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Hello everyone im new to this sight and just looking for a little advice, i was diagnosed as hypoth around 8 years ago i have been on synthroid and levo all this time, i believe my doç has had me over medicated for the last year went hyper, now the levo has thrown me into a bad situation doc lowered me from 175 to 150 after starting to get bad heart palps and pounding heart and ending up in the ER. A year ago my tsh was undetectible he left me at 175 synthroyid a year later it all starts with the ER still undetectible, i feel like crap, sorry about the book here but im really scared , my new doc stopped my meds for a few weeks then will check my tsh again is that normal

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    Hi Jackie, There are a ton of concerns in your story. You really need to see an endocrinologist. Get yourself to a good endo before you wind up with severe health problems due to low thyroid, or severe health problems caused by the high meds you're on.

    Stopping and starting these meds cold turkey was an absolute night mare for me, even when I switched to other meds.  Although I have severe thyroid disease, my TSH doesn't seem to go very high, so when I take meds, the TSH goes to zero. This is normal for some people... Fir me this is because my issue is Hashimoto's, but also high rT3, which binds up the highly active form of thyroxin, T3. The belief is that T4 is the determinant for the pituitary to produce TSH, so if your problem is something other than T4 production, testing only your TSH is insufficient testing.  Keep in mind that with thyroid disease, you can't just monitor TSH, you have to look at your symptoms and a full blood panel for thyroid. 

    The meds really didn't work for me, as I was unable to function well, and had a ton of side effects, plus to get and relief from symptoms I was on a super high dose, as are you. 

    Here's the thing... If you have a severe thyroid problem and go off these meds cold turkey, you're going to be in trouble, and likely unable to function. GOING OFF IS REALLY HARD! You can reduce your withdrawl symptoms by supplementing with essential amino acids and phenylalanine. (That's two different supplements. Pm me if you'd like a resource.) This also helps your thyroid function.

    As for the palpitations, they are caused by thyroid levels being out of whack- too high, too low, or imbalances or variations from natural ratios of T4/T3. Because the meds are not the dosage as natural human thyroid ratios of T3/T4, the higher the dose, the worse the imbalance, and the worse the side effects.

    The other concern is that you're on such a high dose. I understand this because I was also on a very high dose in order to keep both my T3 and T4 at the mid to high end of normal ranges. I was on levothyroxin for two years. I had so many side effects from this drug that I feel it nearly killed me. It causes severe bone loss, liver and kidney problems, 4 different kinds of cancer (liver, thyroid, lung, ovarian, is my recollection). There are many case studies showing this drug to cause liver lesions at the lowest dose in only a month.

    This last one is particularly important, as you mention heart palpitations. The liver acts as a filter for our blood. When the liver isn't functioning properly, it can slow down circulation, which results in a ton of problems, including heart disease. Think of pouring muddy water into a metal strainer: the mud jams up the water flow by clogging the metal screen. This is similar to what happens to the liver when it isn't functioning properly. When our liver jams up, the circulation slows, and there isn't enough blood flow for hear valves to work properly. As circulation slows, blood can clot, causing stroke, annurism and other acutely serious problems.

    I don't mean to scare you, but I'm pointing out what you already know, which is that you need some expert help with your situation in order to avoid further health complications. You really should be having full thyroid panels done at every blood test.

    Hope that gives you some direction.

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      Thank you for your reply, i have been trying to figure out how to get to an endo, i have so many Doctor and ER bills and no insurance and no way to pay seems, no one cares if you have no money to pay them and try to get labs done, i hope i can figure it out soon though i have a week vacation coming at the end of july and a big hike to do, thanks for your reply.
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      Jackie, what country are you in? If you're in the US, yiu can go to planned Parenthood for thyroid tests and if they can, they will run a full panel. But since they don't have an endo onsite, you'll likely have to tell them what tests you need.

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    My rsh level is now at 38 it went down half after six weeks on 62.5 mcg of levo, now i again started not tolerating the meds again so he tried me on liothyroxinine and im not tolerating that either having the same symptoms achy chest racing heart and palputations and feeling over all crappy, what could be causing this intolerance to the meds anyone had thos problem and what do i do im at my witts end, thanks
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    Hello Jackie, please read the side effects of the medication. Your experience is concerning, as if you're having this much difficulty after such a short time, you can look ahead and expect I will only get worse as the dose is increased over time.

    In the US, they give a pamphlet with side effects with every prescription. If you don't have them, please do a search for the manufacturer of your medication, and search their website for known side effects.

    All you are experiencing is normal with synthetic thyroid medications. It made me so ill, I was bedridden. It is known to cause thyroid disease, fibromialgya and other autoimmune disease that explain your symptoms. I feel it will take years for me to recover from the damage  done by these medications.

    I got off the horrible meds meds by switching to a natural glandular- ThyroGold is the best out there. You don't need a prescription. Once my head started clearing, I went off completely and. Switched to essential amino acids. I have advanced thyroid disease- Hashimoto's. 

    Sounds like by your very elevated TSH, you have Graves's disease. Both Grave's and Hashimoto's are treated the same by doctors. Maybe the aminos will help you too. Can't hurt to try.

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