see if I feel any of the \"good\" affects before he considers changing my medication again.

    I have agreed to this because I feel that I have come this far with it I might as well give it a chance but I don't think I would have agreed to taking it if I had known what drastic effects it had because it is a bit scarey.

    Obviously I can't advise you on what is best for you but I do know that the side effects are slowly wearing off for me.

    Good luck.


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    you are definately not alone.My Dr has acknowledged that i am very sensitive as i have had some very bad side effects - one example was lofepramine.On the 3rd week of Mirtzapine as the Dr said give it another 2 weeks.I manged two weeks on 15mg so now on 30 mg.I did say to the Dr that i would rather cut my own arm off than carry on with these let alone increase the dose but afterwards thought i've come this far so i'll give a while longer.The side efects have got better but only slightly.I feel tired and dizzy especially when i get up but ther does seem to be some respite from it.Still eating like crazy though.

    Other side effects i've felt are irritation/aggitation and zero tollerance.My mood seems to change very quicky and like you said Kristal it goes from 0 to 10 at warp speed!

    Not sure if i can carry on like this for another week in terms of constant tiredness and dizziness.The worst thing is i'm not feeling the benefits of it as i am swamped by all these physical symptoms.

    Also i feel so \"out of it\" and \"punch drunk\" that i just don't feel anything like the person i am...........just totally zombfied!!

    Take care and let me know how you get on


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    Dear All,

    I've certainly enjoyed reading your experiences re. reaction to Mirtazapine!

    Talk about a 'short fuse', I'm lucky i've such a good wife, she ought to have gone off to her mum's a couple of weeks back, I just became so irritable.

    Now I've been on Mirtazapine over 2 months the irritability has definetly eased (I'm on 30 mg). Still getting about 9 hours sleep a night on most occasions, but have a hard time trying to get going on some mornings ... this is one of them.

    I take medication also for a throat illness and severe migraine. I think the migraine medication (Imigran) reacts with the Mirtazapine as I become more and more like a zombie after the the attack is over.

    Compared to three months ago my mood has lifted considerably, been busy deocrating, d-i-y etc, things I could just not get my head around before.

    Got told this week by the Doctor my Triglyceride levels have raised. Oh dear, now I must start more daily exercise, eat less sugar and fats etc etc. Perhaps it's an 'ill wind' blowing some good because I strongly believe exercise is a great benefit for a depressed individual. It's just the last thing I want to do when I'm really down.

    I think Mirtazapine is a drug that has to be persisted with before the benefits come through, although that's easy to say when the side-effecs aren't too bad. When they are, it's got to be back to the Doctor and sorted. We're entitled to a life, not an existence sedated 'up to the hilt'.

    Keep writing ... it helps.

    Best wishes,


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    I am also very sensitive to antidepressants, since september I have tried 4 different ones. My worst reaction was to prozac. I have been on mirtazapine for 8 weeks now and the only side effects I have had is feeling tired the next day and taking ages to get myself motivated, also eating more, especially in the evening. I have been taking 15mg and my dr upped my dose to 3omg as of last night, but Im not sure if I want to take the 30mg anymore, because today I have felt very anxious,restless ans very snappy with everyone. So tonight Im going to try taking half the 30mg and see if I feel any better. I was feeling ok on 15mg, so why the dr upped the dose in the first place I dont know.

    Anyone had similar experience????

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    I have been taking mirtazapine for ten months. I found, at the beginning, it was extremely sedating - even more sedating than many sleeping tablets - and that I did not want to get out of bed in the mornings because of how drowsy and groggy it made me feel. It has also made me put on a lot of weight - I was already overweight before being prescribed mirtazapine, and I have put on another 2 stone during the course of treatment. It's been difficult for me to judge how much this drug has helped. I am not really sure it has helped. The weight gain and sedation have been big drawbacks for me but I persevered with mirtazapine as my psychiatrist would not change my medication. I am currently weaning myself off mirtazapine in order to find out what I am like without medication. If you are seriously underweight and cannot sleep and don't need to get up for work in the morning then this drug will probably suit you.
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    A long time since your post. Are you still around here? Intolerance to anti deps is what i need advice about.
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      Hi I was on fluoxetine 20mg 3 years ago for a year and was fine then had to go back on them and have bad anxiety, brain fog, confusion, and my feelings went all strange and like I was in a dream and I was trembling like crazy had to come of them and start sertraline and after the 3rd day on them i had the same but this time I had mania and depersonalization with them, so the doc said to try mirtazapine 15mg before bed, I have not taken them yet as I am a bit gun shy of ad now, I have tho the last 6 months been reading constantly how to beat this as I now have depression due to the antidepressants as when you come off them they cause a chemical imbalance and it takes a while for your brain to ajust back to normal, any sleep disorders or mental health problems can be beaten with self help or cbt as it gets to the root of the problem and not just covers it, i am currently reading a book that the doctor told me to read and it has a 8 week program of mindfulness and it is helping me it's called (mindfullness finding peace in a frantic world) it really is a life saver and would help with anything from sleep disorders to depression.

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    I am sensitive to antidepressants too, I ended up losing all sense of control on sertraline and overdosed when I got really angry. I then switched to mirtazapine which made me get migraines where I became aggressive. I had an episode of seeing red when I had a small argument with my partner, I ended up lashing out n hurting him pretty badly, I just blacked and couldn’t remember doing it. When I was starting to calm down I ended up a scared crying mess, it terrifies me what I became like. I still had little impulse control and ended up overdosing again on every tablet I could find because I felt like nothing and no one was helping me, I hated that I was so irritable n short tempered all the time. I just wanted it all to end so I wasn’t suffering n I wasn’t a threat to anyone again. 

    When I came out of hospital (3 days ago) I stopped them cold turkey and I have felt so much better. I’m having some withdrawal symptoms like occasional shakes and headaches but I’d rather deal with the withdrawal than be how I was. 

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