Hyperthyroidism and brain fog

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was put on 15mg of carbimazole and after 3 weeks my blood test stated my condition had worsened. I was then increased to 20mg and after 3 weeks had blood tests and the condition had got worse still. I'm now on 40mg of carbimazole and although my fatigue is subsiding, my anxiety and brain does not feel like it's getting better. My head almost feels like it's full of pressure and I'm unable to think properly. Is this brain fog? Also will this subside and does anyone have any indication on how long this will all take? Thanks

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    Sorry to hear you're feeling so awful James and that you got worse although were receiving treatment.  It does take a while to feel 'normal' again and I suggest giving it at least three months. I know what it's like to feel so bad and have mental health issues as well as the physical symptoms.   I would also recommend taking some supplements, such as magnesium and selenium or a good quality multivitamin. My endo recommends going gluten free too so you may want to give it a try. I hope you feel better soon.,  

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    Dear James

    Be strong ... you're already in the way to good health .... you've been diagnosed and you know what you have wrong with you ... that's the first step 2 nd ... get a paper copy of your results and post them on here again .. you will be amazed how much help you'll get ..

    I was diagnosed with Graves' disease ... hyperthyroidism s year ago ... I was very ill .. with just about every known symptom of Graves .. I wanted to die and was in pain

    .. real pain .

    For some reason I found this site and

    People told me what supplements I needed and I gleaned all the info I could about my condition

    I responded very well to Carbimazole and starting at 20MG a day ...within three weeks started to feel better I had brain fog I could hardly complete a sentence ..

    That took a while ...probably three months later I was feeling well in the way to recovery ..please don't give up hope your

    Going to feel so much better

    I'll let you know the supplements I took

    If you'd like ..

    This is now the weekend don't give up hope of folk don't answer till Monday

    Hang in there and stay focused on the fight ahead ...


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      Hi Madge, thanks for your reply. I would love to know what supplements you took to help with your recovery.

      Yes I am at that point where I struggle to complete sentences and content rating but knowing you had these too has given me hope to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      It's just a very long process. Not like taking antibiotics and feeling better in a few days. :-(

      Thanks James

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      I'm traveling in car right now but will give you a list shortly .. then you can sit with your computer / iPad and research each one and see if you'd like to start taking them

      It's basically minerals and vitamins that have been depleted in your body because You've been going at a hundred miles an hour ...probably through your sweating bladder and bowels ...

      Meanwhile if you have time for now ...press on my name at top of page

      And see the things I've listed to others in other posts ..

      Best of luck Luvvie

      Learn all you can .. know your enemy

      Dan is great for advice and knowledge .. also Linda has great experience on this subject


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    While being hyperthyroid I experienced a feeling of constantly being 'on the edge'. Normal everyday events (like the doorbell ringing) would trigger a strong reaction as if I am startled (pounding heart and breathlessness). 

    On top of that, I had trouble falling asleep due to the elevated heart rate and not being able to calm down. 

    For me the symptoms I mentioned above improved after about 3 weeks on 30mg Carbimazole. I also noticed that it helped me to take the medication during early evening hours. I was subsequently diagnosed with Graves' disease and had to take Carbimazole for for more than 1.5 years (but at a very low dose).

    Even though I was tired and less productive I never experienced what you describe as 'brain fog'. Do you by any chance take any other medication that might have such side effects?

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      Hi, thanks for your reply, yes brain fog is a symptom of hyperthyroidism. It's for some severe cases. Mine has gotten quite bad as I was diagnosed with anxiety a long time (on edge all the time ect...) instead of hyperthyroidism. It was only until the fatigue got so much that the docs run blood tests and realised I had been fighting the wrong condition.



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      Hi James .. i can appreciate you're feeling very bad and need help .. like I did ! The first supplement I was made aware of was B12

      ... it's really important to me , it certainly was .. as my day finished from about 12 ... 2.00 pm every

      As I was exhausted by them and in pain ... so I'll list my supplements and must stress I'm not a medical practitioner .. just someone who self medicated as nothing was being done for me !

      So ...

      B1 For energy ....,( look up B1 deficiency and do the same with every vitamin or mineral I list ok ?

      B1 Energy

      B12 must be sublingual as gets to

      Bloodstream faster


      MagnesiumWonderful for nervous

      For nervous system




      Selenium Immune system

      80% of our immune

      System is in gut

      D3 Sweats and other ...

      K2 Helps direct calcium

      Vitamin C

      AcidophilusI take 1 or 2 x 20billion

      Per day

      My plan was that my thyroid had been good to me all my life .. that it was my immune system that was out of kilter .. so I strove to repair my IS

      And coax it to leave my thyroid alone

      As it was attacking it !

      It has certainly worked for me and I'm enjoying being me again .. happy and healthy !!!

      You will be too James .. I was left with bad pain in my joints .. but dan

      Helped me there and I'm almost free of that entirely too now ..

      I bought these products online in one place ..and had s great choice of good products... pure is best with no fillers

      Added .. for the price of a good night out you can fill you med cabinet with good health .. and be your old self again soon ..

      Carbimazole is only temporary it works well and to wean off it I used

      L Carnitine .. google that It's amazing stuff !!

      Think that's it .. I'll add more if I remember ..

      Keep us informed as to your progress

      ... we care !


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    Hi James-

    I'm having the same symptoms.  Can you keep us updated on how you are feeling now?  I've been taking methimazole for a couple of months now and I feel like my brain is not functioning and it's hard for me to sleep because I have these head rushes.



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