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I went to my pcp because i have had fatige and inability to loose weight which has gotten worse in the past few months more so in the last couple of weeks. My dr did blood work and tested my TSH, and my Free T4 and my levels came back super low TSH and really high T4 so she ran a TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibody) which came back super super high like 100 times the limit. So to my suprise I would be considered hyperthyroid. I am being referred to an endocrinologist and am waiting on my referral to be processed and the endo dept to call me to schedule an appt. Everything I have read about hyperthyroid is that I should be basically on the go altogather along with uncontrolable weight loss. I worked out on my eliptical yesterday for about 20 minutes and got a pretty good workout but not to the extent of how it made me feel later on that day. About lunch time my whole body was COMPLETELY drained of engergy and I felt like I could hardly hold my head up it was awful! Along with being so incredibly tired it was amazingly hard to fall asleep! My hair is not thinning nor are my eyes bulged so I do not have those symptoms I read regarding graves disease but the fatige and weight struggle is unreal! Wondering if anyone can shed some light on why if i have a overactive thyroid that i cannot lose weight ( i am considered obese) and I am so incredibly tired all the time. I am at the point lately where my house has gone to crap because I literally have to pick and choose what I am going to expend my energy on since i have next to none! Please help!

Very, very tired sad person 

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    Hi jami, I would advise you to rest a lot and limit your physical activities as long as you are hyperthyroid.

    I did the same mistake before I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was tired all the time and tried to activate myself by going to the gym and doing cardio. It will not help at all. Rather it will make matters worse by causing a dangerously high heart rate. On top of that hyperthyroidism can cause severe muscle pain (and muscle wasting) that can get much worse after physical exercise.   

    Are you taking any thyroid lowering medication at the moment? 


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    Hi Jami

    I had symptoms similar to yours. Total exhaustion and overweight and gaining! I couldn't lose weight. No other issues other than very weak legs at times. My TSH was very low @ 0.005 but my T's were normal high range. I also had, possibly still have, TPO antibodies plus TSI. But after an iodine uptake test that turned out to be normail, I was diagnosed with one overactive thyroid nodule which produced too much hormone making me hyper. But I never felt hyper and I slept like a log.  I have about 6 nodules. Did you ever have an ultrasound to see if you have nodules?  Don't worry if you do. Very common and more than likely benign. 

    Dan and Linda and Madge & some others here are the pros at supplements and advice. I just wanted to offer support and tell you about the weight issue & exhaustion. You'd think being hyper you'd be losing weight, but we're not. With your high TPO maybe you have thyroiditis? A virus hitting your thyroid and causing your exhaustion and TPO?  Just a thought. Did they test you for TSI antibodies? 

    I'm on 10mg daily Methimazole anti-thyroid med since Jan. 10th and my T's are perfect and TSH has risen slightly to 0.07 which I'm happy about. I received the BEST advice here.  I'm sure you'll get it sorted out and be well soon. 


    Jaye xo

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    Aww Jamie, has your doc put you on meds? I found it took a good 3 to 4 weeks even to have a wee bit of energy so hang in there. This illness is horrible but l believe with the right info/meds and l'm learning supplements you can become good again. Keep your chin up 😀

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      Thank you no I'm not on meds yet gotta go see the endo next month in the mean time I'm following an autoimmune protocol diet with strict gluten free and it has actually helped a bit but today is a bummer I'm dragging

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    Hi there Jami ...  This morning i sent you an extremely long message and as i was about to finish it ...my ipad died on  me ..

     i hoped the message had been sent anyway .. but is appears Not !

    Im so very sorry indeed that you are feeling so sad and unwell with this damned disease...  Dan is absolutely correct ...  excercising at length for you is not a great idea .....   you could go for nice  walks using as many muscles as you can

    to walk well ...  and then go home and lie down...   do it again in a few hours ... and 

    again if you can face it . ... but a workout is like siphoning  all your petroleum out of your car and then expecting it to take you on a very long drive ....  on empty.

    Be good to yourself Jami... nice Baths   with a couple of cupfuls of magnesium sulphate......  perfect after your last little walk in the evening...

    Eat good fresh food ... loads of veg  .., i jazz mine up with olive oil salt and pepper 

    garlic ..whatever you fancy ..  they're much better for you than fruit ..l love fruit but i've been told .. to cut it out by half and eat more veg.. so i'm doing my best .

    I became very ill indeed with Graves' disease about a year and a half ago...

    it happened very suddenly and i really thought i was going crazy i had no idea what the heck was wrong with me ...  to make a long story short i was diagnosed and paid to see an endocrinologist  who put t me on Carbimazole  20mg per day ... It worked very well and lowered the antibodies pretty quickly   after three weeks i realised i was feeling slightly better ..,after that i was lowered to 10mg   ... feeling better was great  and when i was reduced to 5mg i knew i'd recover ..   i started to take L Carnitine which acts very like Carbimazole...   i bought  Bugleweed ,  Motherwort Lemon Balm all in tincture form   and i mixed them in equal proportions into a large brown glass bottle with a dropper ... whenever i felt HYPER  i'd fill the dropper with around  2ml

    and drop it under my tongue...keep it there for a minute if you can and then swallow

    it works very well to calm and help you sleep  do that several times if necessary ... also Valerian root capsules help greatly with sleeping ... half an hour before you want to sleep .

    ther are many other supplements too Jami that will help you.. to restore all the minerals and vitamins that you have lost with your Hyper state... you've been running at a hundred miles ann hour and your body has been depleted of so many vital nutrients...... put them back in and see the difference...

    if you'd like to know more about the supplements to take to renew your lost nutrients 

    i'd be happy to advise ...i am now euthyroid i.e. normal and i swear it was the supplements and being very positive that  made that possible...

    take care and ask more questions ...  best of Luck 

    luv mx🌹

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      Hi thank you! Yes I'd love to know any supplements that help! I have been following a autoimmune protocol diet AIP and it has helped with the energy. I read about cats claw, fenegreek, and Maca so I bought them have not started them yet

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