Hypothyroidism, allergies & weird reactions

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Has anyone else experienced almost instant blood blisters erupting on the inside of their cheek after eating something?

Here's what happened.

Today, 2 Mar 2016...

I've had a piece of tongue (even though I know I react to processed meat). I followed that with a little chocolate fridge cake (ditto react to chocolate, raisins, golden syrup and marshmellows - so stupid really, but I'm so fed up with chicken and vegetables!)

Virtally instantly after the chocolate fridge cake I got a blood blister erupt on the inside of my gum measuring 4mm x 8mm. One started to form on the other side as well, so I quickly washed my mouth out with salt water. It stopped the second one developing from 1mm big.

I'm used to itching, bloating, diarrhoea, eczema, swelling, stomach cramps, joint & muscle pains depending on what I've eaten, but blood blisters are new.

Needless to say, I'm not going to eat those again even though I've been able to eat a little of each of these in the past!

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    Hello Barbara:

    I have had blood blisters once in a while in my mouth. I did use salt water rinses as directed by the dentist. Salt water rinse will heal a lot of mouth conditions pretty well.  The mouth tends to heal qucikly and the blister should subside faster if you do the rinse 3 times a day.

    Now what sets the blister off or causes it to happen:

    1) You bit your inside your cheek by accident or even in your sleep some people grind their teeth.

    2) Something spicy in the food or an allergy

    3) Acid or Gerd - coming up into your mouth from stomach.

    4)Somthing rubs inside of cheek like a bridge work or braces,  bite is off due to dental work, etc...

    So keep it clean by rinsing with salt water and avoid what you know you are allergic to.  The item you ate may have contained an ingredient that you were not aware of (check the label for all ingredients even inert ones), foods can contain a strange binder or additive that could on contact with your sensitive cheek area cause this. Chocolate may be enhanced with something like parafain which is a waxy substance that they use to make it stiff and it can be in the icing or chocolate itself.

    Our food supply is not so wholesome these days, many use nuts and other items that can cause a person with allergies a horrible problem.  Sadly, we all need to watch what we eat like a Hawk.  The body may or may not get another one in the future, always rinse your mouth with water after eating so you get rid of any food that is stuck on the teeth or on gums.

    I know I got one after I accidently bit the cheek. Hope you feel better, keep me posted if it happens again.


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      Thanks Shelley. It definitiely fits the allergy cause: it happened durng the day;I didn't bite my cheek; it came up within a few seconds after eating the home made chocolate fridge cake; the side of my mouth I favour for eating erupted first; etc. It has completely gone down this morning and has just left a flap of skin.

      I think I'm allergic to corn aka maize, which is a pain as it's in everything. it's even added to some sugars in the form of glycerine!

      I also wondered how many of us have developed these allergies.

      My allergy to corn started about 12 months ago when I.stopped eating wheat and switched to eating more corn products instead. Ditto soya. I can't eat any of the Freefrom' products because the all contain corn or soya.

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      I've wrred ot a bit more of the puzzle. I also ate a mince pie. These are little pastry tarts with pastry lids filled with a mixture of dried fruit, candied peel and suet. Unfortunately they also have sulphites in them when you buy them from a shop like I did.the next day to test out my suspicion it was the mince pie, I ate another one - and got an almost instant bood blister. So it's definitely the cause.
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      Oh that sounds like the cause.  I know what mince pie is.  The sulphites are in a lot of things.  I am allergic to sulphites also and it is in so many ready made things.

      They even out it in the FLU shot and other injectable meds as a preservative.  At least now you figured it out.

      XO, Shelly

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      In the flu jab. Hmm that's interesting. I haven't reacted badly before to the flu jab. But then, I've never reacted this badly to one mince pie either. I asked my GP to refer me to the gastroenterologist because the allergy clinic have yet to write up my visit to them on 18th Jan 2016 (they were going to recommend referral to GE for the blastocystis hominis parasite test). Instead he's chasing them, so goodness knows how much longer it will be.
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