Hypothyroid? Normal results again!

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Hi, any help would be appreciated.

my issues have been going on for over a year now.

i was diagnosed with pcos in July 2013, albeit mildly and put on metformin. 

In April 2014, I started 3 cycles of clomid to make me ovulate. This didn't work and resulted in 3 very heavy periods, more so than normal.

in October 2014, my hair started falling out and not regrowing. This has not stopped or slowed down. My hair is so very thin and balding all over.

combined with this, I've had bad aches, lethargy and brain fog etc.

Bloods in October 2014, showed tsh was 1.8, ferretin 21, b12 792 and no other issues. I was put on iron tablets which I have been on since. In July 2015 ferretin was retested and was at 99!

vit d was tested and high end of the range.

i was retested in March 2015 for full thyroid. Tsh 1.8, free t3 4.4, free t4 17.7.

i continued with fertility treatment which was unsuccessful.... In my opinion because something with me isn't right.

i saw a dermatologist who said I have androgenetic alopecia and chronic telegen effluvium..... This is don't believe as its all over loss and would be regrowing in the areas which aren't affected by the androgens..... The sides and bottom. 

About 8 weeks ago the hair loss massively increased and it's now so desperately thin. I lose in excess of 50-80 hairs a day, which is not what I was like over a year ago!!

along with this, my energy has nose dived. 11hrs sleep a night is required all the time. My brain fog is worse than ever. I forget what I'm saying mid sentence and I've been aching and freezing cold.

i was retested this month and my tsh was 1.9, free t 3 5.0, free t4 19.4. Yet again "normal" 

everything screams hypothyroid but I'm not! Endocrinologist said I was fine!



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    I'm having or should I say was having same problem ,now had private bloods done ,came back I've got high level of antibodies in thyroid ,my last test was 3 yrs ago. tomorrow I get these done on NHS ,go get a Thyroid Peroxidase test ,if you have antibodies present ,that haven't been done prior basic one ,it will give false reading to basic testing T3T4 .Ive known I've had a problem for past 9 yrs ,whole list of tale ,tale signs .Also to if your on BP med ,again it gives false result .
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    What are your symptoms ? Shelly on this site set me straight on things I didn't know .Hope she will look in today .
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    thanks for the reply.

    i know they tested my antibodies earlier in the year and they were normal.

    am due to see the gp again next week..... What tests should I push for? 

    Ive also read on several places that metformin can lower tsh levels but leave hypo symptom still in place? 


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    Who is shelly? X
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      Shelly is a nurse in the US ,who's got thyroid herself ,pretty much in the know ,as several on here .its so long winded to get ones answers to health issues when things go wrong,I've at times thought it was adrenals ,as to its symptoms .? Or maybe both at same time .Trouble is when your on a drs set time slot ,you can't say all .Why takes so long to get a correct diagnosis .
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      Tell me about it! A year of this hair loss and feeling rubbish is so draining. I just want an answer as to what on earth is wrong, along with so many others it would seem sad 
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      Hi Shelly ,hope your having a good day ,where you are .

         Glad you pm Vicbob,hope she gets a result from what you suggested to do  like all long term ailments ,as we all can find ourselves in ,it just knowing who can put you on right track towards getting correct help .Right questions one should be asking .

        This morning I've had thyroid re test done ,my last test 3 yrs ago ,came back as kidney function was okay ,now had this done again with thyroid today .Luckily Judy who takes blood ,knows how I've been since virus I had ,she to was concerned at how little had been done ,so she got me in first ,no hanging around ,with this relentless anxiety .Had my flu shot to by her ,so that was a bonus .

         Look forward to any more info you place .Im looking at getting Adrenal looked at ,I may get test results tomorrow for today's ,or after 2pm Friday ,will let you know how it came out .


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    1.9 Tsh is normal. I would say your problems are elsewhere. pcos is more likely to be caused by other hormones out of balance. Ask to see a specialist who deals with pcos

    Metformin is medication for diabetes

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    Thanks Gillian 

    as I said, I've had mild pcos for years and none of these crazy symptoms. The metformin is used to create normal cycles in me etc. 

    I just don't see how I would be so drastically hormonal lay out of sync for over a year and feeling so awful.

    ive already seen a pcos specialist who just put me on higher amounts of metformin! 


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      Funnily enough I decided to stop metformin after posting this thread. I am seeing the gp on Tuesday and will mention it to her. Hopefully she will support me in retesting!

      I'm also taking a thyroid complex support supplement so will see how that goes too

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      Good idea. Good luck! Personaly I try to alter one thing at a time so I know which thing I've done has caused the effect/ changed blood test results, however it depends how bad I'm feeling and whether I have the time to wait to do the changes sequentially. You can always isolate the metformin effect later, if you need to, by stopping the thyroid supplements.
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