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Would appreciate some feedback.

I was diagnosed a year ago with an under active thyroid and was put on a low dose of levothyroxine.

I have had constant health problems and asked for another thyriod test to be done which came back normal.

Because I am menopausal and have been very depressed the last year they keep putting all my symptoms down to that.  I have never been so depressed before and it has lifted a bit where iam trying to get back to the gym.  But when i went last week I felt drained and ended in bed for a couple of days on and off sleeping. this is my list of symtoms.

Cramps in legs and feet.

Constant headaches

High blood pressure

High cholestral

Reocurring nausea

Reocurring tirdness and feeling drained

Days where I sleep for hours and in out and out of bed.

Then I get nights where Iam contantly waking up.

Fuzzy head.. and there are days I wake up feeling very foggy and hard to focus and get on with my day.

Breathlessness ( on and off)

Low energy where I can't be bothered doing anything all day.


Weight gain

Iam sure there are more symptoms  but basically my whole life has come to a standstill because there is never a week goes past I don't have one of these problems or most.

I feel that all the symptoms are not all depression related as I feel the ongoing problems are causing depression.  As for Menopause they put me on HRT for several weeks and I still had nausea and tiredness.

Does this sound like Under thyroid that needs more tests??

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    Hi Laura,

    My name is Clare Johns and I too sought help from the lovely guys on this site!!

    I hope Shelley will explain the whole hormonal process to you as she is the whizz(along with others) on this.

    However, your story is so like mine. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in June with high TSH and lowish free T4. No treatment was given so I returned 4 months later with symptoms like yours and my tsh is now normal. No other tests done.

    I have had 6 courses of antibiotics for recurring infections since last May and at the last visit the doctor I saw said I still needed more antibiotics but definitely had no underlying thyroid disease. He asked me to return to see my normal GP after 3 weeks. She said that although infections can mess up thyroid balance-she felt the hike-up in May was large and needs repeating as is suggestive of thyroid trouble. 

    The moral I am driving at is that the previous doctor (male) also attributed my symptoms to menopause. HOWEVER-the lady doctor said that yes menopause can disrupt sleep by sweats but that you should only wake-up feeling TIRED and NEVER SICK.

    While in my case the TSH may now be normal, yours probably is not. Ask for a panel of tests not just TSH and see another doctor!!

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    Hello Laura,

    i hear you on the doctor struggles.  After five months (i hear that is actually fast) and many doctors I finally got diagnosed.  The second neurologist found my TSH was high.  My first neurologist said I should see a psychiatrist.  I was sooooo happy to have a very high TSH result.  Sad to say, to prove I was sick.

    I didnt get depressed, I was FRUSTRATED.  Very close to depressed and who wouldn,t?  No they dont understand.  One nurse told me to take the pill for dizziness and stop spending all this money on tests.  I kid you not! Her office is the one that did not get the results back five months ago for my TSH test.  

    The doctors offices are very busy.  You need to keep on top of things.

    hope you can find some relief.

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      Thanks Clare and Ann  for your replies. It is a lady doctor I am seeing ( who blames it on menopause or depression) Did I mention she has just recently put me on vitamin D??  I don't believe that will resolve the issues. Any blood test or scans they have done have all came back clear.  Which I knew deep down they would.  Why don't doctors get that we know are own bodies better than them and we are not stupid?? lol

      I am going to change  to another doctor which is male whom I think will be more thorough.

      I realise I am very fortunate from reading some of the posts that I was diagnose quickly after taking very ill last year.

      I am so frustrated at not only having continous health problems but there is no resolve as yet. I am starting to feel like a Hypercondriac there is so many different problems. I am on so many  medications in such a short space of time and no further on..

      I couldn't afford to go private so I am hoping my doctor does do or can organised TSH tests.

      Glad to have found this website where I know I am not on my own.


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    Laura, go see an endocrinologist and ger your blood tested for TSH, T3 and T4.  You need these follow up test to see if the dosage is adequate.  It can take a while to get the right dose. I'm guessing you are taking other medications for the bold pressure and other symptoms.  You should consult a doc or pharmacist to see if there are any drug interactions going on.
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      Hi Dave

      Thanks for your reply.  My blood pressure tablets have just been put up from 5mg to 10mg.  I am on antideppressants and have just been put on another tablet for pain. One of the tablets are for digestive problems.  Forgot to mention that in my long list lol..

      Yes I think asking for those tests to be done is the best advise.  Anything to put my mind at rest all areas are being covered.

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      Laura, one other thing you need to be aware of...lithium is presribed for some mental health conditions and a known side effect is that it causes hypothyroidism. By the way, depression, digestive problems, are both symptoms of an underactive thyroid. So when you get your thyroid sorted you may not need some of your other medication (though you might still need it). By the way unlike Shelley I'm not medically qualified so do check with your doctor what s/he thinks.
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    Hi Laura,

    You have many peices of good advice here and I would like to add just one small point which hasn't been covered. The HRT they gave you for menopausal symptoms contains estrogen (as well as other homones). Estrogen can interfere with T4 and T3 absorption since it uses the same molecules (called Thyroxine Binding Globulerin (TBG)) to get transported to your cell sites. Once at the cell site the estrogen will occupy the receptors and block the absorption of your T3. 

    While on this topic, aspirin, statins and other medications which I forget, do the same thing.

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    Hi Laura, poor you, i was the same or very similar and when i got a higher dose of Levo my symtoms reduced greatly, that was about 6 months ago and some of the symtoms are returning, i am at the docs in December and will ask for a higher dose.

    I had to practically hold them up with a gun to get meds in the first instance and was lucky as the doc i saw was leaving that week and i dont think he cared so did what i asked, other docs have said they would not have given me meds as my levels were not low enough, but it goes to show how wrong they are as i fealt so much better. i don`t think the NHS seem very clued up on thyroidism even though it is very common, it seems they get better care in the USA, we never get to see endroconoligists here unless we go private, i think it is standard in USA, Its all about money saving here  and budgets and funding etc etc etc.

    Anyway good luck and hopefully you will get the dose you need and feel better x

    Rose x

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      That's funny yorkrose, that is very similar to how I got my NDT. My regular TSH and T4 doc went on holiday (I did not know this) when my Levo prescription ran out. I e-mailed him telling him that I hated Levo and I wanted to try Armour (an NDT). The guy who was sitting in for my doc answered with, "No problem, here's your prescription!" And that was the end of my 2 1/2 nightmare.
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      Thank you Barbara, LAHs, Yorkrose

      For your feedback very much appreciated.  Wow so much to take into consideration with medication if you have underactive thyroid. I know its not Lithium as I am on Cipralex. The HRT was short term and I had the issues before that.

      I was told I had under active thyroid and given no information whatsoever and just give medication.  As this is new to me I woudn't know what to ask. Guess it is a learning process.


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    You are not properly medicated. It isn't just about their blood work results. There are other factors that affect blood work such as test timing, eating pattern that day, thyroid antibodies, etc.  You may feel better on NDT, natural dessicated thyroid..  You will find information about this Rx on line. Supplement with magnesium and potassium and a banana a day to help with cramps.  When you have enough medication, the weight gain will stop. You may have some cortisol issues. Look on line for good thyroid support supplements but get off of them weeks before any bloodwork. Do not eat soy or cruciferous  vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower unless they are cooked and then in moderation.  So much we have to learn for ourselves ny reading and researching. I'm on NDT Westhroid at 3 grains or 3 - 65 mg tabs in the U.S.  Good luck!
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      Hi Terry

      Sorry, I have only just seen your reply.. My medication has been stopped and I have just recieved a letter for my oppointment to see an Endocrinologist.  But what you said about cortisol issues would not surprise me if that was an issue due to all my symptoms.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply..

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      Good advicd Terry. I am doing the banana-every-day thing and yes it does work. I also do a couple of Brazil nuts a day for Selenium, which is important for the T4 to T3 conversioin (amongst other processes).
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