Hysterectomy next week, very scared

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Hi I am booked to have a hysterectomy on 12th July and I am so scared I have been told to go in at 7.30 so I must be first on the list, does this mean I can't have a pre med? I think what scares me most is that the anesthetic won't work properly and I will be able to hear and feel the op but won't be able to move. I have been looking up anesthetic awareness and have scared myself even more. I feel like saying I don't want the op but my fibroids are so big and are making my life a misery.

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    Hi srhbarton,

    I completely understand your hesitation. Anesthesia is a scary thing! But, you should not worry, as it is very safe when done by a good licensed doctor. I have had anesthesia several times, most recently in April. Once they start the anesthesia, you fall asleep quite quickly. Next thing, you are waking up in the recovery room with a doctor or nurse telling you the procedure went well.

    Whilst googling health issues and surgical procedures can be informative, I personally think that it does more harm than good. The info is skewed toward the worst-case scenario and bad experiences.

    I am scheduled for a hysterectomy on the 14th and the thing I'm most worried about is the doctor will take my ovaries for some reason even though I've made it abundantly clear that he is not to do so.

    You will, of course, be very nervous until the 12th and will probably feel a bit panicked that morning. That's normal. Just focus on why you are doing this. Large fibroids ruin our quality of life and you are doing this so you can get back to the normal you. Keep your mind focused on that and know that loads of women have gone through what you are and came out of it with no problems. So, close Google, think positive and be good to yourself.

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    Its normal to feel anxiety nearer to date of surgery. Don't be afraid, if its your decision to have the hysterectomy then its best to focus on the positive aspects of the surgery and the practical things you need to get done before the surgery (good diet, exercise, relaxation, meditation, prayer, hospital list etc) and any arrangements you need to make for after the surgery as your likely to be off for 6 weeks.  7:30am does not mean your surgery will be the first, its normal timing given to most patients going for surgery.  

    The anaethetist will discuss pre-med with you and offer you that option if you are still extremely anxiious before the surgery.  Anaethetists are extremely experienced and qualified, they are Doctors with an extra 7 years of training in Anaethesia. Try not to worry about anaethetic awareness, its very rare,  you stand more chance of winning the lottery. Anaethetists deal with anxious people all the time, my one told me most people are afraid of him than the surgery itself. He cracked jokes so I managed to laugh just before the surgery.  Share all your concerns with the anaethetists and they will put your mind to rest, remember they are highly experienced professionals and anaetheisia in the 21st century is very safe.  

    How large are your fibroids and did you look at the other options e.g. open myomectomy, which is also surgery to remeove just the fibroids.

    Remember fibroids continue to grow so if they are causing your life to be a misery now, then doing something about them is best.

    I had surgery in January, 32 fibroids were removed and the quality of my life is so good that I regret not having surgery earlier.

    Dont let your fear of surgery stop you having a better quality of life. 

    Don't worry, best wishes and keep us updated after the surgery.

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      Hi my biggest fibroid is 8cm I have had a lot of pain heavy bleeding and blot clots, my quality of life is pretty bad at the moment so hopefully I will feel better after the op. Glad I posted on here as I have found lots of information and advice, I didn't realise anaethesists were Doctors with 7 years training in anesthesia, I feel a lot happier now.Thanks x

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    Hey srjbarton,

    Is this your first time having surgery? I have had several surgeries in the past and waking up in the middle of a surgery and feeling it NEVER happened to me. In fact, what happens is you fall asleep and you wake up and it feels like only 5 minutes has passed. I literally asked the nurses when I woke up this time if he did the surgery lol. The one thing you should do is mentally prepare yourself for the recovery phase. Everyone is different and reacts differently to medication and pain. Honestly, I'm really stubborn, I would have left my fibroids untreated if I hadn't become so severly anemic. I was bleeding everyday for several months straight. I had very low energy and very heavy periods. My life was revolving around the fibroids so I had to do something.

    I'm glad I opted for the UFE and not the myomectomy or hysterectomy. I had a myomectomy last year and the fibroid grew back bigger and stronger! But I am only 36, far too young for a hysterectomy (total removal of the uterus).

    Also, the other procedures have a much longer recovery time. I still think the UFE is the best route if your fibroids are giving you problems. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. =(

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    I felt exactly the same way, but have had 2 anaesthetics in the past year and never had a surgery before that.  You will be fine. I was thinking of putting off the surgery becasue i had all those anxieties too but now feel i had worried myself out of my mind for no good reason.  I had a fibroid removed on Monday and felt a lot calmer once i got to the hospital, i think the build up to it is probably the worst, but once you're there I hope  you'll feel a lot better in  yourself, at least i did and i hope it will be the same for you.  I tend to read everything i can about whatever but sometimes i think it just left me a nervous wreck.  Hope all goes well for you.  They don't normally use a pre med nowadays as it can cause more nausea but if you feel you are so anxious they may give you one to calm you down a bit if you really need it. Take care, let us know how you go on.  All best wishes.

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    Best of luck with the op, I'm sure it will be fine, as the others have said the anaesthetists are very experienced and well able to put your mind at ease. There seems very little alternative as no other treatment seems to be permanent. 

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