Hypo and on 50mg Thyroxine and jittery/shaky

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I have been on 50mg of Eurostig/Thyroxine for the past 2 yrs.

I also suffer from anxiety.

Lately I have been feeling especially anxious with some episodes of racing heart, racing thoughts, feelings of doom etc. It has made me feel like I am going crazy and losing control on occasions. I even presented at the ER a few weeks ago because I wanted to get my heart checked.

Thank god I work from home and have the option to limit my time out and about because if I had to travel and work every day I'm not sure I could.

My hands are shaky too.

I have having bloodwork done on Thursday this week and I'm sure this is thyrpoid related. GP tells me my thyroid is "fine" but I know they say this a lot. Don't have my numbers but this time I will be asking for them.

Can anyone relate? 

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    Hello Jenjen:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's Thyroid disease since 1987.

    In some of us the medication can build up and give you Hyper symptoms which are:  Shaking, nervousness, hard time sleeping, feeling HOT or sweating a lot. Also palpitations of the heart.

    You can do a few things:

    1- Give yourself a drug holiday and skip one day a week and let your level calm down.

    2- Take half a dose 2 times a week. (So a 25mcg dose)

    3- Change off of this med, and go onto a NDT (natural dessicated thyroid). These meds are made from a pig's thyroid, some are, Armour Thyroid, Nature's thyroid, Thyroid S.

    All meds have a half life and after being on hormones (they may be a small pill but they pack a punch), you could see the level in your blood be too high.

    You should ask for some blood work, such as T3 level and T4 level and TSH and Reverse T3, also your minerals such as, Potassium, calcium, magnesium, ferritin, iron, sodium.   Get a copy and then post what the blood work says. We can see if you have too much in your blood stream.

    Regards, Keep us posted on how you do,


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      Jordan, I agree with all of shelleys suggestions (though I have no medical knowledge, I have had hypothyroidism for 25 years).

      There's just one thing I'd like to add - wait until after your blood test on thursday before changing your dose. You need the blood test to reflect your current levels else your doctor won't know that the current dose is too high.

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      You're right Barbara and thank you.

      Although it pains me to take the pill every morning if this is what it is doing to me I have to otherwise I'll be back at square one.

      Thank goodness I can lay low and suffer through the side effects. I have found stretching and yoga helps (even though I'm just a beginner and not very good)

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      Thanks for checking on me Barbara.

      TSH - 3.41

      T4 - 14

      She has referred me to a cardiologist and says my thyroid is fine. I really like my GP. Do these figures reveal anything interesting?

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      Hi jenjen, as you don't give the units or ranges I can't be sure, but your results are within both the US (similar to UK) and UK (0.4-4.9) ranges. So I'm glad you kept taking your thyroid meds. You could try a different beand if thyroxine just in case you're reacting to one of the ingredients. I had a problem with the thyroxine brand that had acacia powder in it. It made me itchy. How are your vitamin and mineral levels? Deficiencies can cause some bad side effects. Sounds like you've got a good GP who is listening to you. Best wishes.
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    Hello Jenjen13 - Whenever I feel shaky and jittery, I know I'm overmedicated.  I will adjust my meds when I'm feeling that way.  I always split my dose and take half in the morning and half at night so my body doesn't get so much all at once.  I will skip a day whenever I am feeling overmedicated.  I can always feel the nerves in my body "vibrating" on this medication.  Some days are worse than others. It's worse at night and early in the morning when I wake up.  But when it gets really bad I will adjust meds.  My blood work never matches how I'm feeling.  I always adjust meds according to my symptoms as long as I'm in range.
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    The endocrine system works together for your body to function, and adrenal insufficiency can cause symptoms that are similar to hyperthyroidism if not addressed prior to treating hypothyroidism.

    If your hypothyroidism is due to either sluggish pituitary function or thyroid autoimmunity, adrenal insufficiency is more likely to also be present. It's possible to suffer from multiple hormone deficiencies if the pituitary isn't working properly. Thyroid antibodies like those in Hashimoto's thyroiditis leave you more susceptible of developing autoimmunity of the adrenals and other systems.

    Should adrenal insufficiency be present, you may notice that you crave salty food more often, feel dizzy when standing up, feel confused or mentally fatigued, suffer anxiety, shakes, and are unable to handle stress properly. A racing heart is common, and blood pressure can be low or paradoxically high to compensate for the drop that occurs upon standing. You can diagnose the condition by testing levels of aldosterone and cortisol. Sodium will also usually be low, and potassium high when aldosterone levels are low, but not necessarily when only cortisol is low.

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