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Hey there everyone, 

I’d like some answers and advice from people who are more experienced than me about hypothyroidism regarding my thyroid test results. I’ve felt ill for quite a while now, ugh it’s the worst. At times I feel so hopeless and I haven’t felt like my normal self. Although I’m treating other things right now like my mineral deficiency, malabsorption and my gut, I’ve felt better in the past months but I don’t know if I’m still progressing.

I don’t know if the thyroid could be the main/one of the main causes of me not feeling not well. I’ve also treated my Vit D deficiency which was way severely low before, it is back to normal now. I have mostly muscle/body aches, chest discomfort, tinnitus, lump in throat feeling, just feeling bad, which all can flare up more at different times. 

My TFT results: (bloodwork done recently)

Free T4 (9.0-20pmol/L)


TSH (0.40-4.00miu/L)


Free T3 (4.7-7.3pmol/L)


My previous TFT results from January beginning of this year is somehow exactly the same as that result^

I’ve learnt from research and one  person that does medicine – that TSH levels may be too high and T4, T3 is low for certain individuals even though its normal ranges. Could this be the case? I’m told by every doctor that it’s normal and shouldn’t cause any problems however. It’s frustrating feeling powerless over their opinions 

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    Hi CR, I’d focus on your gut issues as a primary culprit of your symptoms. Malnutrition can result in hypothyroid symptoms. Magnesium deficiency symptoms are almost exactly the same as hypothyroid symptoms when you compare lists. 

    My experience on the thyroid disease is pretty much every aspects if diagnosis and treatment is wishy-washy, with exceptions outweighing standards, lack of results, treatments that do more harm than good. I don’t feel I’m special or unique in eith my thyroud disease or treatment reaction. My thyroid disease is run-of-the-mill, advanced thyroid disease. What IS unique about me is that I do a ton of research and reading.

    I have advanced thyroid disease. There is no question. Its debilitating.  I’ve become a bit of a rebel because nothing worked to solve my obvious hypothyroid disease. And the meds nearly killed me. Really, my conclusion is that thyroid disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies and autoimmune disease, triggered by chemicals, radiation or microbual exposure and toxicity.

    I’ve found its easier to treat the gut problems and the immune system.  Support the rest of the body and it takes the pressure off the poor little thyroid gland. 

    Along with the gut connection, I’ve found treatment of chronic pancreatitis to be helpful in alleviating gut problems and many other symptoms that accompany thyroid disease.

    The supplements that no one  mentions are essential amino acids. If you have malabsorption, you are likely also chronically deficient in protein.  I’ve  found essential amino acids and phenylalanine to be incredibly helpful in treating gut and thyroid disease. Phenylalanine and iodine are precursors to thyroxin. Essential amino acids are required to make enzymes that drive thyroxin production and every reaction in the body. 

    Since you know you've got gut problems, try focusing on the nutrition. You may find when your body gets the nutrients it needs, your thyroid settles down enough to be manageable.

    You can still get all the tests done. But as you’ve indicated, they aren’t reliable. So use them as a reference point and listen to your body.

    I have a few things I watch for to keep an eye on my thyroid stuff. You’ll need to listen to your body and find your own warning signals. For me, I know that when my thyroid is really low I cry for no reason, and cleaning at home becomes incredibly difficult and gets behind.  I  change up my supplements or increase as needed. 

    Well, that’s the condensed version of the best of what I’ve learned after decades of thyroid disease.  Maybe it’ll help you avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered. 

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      (I forgot to mention, some hair loss & thinning too)

      Hi Catherine, that’s possible... I don’t think my magnesium is as high as it should be since the malabsorption. I might research a little more on magnesium to refresh my memory. Do you know how long it takes to improve magnesium levels? And if I could ask, what meds nearly killed you? Is it the typical thyroid drugs that doctors prescribe? 

      That makes a lot of sense to me, in my experience now I believe so much of your health lies in your gut, since majority of your immune system is dependent on the health of it. Some years of a bad diet, staying up late, food poisoning, a bit of alcohol, antibiotics all must’ve contributed, because this did start weeks after I took an antacid/PPI for Reflux for the first time. It reduced my stomach acid and probably left me susceptible to problems.. It’s terrible to feel this way.

      Now I exercise regularly, eat very well, take several supplements one is for my thyroid with selenium and iodine. Magnesium, and just others for overall health to build up my nutrients and I do also drink protein that have amino acids. Cleaning my body and working on my gut. I’m really hoping that it’s just a matter of time from feeling well again

      My doctor did once feel my thyroid and said I may have a nodule but not sure. But I think you’re right, hopefully my thyroid levels normalise after my gut problems are improved... Trying to remain patient as I can even though it’s tough at times

      Thanks so much for your response! Wish you all the best of health and that things at least improve or stabilise also. Its no way to be living like this

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      Try some epsom salts baths along with a good quality multi mineral. I dont know how long it takes  to get levels up.  Yes, Hair loss is a symptom of magnesium deficiency. 

      As for a nodule on your thyroid gland, you have thyroid disease. Work with your diet and immune system. 

      I tried 12 different meds. The problem  is that thyroid replacement suppresses your own production if thyroxin. This is the problem with any sort of hormone replacement therapy.  I tried everything- it doesn't work.  There is a good use for the NDT meds for short term treatment or following thyroidectomy. But even then, there are some non prescription products that are much better.  The synthetic levothyroxin is typically prescribed and doesn’t alleviate symptoms and has more side effects than you can imagine. Seriously, there ate thousands of posts from people on the excessive side effects of levothyroxin.

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      I also do both guided by my nd smile you’re very knowledgeable. Ah ok. 

      Is there anything I can do that would actually get rid of the nodule if I have one? Or will I just have thyroid disease for good

      Wow honestly I didn’t know they were that bad and caused a lot of side effects. I thought its hard to find the correct dose for you but it only helps your symptoms when you do get it right. Opting for natural products and good nutrition sounds like the best idea for everybody. I’m sure that’d promote more real healing instead of masking your problems with the synthetic stuff

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      Hi Cr.

      Read the posts on side effects of levothyroxin. It causes every sude effect imaginable from halitosis to osteoporosis.

      Get rid of a nodule? It depends on what sort of nodule you have. Is it hard like a little pebble, or soft or both?

      I’ve been able to reduce mine. Keep in mind that disease is years or even decades in the making. Real healing is possible, but it takes time and a lot if work and discipline.

      If you like, I can send you a private email with what I did that got rid of the calcified cyst and what has reduced the soft cyst.

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      Will do! 

      I’m not too sure to be honest. My dr. felt it because I was telling him about lump in throat feeling, and then after feeling it, he said its possible I have one on one side.  

      Right... I’ll have to continue to work at what I’m doing now and hope for the best. 

      Yes that’ll be helpful please. Thank you. 

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