Hyperthyroid symptoms but normal blood tests

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Hello, all! Recently this year, I've been having some concerning problems with my health. It started back in January when I came down with the flu. I was sick for two weeks, got better for two weeks, and then a whole new slew of symptoms started up. I went to the doctor and got blood drawn for my thyroid, but it all came back normal despite having very specific symptoms that are usually associated with an overactive thyroid. I was also diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia and low Vitamin D in the midst of all this, but I've been receiving treatment for them both over the past few months and everything is either back in range or close to being. Despite this, though, I still feel like crap and there are symptoms I'm having that don't line up with either of those conditions. I'll try to provide what information I can, and while I'm not looking for a diagnosis from an internet forum, perhaps I can find someone who has been in a similar boat as me and get a second opinion...

All my symptoms started at the end of February and have not let up since (TMI warning):

- Fatigue

- Lightheadedness (could be from vitamin D deficiency and/or anemia)

- Muscle weakness/Muscle aches

- Intolerance to heat/Always feeling hot (I live in Arizona--you can imagine my plight and desperateness. I also used get easily cold, so this is highly unusual for me)

- Sweating buckets (even in cool temperatures as low as 65 degrees F)

- Fine shakiness/Tremors, especially in my hands and fingers

- Increased heart rate/Palpitations (resting heart rate has been measured between 104bpm - 126bpm)

- Shortness of breath

- Sudden weight loss/Difficulty gaining weight and keeping it on (about 15-20lbs dropped. I was 83lbs when I went to the doctor and had originally weighed around 100-105lbs. Despite being hungry all the time and doubling the amount of food and calories I'm eating, I've only gained all of 4lbs back... before completely dropping it again. It has now been four months, and I cannot for the life of me break 90lbs. I'm also 5'3", so I’m already extremely underweight and I'm afraid of losing any more. I've also hit the age where your metabolism is supposed to start slowing down, yet mine seems to be speeding up if anything)

- Insomnia/Numerous sleep disturbances

- Increased thirst/Frequent urination

- Nausea

- Diarrhea/Fast and frequent bowel movements, especially after eating

- Hyperactivity/Restlessness (sometimes it feels like I'm always in a hurry or need to be doing something)

- Panic attacks/Nervousness/Feeling like I'm in a constant state of anxiety (I've had anxiety before, but nothing like what I'm experiencing right now. This is x100 worse when compared to past experiences and borderline debilitating)

- Irritability/Mood swings/Constant "PMS mode"

- Feeling spaced out/Trouble concentrating

- Hair thinning (Not in clumps, but a considerable amount falls out in the shower or while brushing my hair. I've also always had fine hair since before I can remember, but the tangles this year have been beyond ridiculous)

- While I've had a relatively normal period, March's was the first to act up and lasted for only 3 days and was unusually light. April's lasted 5 days but was still lighter than usual. May's was normal for 3 days and then just stopped. June's lasted for all of 2 days, still light. July's lasted for 4 days, normal first 2 days, practically nothing for the last 2.

- The bottom part of the left lobe of thyroid looks noticeably uneven during swallow tests. I've also felt vague pressure in that area on the front side of my neck to the point that it feels like something is pushing into my throat. My mom thinks there might be a nodule or two there because of the way my thyroid looks as it moves.

Blood results that were done in mid-March:

- TSH, High Sensitivity: 1.54 (0.45 - 4.50 mU/L)

- T3 Free Non-Dialysis: 2.4 (2.0 - 4.8 pg/mL)

- T4 Free Non-Dialysis: 1.0 (0.8 - 1.7 ng/dL)

Blood results that were done in mid-June:

- TSH: 2.140 (0.4000 - 4.000 uIU/mL)

- T4 Free: 1.19 (0.63 - 1.67 ng/dL)

That is all that has been done for my thyroid.

Other work that has come back negative: Diabetes, Celiac Disease (tested twice, once from a blood test and once from a biopsy, both negative), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, some disease described as a normal-looking colon but abnormal cells (Microscopic Colitis I think...?), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Addison's Disease.

Other work that has apparently come back positive: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (I say "apparently" because I'm losing weight, not gaining it), High Cholesterol (taken during a NON-fasting test)

I also don't think this is something like hot flashes or something associated with early menopause since my symptoms last for hours/days on end and not for a few minutes.

I've read about thyroid disorders like this being a toughie to diagnose since blood tests are just a snapshot of one day and don't always show how you're feeling as a whole... Should I ask for more blood work or additional tests that haven't been done yet? I've heard of a Full Thyroid Panel. Should I ask for that? Currently, I'm in the middle of switching endocrinologists. The last one I visited was one of the worst, most frustrating doctors I have ever seen in my life and I got strong "it's all in your head" vibes from him as he rushed through our appointment, so I'm switching over to a new one and starting over again. I've also demanded that I get an ultrasound done on my neck during the visit since this last doctor didn't even bother doing one (which I've been told is highly unusual given the symptoms I'm having--even someone my mom knows has had nodules found during an ultrasound despite having normal labs). Appointment is in a few weeks, so is there anything else I should be asking my new doctor?

(Sorry for the wall of text. I'm trying to give as much info as I can...)

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    I would definitely ask the doc to  check for nodules or cysts and if possible get an ultrasound.  Also, ask them if there could be a possible adrenal problem manifesting these symptoms.
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      I'm definitely not walking out of the place without an ultrasound being done, even if I have to fight for it. I expected an one the first time I saw my previous endocrinologist and it unfortunately wasn't even considered during examination.

      As for adrenal problems, I already had an ACTH test done and everything came back normal. rolleyes

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      I guess unless thyroid levels are out of the range, medical professionals would all hesitate or deny to order US scan. But your case is strangely special that all significant symptoms exist under normal thyroid level... Wish you get a better and caring doctor/endo soon.
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      Right? I really don't know what else it could be. I've had several labs and biopsies done, and hearing doctors say "we didn't find anything" is almost becoming a letdown. It's honestly frustrating... Hopefully this new endocrinologist is willing to listen to what I have to say and do more for me (last one didn't even let me finish going through the list of symptoms I've been keeping track of--especially missing some more important ones like feeling pressure in my neck/uneven thyroid/possible nodules). And at least my appointment is at the Mayo Clinic, so if they think it's something else, I don't have to go through the hassle of trying to find a different specialist in the city and can keep going there. smile

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