hyperthyroidism and anxiety

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hi everyone, i am new and really hope someone can help me as i am at the end of my tether.for the last few years i have felt generally unwell,this was put down to the menapause,4 months ago i had an over active thyroid was prescribed 20mg daily carbimazole i was kept on this med for 6 weeks,i was diagnosed again today with hyperthyroidism and given 40mg carbimazole. what is the difference between hyper, hypo, and all theese names for thyroid condition,

i also have been suffering with terrible anxierty attacks that are scaring me,i have not slept in weeks as when i try to sleep i either get restless body or when i close my eyes it feels as though my eyes and brain are  hyper, this will last hours and i have to get up but feel wide awake, i don't know how much longer my body can cope with this.i also have very strange upset feelings in my stomach as if the anxiety is in there too.

has anyone suffered the same symptoms, and i do hope someone can help and advise me.

thank you

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    Hi,  If you do a search for it, you'll find information that links Cipralex and other anti depressants with causing anxiety, insomnia and agitation. 

    In addition, your thyroid problem may now mean that your body has become deficient in vital minerals, such as magnesium-  which is needed in more than 300 processes in the body.  Some signs of magnesium deficiency are - restlessness and an inablity to calm.  Please search symptoms of magnesium deficiency.     

    I couldn't say for sure, of course,  but I would suggest that the combination of drugs you are taking are causing most of the problems you're experiencing. 

    I'd recommend you search for natural treatments -  many people who are hyperthyroid take L Carnetine supplements, magnesium, zinc and selenium to support what their body needs.  You could also check that your diet is helping you get better too,  such as avoiding processed food, additives like aspartame and msg,  and maybe get juicing raw green veg and fruit so your body gets the best nourishment it can.    You can get magnesium in many different sources, such as epsom salt to put in the bath or a foot bath,  or sprays and magnesium oil to go on your skin, as well as easily absorbed ionic magnesium supplement which will help support your healing.   Hope this helps -  as your body gets back into balance slowly you may find you dont need the diazepam or cipralex- find out how you can reduce this safely.   Hope this helps,  and that you get a good nights sleep soon!

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    Hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid gland puts out too much thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland does not put out enough thyroid hormone.  This is determined by blood lab tests usually TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), Free T3 (the active form of thyroid hormone in your body) and Free T4 measures the free, unbound levels of the hormone thyroxine -- the storage hormone -- in your bloodstream. Because the free levels of T4 represent immediately available hormone, free T4 is thought to better reflect the patient's hormonal status than total T4.  Always ask for a copy of your lab reports that include the ranges for normal right beside your actual value.  It is helpful when posting questions to Boards like this to post this information.  Hyperthyroidism can be caused by several things like autoimmune diseases like Graves Disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis (thyroiditis meaning inflammation of the thyroid gland), there are viral illnesses of the thyroid that are not autoimmune but cause hyperthyroidism at least during the period of the viral illness,  Some people get thyroiditis during or after pregnancy.  In my case I had Graves disease luckily diagnosed very early before my levels got too much out of balance and I only required a 10 mg dose of Methimazole (same as Carbimazole in the UK).  I got the full tests for diagnosis besides the blood tests, I also had a radioactive uptake scan of the thyroid (not the same as radiation for treatment) and I had an ultrasound of the thyroid as well as blood tests for thyroid antibodies.  

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    I was diagnosed with Graves' disease almost 3 years ago. Hyperthyroid is a symptom of some underlying problem, in my case it is the graves. Your anxiety is probably the cause of your anxiety. the doctors left me for years without a clear diagnoses and I am now waiting to get my thyroid removed. First when I was diagnosed, I was put on 45 mg Tapazole because my levels were through the roof. Don't let the doctors push you around like I did, ask to be referred to an endocrinologist.

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    Hi candy. Yes, I did suffer from restlessness and kicking and fighting in my sleep before I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves disease. If I were you I would see an endocrinologist. They specialize in thyroid issues. I had anxiety, shakes, overwhelming emotional feelings ... this ruined my everyday normal life for many years before I lost 35lbs, had serious heart palpitations, and experienced months of AFIB...I was sent to the emergency room and finally diagnosed properly in the second hospital, a year later. Stay positive and please try to see a specialist who will monitor your blood and keep you on the right amounts of the anti thyroid drug. I take methimazole. I see a surgeon next week to find out if I need a thyroidectomy or not. It's an awful disease but manageable. Good luck.

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    hi,thank you all for replying, i am now seeing an endo who has been brilliant this week,sending me for many other tests to also do with thyroid problems,i have not started the diazepan and do not intend to unless desperate. i have had a copy of my latest bloods and they are

    TSH 0.02  FT22.4  FT3 8.5

    can anyone understand these results has i have no clue what it means.

    i have brought some smoothies with all green veg n fruit, so thank you i will try it.

    endo sent me ecg,also he has refered me for ultra sound on neck, also refered to an eye person don't know what this is, and he has refered me to a synacthen test, so all in all i think i have found a great endo

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      When you get copies of lab results, your values are shown and right beside them is a range of normal values for that particular test.  Since each lab differs on these, it is difficult to comment properly if you don't post them.  Your TSH would indicate hyperthyroidism in any lab.  For the other two, we need the ranges.  One of the autoimmune diseases called Graves disease often affects the eyes.  This is called Graves opthalmopathy.  This is why your doc referred you to an eye doc.  It sounds like you are receiving proper medical care so far for thyroid disease.  To become an empowered patient, always ask for and obtain a copy of your lab reports (including the ranges) and keep your own file on them so you can see your progress.  Your Endo is trying to diagnose the reason for your hyperthyroidism.

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